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Found 189 results

  1. Hello, I've made a script to help people to create missions having spawn zones with random spawn points and waypoints It can be used with any mods/maps (or even pure vanilla) The script, with a detailed usage guide can be found on GitHub Preconfigured (and non-configured) templates of the script can be downloaded here Usage All you need to do is to place one (or more) triggers on the map and name it respecting a specific format : DynamicSpawn_<Activating side>_<Side to spawn>_<Amount of infantry squads>_<Amount of waypoints for infantry>_<Amount of vehicle squads>_<Amount of waypoints for vehicles>_<Amount of air units>_<Amount of air units waypoints (actually unused)>_<ID of the trigger> Where : <Activating side> is the side that will activate the trigger when entering in <Side to spawn> is the side of the units that will spawn when the trigger is activated Both sides can have the values : "WEST", "EAST", "GUER", "CIV" <Amount of infantry squads>, <Amount of vehicle squads> and <Amount of air units> are the amount of squads that will be spawn (except for air, that's just the amount of units). They can have any value above zero (including zero if you don't want such type of units) <Amount of waypoints for infantry>, <Amount of waypoints for vehicles> and <Amount of air units waypoints> are the amount of waypoints for each kind of squads (actually unused for air units). They can have any value above zero (including zero if you don't want the units to move) or a range of values using a comma , as separator, such as 4,8 if you want between 4 and 8 waypoints. <ID of the trigger> is a numeric value used to identify each triggers. Keep them unique or you may expect bugs (such as units spawning/moving at the wrong place) For example : DynamicSpawn_WEST_EAST_5_6,8_2_4_1_1_1 will trigger when an unit from WEST enters the trigger and will spawn units from EAST such as : 5 infantry squads having each between 6 and 8 waypoints 2 vehicle squads having 4 waypoints 1 air unit The Id of the trigger is 1 Then, you can place spawn points, named such as : <Type of group to spawn>_SPAWN_POINT_<id of the trigger>_<id of the spawn point> Where : <Type of group to spawn> can have as value any of those : INFANTRY, VEHICLE or AIR <id of the trigger> must match the id of the trigger previously created, so that way, when trigger 1 will be activated, the script will know it must use the *_SPAWN_POINT_1_* as spawn points. That way, spawn points can be placed outside of the trigger (allowing, for example, air units coming from far away) <id of the spawn point> is used to have different unique names for spawn points (and that value is automatically incremented when copying/pasting the spawnpoints) For example : INFANTRY_SPAWN_POINT_1_1 INFANTRY_SPAWN_POINT_1_2 INFANTRY_SPAWN_POINT_1_3 ... VEHICLE_SPAWN_POINT_1_1 VEHICLE_SPAWN_POINT_1_2 VEHICLE_SPAWN_POINT_1_3 VEHICLE_SPAWN_POINT_1_4 ... AIR_SPAWN_POINT_1_1 AIR_SPAWN_POINT_1_2 ... The example below shows many spawn points placed in Stratis. You can notice the air spawn points are placed all around the map, far away from the trigger. The waypoints work the same way than the spawn points : Their format is : <Type of group>_WAYPOINT_<id of the trigger>_<id of the waypoint> : INFANTRY_WAYPOINT_1_1 INFANTRY_WAYPOINT_1_2 INFANTRY_WAYPOINT_1_3 INFANTRY_WAYPOINT_1_4 ... VEHICLE_WAYPOINT_1_1 VEHICLE_WAYPOINT_1_2 VEHICLE_WAYPOINT_1_3 ... There is no air waypoints, the behavior of air vehicles is different : Once spawned (1000 meters altitude), they will fly and loiter around the center of the trigger (Altitude 250, radius 500) When a unit from the activating side is detected by the spawning side, the aircrafts will go Seek and Destroy on that unit location. When the search is over, they will go back to loiter The script is highly configurable and customizable You can configure which units type will spawn. This way, you can use any mods, as long as you tell the script the classnames of the units/groups you want to use You can inject custom scripts that can be executed at : Trigger creation Trigger activation Trigger deactivation Trigger cleared (when all spawned units are dead) More informations on GitHub
  2. There are a lot of resources on how to make a trigger activate a support module, but how do you make a support module activate a trigger? I've been scouring the net and even trying chatGPT for an answer but I'm coming up empty. I'm trying to trigger an event when my player calls in an airstrike. Specifically, I'm try to keep my CAS plane from taking off from TeTeT's Nimitz mod aircraft carrier before the air strike is called in. There are a lot of other applications that I would like to use this for as well. Is there anything I can put in the trigger's condition field to activate it when the support module gets activated? Something like "supportModuleActivated"? I'm at a complete loss. 😩
  3. For a small multiplayer mission I want the players to destroy 4 pumps via hold action. When its done there should be smoke emerging from the trigger which i moved into the pump. smoke = "test_EmptyObjectForSmoke" createVehicle (getPos this); I tried this command in the "on activation" box but it doesn't work. I'm not big on scripting so if someone knows a way to overcome this issue i'd be thankful for answers.
