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  1. Check next update changes on second post. This update will be huge!
  2. This is ok to make AI into I_static_AT_F turrets shot from any distance greater than 10 meters and instantly lock on vehicles (0 seconds lock time)? class CfgAmmo { class M_Titan_AT_static; class M_BRPVP_Titan_AT_static: M_Titan_AT_static { fuseDistance = 0; missileLockMinDistance = 10; weaponLockDelay = 0; missileLockMaxSpeed = 100; }; }; class CfgMagazines { class 5Rnd_GAT_missiles; class 1Rnd_GAT_missiles: 5Rnd_GAT_missiles { ammo = "M_BRPVP_Titan_AT_static"; count = 1; }; }; The I_static_AT_F turret originally uses the 1Rnd_GAT_missiles magazine, so i changed this magazine ammo to do what i want. But it's not working 👀
  3. I'm planing to do a BRPVP WW2 Survive mode based on original BRPVP. Anyone interested?
  4. @Tova This worked for you? @Spatsiba <ITEM> is the classname of the clicked item?
  5. BRPVP V071 WITHOUT MODS! We have now 3 releases: 1 - BRPVP CUP version: Mods are Cup Weapons, CBA A3 and BRPVP mod. 2 - BRPVP NO-CUP version: Mods is just BRPVP mod. And now the third release: 3 - BRPVP NO-MODS version: No mods! Versions 1 and 2 will be fully updated with new features. Version 3 will only receive bug fixes and fixes related to Arma 3 updates, probably most of the new features will not be avaliable to it, but some can happens. Check http://www.brpvp.com for all 3 versions download! Thanks for your attention!
  6. BRPVP

    Mod Updates...

    You is completely wrong.
  7. BRPVP V071 WITHOUT CUP WEAPONS! Since many server owners not updated to V070 because of CUP Weapons, i did a up to date version, V071, with no CUP Weapons. You can dowload it in http://www.brpvp.com. This version is more up to date than the V070 with CUP Weapons. The changes are: Changes from V070 to V071: - Pilot and copilot can now eject from the vehicle. - Base ladders don't need to be hacked anymore. - Added Teleporter Device. - Optimized infected city to consume less fps.
  8. BRPVP

    Mod Updates...

    Modders put the change log if they want. We are on modders hands if choose to use their work, it's free, and you can only say thanks or bye bye.
  9. BRPVP updated to V070, you can download server files here: http://www.brpvp.com See on previous post or in www.brpvp.com inportant info about update V070. BRPVP v065 to v070 changelog: - Tweaked missions loot and money reward in general. - Tweaked rare items in missions loot. - Changed the transport mission vehicle to a non-DLC vehicle. - Removed CTRG anti-thermal uniform from houses loot. - The altis wall now is draw on map. - Loot box with rare itens now make a sound when you open then. - Increased the cargo of the personal vault in 75%. - Many AI units now drop a money suit case when die. - Can't sell some vehicles in Dismantle trader: fixed. - Added bus services on the Altis main road. - Fixed bipod duplication due to a change in BI function. - Random respawn is not lost when the player reconnects. - Die to zombie explosion don't generate random respawn. - Flag wall remade, this can require a wipe. - Base ceil is now made of a new object, thanks to Helion4. - You can choose the size of the flag wall doors. - Traders can show you only items for your current weapon. - Fixed log explosion when a flag is deleted for no payment. - Player dead body now can be moved 35 meters away. - Added CUP Weapons to loot, traders and missions reward. - Added CBA A3 mod since it's required by CUP Weapons. - Added our own mod (BRPVP) with some original models. - Ctrl 1, 2 and 3 put the mark exactly where you are looking.
  10. INPORTANT INFO ON FUTURE V070 UPDATE BRPVP V070 update will make use of 3 mods, they are: BRPVP Mod: A small mod with some original assets made for BRPVP. CUP Weapons: A weapons mod that bring to Arma 3 all weapons from Arma 2 + DLCs series. CBA A3: A Mod required by CUP Weapons. BRPVP code was changed to use BRPVP Mod and CUP Weapons content, also CBA, required by CUP Weapons, come with many on hand functions and we started to use some of it. Since i have no time to mantain a BRPVP with no mods project and a BRPVP with mods project, i choosed to go to the mod way definitely. Another inportant thing about V070: the flag walls was optimized to be 100% inside the flag area, and this can interfere in actual bases state because it will move the actual flag walls, also we are using a new object for the flag ceil that can change actual base ceils. Sayd that, may be V070 will require a wipe on your server to renew bases, only you can say.
  11. I have a p3d object with no classname and want to create it server side but make all players and joining players see it. How can i do that? Thanks!
  12. BRPVP Server files V065 released in http://www.brpvp.com. ATENTION: V065 reuploaded at 2019/07/06 05:05 PM with a last hout bug fix. CHANGELOG FROM V060 TO V065: Virtual garage have different prices for each vehicle type. AI loot blocked by default. Snipers, Machine Guns, Launcher and big backpacks only in missions now. AI dificult set to maximum by default. Player life multiplier changed from 1.5X to 1.0X. Increased number of convoys from 3 to 4. Removed convoys icons on map (admins still can see). Increased prices when players sell items. Players born with no items by default. Increased pistols on houses loot. Techniques to avoid missing weapons and body when player dies. Increased reward when killing AI. Decreased dificulty of EV missions. Road Block missions now renew in another place when completed. Try to fix dissapearing boxes when moving then. Items and vehicles prices arrays can be overhide in generalVariablesChanges.sqf. Added var BRPVP_bornWithItems to set if players born with items. Fixed problems when player name have some special char. New flag areas can't be put near enemy flag areas. A flag area locked by a enemy flag can still grow 125 meters. Mission vehicles have god mode in safe zones and no collision damage. The respawn quad have god mode in safe zones and no collision damage. The convoy vehicles don't stop anymore after some time. Var BRPVP_fixedZombiesRun to turn the infected city on/off. Var BRPVP_virtualGarageEverywhere to allow virtual garage anywhere. Var BRPVP_useRandomRespawnWhenSuicide to turn random respawn on/off. Zombie spawn hint is now off by default (BRPVP_showZombieSpawnHint = false;). Increased number of spawn zombies. Increased the chance of zombies give magazines when die. Vehicle now can be insured by half the buy price. Var BRPVP_defendFortRun to turn on/off the Fort Defend mission. Reworked the zombies give magazine code. Each vehicle has an option to check if it's insured.
  13. Dedmen, Arma 3 Launcher reads this Steam setting?
  14. I also have that. Can't search servers with the Launcher or my internet stops to work. We need an option the lower the number of queryes per second.