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  1. What is the fastest i can go with DDR3?
  2. Where can i find WW2 stuff? Can you indicate the mods i need to use? Chinese server. My FPS is caped at 30.
  3. There is a Chinese BRPVP server doing very well. It do not appears in normal searchs because names are in chinese characters. This server: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/3482367
  4. To port most of the things you just need to fill arrays with new positions, but some of the missions have custom constructions that are tailored for Altis. For a WW2 version it's some more work, but not impossible.
  5. Thanks 2062825808! "1: There are only four people in the team at most. I don't know where to modify it. I hope you can tell me.)" Yes i can. "2: Server automatic restart is too frequent, once the automatic restart will prompt the task to complete, unable to continue the game, need to restart manually." You must have this exact line in config.cfg for server restart to work: serverCommandPassword = "buttas555"; "3: I want to join you, but I don't know what you want." You have a public server? How much players? You can add me in Discord so we can chat about new features and changes. "4: AI tasks in the game cannot be automatically refreshed. It needs to restart the server to refresh." What AI missions are you talking about? Most of then restarts after finish. "5: I'm not sure if it's the end of PVP. If so, why can I keep calling? (I'm using this now to end, my model is PVP)" You mean BRPVP should be BRPVE? "6: Do you have any contact information? Talking in forums is too slow. It can't solve the problem quickly." Visit www.brpvp.com and get my contacts, you will find my Discord name & code there.
  6. BRPVP V050 IS AVALIABLE IN http://www.brpvp.com CHANGELOG FROM V045 TO V050: Fixed player getting stuck in mission turrets. Position precision of constructions saved on database increased 100 times. Jets and heavy tanks removed from traders. Vehicle menu on vehicle traders now show armor and storage capacity. Sky dive and parachute works allways the player is falling above 100 meters. Respawn wait time is larger when you die for a player. Added guards defending the Altis wall passages. Time penault to respawn in PVP areas are allways 20 seconds. You can't use master keys in the Traveling Aid areas. The flag wall now goes into water if the flag is near water. Added Control Center to quickly change the share of all your base goodies. Added smart remote control to open doors https://youtu.be/Wa7j2CcPUME. Fixed kill zombies with vehicle weapons don't give money. Added sunked submarine mission. Now you need to have free space in front of you to open the personal vault. The remote control fix bugged doors when they are out of sync. Remake of admin fly mode (now keys 4, 5, 6 and 7). Tank attacked by zombies. A base inside a base.
  7. BRPVP have many more things for you to do than Exile, it's far more complete and rich. It's completely free and it's just a mission. Create a server and bring players to it, I just ask for having "BRPVP" in server name (a must). Try it, tons of hours was put in good programing and lots of features! It's a shame we don't have tons of players, quality is all you need, so play BRPVP now!
  8. My sound boxes was configured to 5.1 and they are stereo. Problem solved. Admins can remove the topic please. Thankyou.
  9. Here the video with my cell phone. At the end the engine stops because it get damaged.
  10. The video says it all. When the player cursor is in a specific part of the vehicle and player is 10 meters or so from the vehicle, vehicle sounds don't play. Edit: Sorry, i noticed now it just happens in-game, not in the video. I will try to make a video with my cell phone.
  11. In BRPVP bases people uses many gates is sequence, one after the other, or one inside the other, because this makes base invasion more hard. The invader needs to hack all the gates to enter. One problem that comes from that is the tedious task that is to open and close all the gates of your base when you want to move in it, leave or enters it. For that i did the Remote Control comand that detect all aligned gates or gates inside gates and open/close then:
  12. Thanks, but i would like to do it my self. All my AI are done by scripts, they are not placed in the editor.
  13. Hi, if the group is still in the way of doing the first way point and locality is changed, something strange happens? I intend to create the group and waypoints on server and right after that transfer the group to the hc.
  14. Hi, can you share what the problem was?
  15. RELEASED BRPVP V045 ON http://www.brpvp.com CHANGELOG FROM V038A TO V045: You can put all vehicle in virtual garage, but limited to a number of each type. Payer disabled and player killed messages are put in MySQL tables now. New EV mission: Fear Refinery. Vehicles caught from Virtual Garage can be put again in it only after 15 minutes. Fixed player dynamic 3D marks stuck or not show. Player dynamic 3D marks are now visible to squad group and on map. Now you can add a wall (5 types) arround flag area with 1 to 4 entrances. Door hack on big buildings affects all doors near the hack position but not far doors. Admins now can choose between player mode and admin mode on login. All prices was adjusted. You cannot pass your flag to another player if he already have a flag. Added Identifier item that allow you to identify the owner of a object, flag or vehicle. Sky dive code reworked. Added new mission: Bomb Mission. Added option to see avaliable slots in virtual garage. Added slightly modified Infected Village (100 zombies by default). Infected Village zombies allways appears on map as orange dots. Added a new mission: Transport Mission.