  4. Hi, I need help to get this running. I want to call some code on opening the parachute. I didn't found anything matching in the list: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers. I even tried the GetIn-Handlers because the parachute seems to be handled as a vehicle. Any ideas? Thx in advance ;)
  5. Hi guys, I have been struggling a lot recently getting animation sequences. For some reason they work in the init but not on the triggers, but if one animation works the other one doesnt. This is what I currently have: bot1 switchMove "Acts_hubTalk_salute1"; bot1 switchMove "Acts_welcomeOnHUB01_AIWalk"; bot1 playMove "Acts_welcomeOnHUB01_AIWalk_1b"; bot1 playMove "Acts_welcomeOnHUB01_AIWalk_1"; bot1 playMove "Acts_welcomeOnHUB01_AIWalk_2"; bot1 playMove "Acts_welcomeOnHUB01_AIWalk_3"; bot1 playMove "Acts_welcomeOnHUB01_AIWalk_4"; bot1 playMove "Acts_welcomeOnHUB01_AIWalk_5"; bot1 playMove "Acts_welcomeOnHUB01_AIWalk_6" before I had the same but I added bot1 switchMove""; after an annimation command for a pause, however it doesnt work. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? I want to also loop those animations. Thank you!!
  6. I'm making a mission where the player can't leave a specified area or they'll get killed. Sounds simple, right? It is, however, I want the player to clear out a specific street without getting sidetracked and trying to clear a street not intended for gameplay, where there's obviously nothing, and a trigger that can be either a square or an elipse makes my goal unachievable.. That's exactly why I'm asking if there's a way to make a trigger has a deformed shape, so that there can be multiple different shapes of different sizes within a single trigger.
  7. Hello, I am trying to apply special states to a vehicle with a trigger, due to the states being reset to their defaults upon the respawning of a vehicle. Specifically, the Forbid Disembarking state from 3den Enhanced: Forbid Disembarking Description: Crew stays in vehicle even though the vehicle is disabled. Property: ENH_allowCrewInImmobile DefaultValue: false Is there a way to apply this state to any vehicle that enters the affected area of a trigger? I would like it to apply to any vehicle that passes through the trigger regardless of having a variable name. -OR- I am also using a module from MGI Advanced Modules to allow for the vehicles to respawn with the crew members and keep their waypoints. The problem I face is seen when a member of the vehicle bails out and maintains his move, move, cycle waypoints. Then, the vehicle explodes later and respawns. Sometimes, the vehicle will respawn and will not move from its starting position since the waypoints are stuck to the crew member who left earlier. That being said, if there is a way to give orders to units that enter a trigger zone that would be a good workaround. Thanks.
  8. Hello ARMAtes. I need help with the next problem: _selectm = selectRandom ["rm01","rm02","rm03","rm04"]; _posm = getMarkerPos _selectm; sleep 1; This way I randomly pick what existing marker on the map will be used but I need the full circle to be completed without repeating already used ones. For example, if trigger tgrm_03 will be activated - the area of marker rm03 will be used to spawn some units and due to tgrm_03 being set to "enableSimulation false" after use, it will not be activated if the random system chooses it again accidentally but the script will stop seeking next one so units will not be deployed... What I want is to tell the script to choose only between triggers that are left untouched until I manually set them all to "enableSimulation true" again. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, can someone share a script for delivering an item to the zone. I explain - I need the player to pick up the document and then when he entered the zone (trigger) the mission was completed. ("Item_FileTopSecret") the name of the object.
