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  1. BRPVP

    BattlEye Host Server with Packet Loss

    How can i contact the correct BIS people that can help on this?
  2. BRPVP updated to v108! Head up to http://www.brpvp.com.br to download server files! BRPVP changes on V108: Now players can't dismantle a respawn when it's not raid day. When you use super jump in a base area you is pushed back and don't fall in the base. Safezones don't push back jets that are in combat making them crash. Dead zombies are deleted faster. Tweaked Fort Defend mission to avoid lag! All items of a dead player are moved to a box near hin, to avoid loss of items. Changed the kill message sound to a less loud one. You can use vehicles master keys even on no-raid days if outside an enemy bases. You can choose the hours in raid days where raid is possible, example: saturday and sunday from 8 pm to 12 am. Players now can use vehicle master key inside the Traveling Aid Area. Now the rules screen can have many pages, each with 10 rules. In no-raid days, players inside bases can't hurt players outside and vice versa, an extra 100 meter radius is used. Players inside a base can't hurt AI units outside, no matter if is raid or no-raid day. Fixed AI unit damage set to 0 when shot by another AI unit of the same side, the correct is do no aditional damage. When a base bomb is used everyone is notified and it is loged in the "Who invaded my base?" menu. Use a base bomb in the PVE area makes you a bandit. Added anti collision protection on safezones! Invisible admins in the PVE zone don't have the PVE icon anymore. Everyone is notified when a player became a bandit. When a player became a bandit he stays whitout access to any vehicle for 2 minutes. Tow Bob tweaked, consuming less processor, avaliable until 10 km and more responsive. Possible fix for the 10 fps bug, thanks to Avocado Guy.
  3. BRPVP

    Enhanced Movement

    This mod make use of creatVehicleLocal, and i use unsafeCVL = 0 in description.ext. This means i do not allow use of createVehicleLocal on my server. I used the mod in a fast play and don't noticed anything missing. This can be a problem? Thanks!
  4. BRPVP updated to v106! Head up to http://www.brpvp.com.br to download server files! BRPVP v106 changelog: Added admin option to draw a player from the player list. Hulkus Pills tweaked on the release of the carrying vehicle. Virtual garage time now resets if you fires from the vehicle. Master key effect on gates now remains for 45 minutes only. Added a item to restores buildings destroyed by the base bomb. You can configure BRPVP to not allow building on raid days. Thug and Movement construction kits now can be destroyed by the base bomb. Fixed: Floating vehicle when you pull it from the virtual garage (1.98 bug). Removed BRPVP simulation system to use BI dynamic simulation system. Fixed spawned vehicles unable to move due to initial spawn on water. Added admin check on how many objects/vehicles have simulation on and off. Fixed player wrong save when leaving server making he born in the spawn area on next join. Fixed case where drone don't damage AI units. Added the Falcon and Sentinel drones. Server owners can configure the personal vault to be opened anywhere.
  5. Hi, I have a dedicated runing an Arma 3 server, and i'm having a problem: from time to time near all people get kicked with BattlEye: Query Timedout error. The guys on the host are amazing, so they did investigation about this problem, and this is what they found: There is something BI can do to help on that? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have a HandleDisconnect mission event handler on server. When the player disconnects this event triggers on server and _this select 0 is the player object, what i will call _p. The code i run on HandleDisconnect: I save the player on database, position, gear, health, for the player to continue when he comes back. The problem I have: Sometimes when the player come back on the server he borns in the spawn position with the default spawn player gear. This is because _p on HandleDisconnect probably returned this data on database save. The bug: So i believe _p, in HandleDisconnect is sometimes returning not the actual player disconnecting, but a fresh spawned player in spawn position with spawn gear. Do you understand me? Thanks!
  7. Sometimes this is necessary. You can spawn the vehicle in [0,0,0]. get the mass and delete it.
  8. POLPOX, I used setFace for many of the textures in the array, and i just got a normal man texture of different ethnicity. I was expecting for something more gruesome to use on my scripted zombies.
  9. Thanks a lot man, i will do some tests with my mission!
  10. Thanks for the answer, pal! Sorry for my ignorance, but only persons with Apex can use it?
  11. On my BRPVP server i set saturday and sunday as raid days. Raid on a base, the corridor of death: Death density on the area:
  12. Anyone can share how to use Infecteds from 1.98 update? Added: Infected Characters (not accessible in the editor; documentation pending) Can't find then. Anyone was able to find it? Thanks.
  13. BRPVP updated to V104, head up to http://www.brpvp.com.br and download server files! BRPVP V102 changelog: Added Kill List that show in detail all kills on the server for all players. Safezone protection against run over changed to disabled collision. The vehicle and gate master keys are now rare items that appears on dead AI. Moved some questionable items from normal traders to the obscure trader. Fixed unable to connect to a UAV after server restart. Now when controling an air drone the view distance is set to fly distance. Fixed the Base Sign not saving or showing the message incorrectly. BRPVP now says if you are missing the DLC of the buying item or vehicle. Added item that make a map house invincible. Now you can transfer all items to the last acessed base box. Now all squad members have name and distance in the 3D screen and name in map. Player names in 3D screen does not jump in Z axis anymore. Malden: Changed Fort Defend zombies spawn to more near the fort. Now the special PVP city never will be an infected area.
  14. 1 - eyePosVisual script command 2 - fix Malden small errors: Strange texture on desert dirty road. Rocks with no collision. Low performance in many places. Some asphalt roads not flat, triangle holes. Terrain detail texture does not fade in or out, it's abrupt.
  15. BRPVP updated to V102, head up to http://www.brpvp.com.br and download server files is you is a server owner! BRPVP V102 changelog: Added Malden 2035 support. Decreased the number of zombies screams. Added Personal Tracer item to help players detect his bullet. Decreased price of farm on private mines. Tweaked Vehicle Mission to avoid vehicles to explode on placement. Player now can carry two primary weapons (weapons on key 1). Added Kill Map that show on map the density of the last 100 kills. If you run over a player (not friend) in safezone you is killed. Fixed safezone repulsive force making damage on players. Increased size of friends names on 3D screen. Now you can identify any player if you is near hin or zoom in his face. The option to show buildable area now covers all the map. Fixed convoy helis not sell on Dismantles.