  10. Hey guys, I have a hard time understanding what thisList or list triggerOne is giving me back as object. The idea is, that when a trigger is activated, it sets the fuel of the car the player is in to 0 (or damages one of its wheels). _list = list tr_fuel1; _vehicle = objectParent (_list select 0); But seems like that what is standing in (_list select 0) is not a player object. So, the noob I am, I check what I get there instead: hint format ["Player: %1", _list select 0]; "Bravo 1-1 Alpha 1: (jan)(s1)" Gives me a lot of stuff in there. The Radio Name, the Players name and the player variable. Is there an elegant way to get the player variable out of this so I can work with it further on? Or is there any kind of way where I can change the returnvalue of (_list select 0) into a player object? Cheers, Jan
  11. Hi guys, I want a trigger to be activated when the following happens: Gate1 animate ["Door_1_rot", 1] (The Gate opens) I want to use this on a waypoint so that the AI automatically drives inside a checkpoint as soon as the gate opens. I am new to editing and scripting and i have no idea. Please help me guys 🙂
  12. Hello, I have been pulling my hair out the last couple of days trying to get this to work and I seem to really be stuck here. I am using JEBUS spawn script and have it where if I capture a place from Opfor then Opfor will spawn in the town over to launch an assault. After a certain time I'd like the assault to be called off but maybe in the future relaunch. In my first trigger activating the assault from AI I have this in the condition: Blufor Present Repeatable "!alive hq1 && This && random 1 < 0.5 && Attack1Trigger" A radio message attached says that Opfor are assaulting. In the second trigger covering the same area: Variable Name: OpForAss1 Blufor PresentRepeatable Condition: this Interval: 10 (For testing purposes) On Act: Attack1Trigger = True; publicVariable "Attack1Trigger"; Timeout: 10 seconds on all 3 inputs Third trigger covering the same area: Blufor Present Repeatable Condition: triggerActivated OpForAss1 Interval: 25 On Act: Attack1Trigger = False; publicVariable "Attack1Trigger"; Countdown: 25 seconds on all 3 inputs Radio message attached saying Opfor is no longer assaulting This does not repeat whenever I use the last trigger to change the variable to false. If I'm going about this completely wrong then by all means, please show me a way that is more efficient. I've been piecing this together the last few days from different threads on the internet over different problems since I try to exhaust my resources before making a thread about it on here. Thanks for any help and sorry in advance if I start asking some basic questions after these responses. Peace
  13. Hi; I'm actually a beginner in edition Arma 3; my problem is when I define a "move" and "Trigger" for the group, they don't do exactly what I want. for example; they should stay in their position until the "Trigger" act. But they move around, this is not what I want. the second thing is when the "Trigger" acts, they don't have coherence and don't move exactly what I want. Please guide me.
  14. Hi, I have a little problem with activation/deactivation of triggers. I have 4 triggers named : trigger_1, trigger_2, trigger_3, trigger_4 (they spawn enemies). I want if trigger_1 is activated (once) all other triggers should be disabled for lets say 2 hours and then re-enabled except trigger_1. Then the same for trigger_2, etc. I tried to use trigger deactivation field of trigger_1 to disable the other triggers with enableSimulationGlobal but I should make the trigger repeatable and when I re-enable all triggers (enableSimulationGlobal true) trigger_1 will spawn enemies again which is not my intent. I hope I explained well, really need to solve this ... 😰
  15. Hello everyone, first time poster here, although I've been lurking and learning from other experienced community members. I have made a single-player mission which I'm pretty happy about the outcome. An icing on the cake would be to add radio chat between 3 entities - Player, Highway (AI) and Tower (AI). The mission is a carrier operation with 6 tasks - Take-off, Intercept Enemy Fighters, Intercept Enemy Helicopters, Destroy Anti-Air, Destroy Artillery, Land. I have created the text I wish to use in the mission but I simply have no clue how to make it appear after a certain thing has happened f.e when I fire an AMRAAM I want my guy to say "Fox Three" and when a missile hits - "Splash One!". Same thing with a BIM-9X but "Fox Two" instead as that is the correct term since it's an IR missile. List of enemy combatants: 4x To-201 Shikra (Bandit1/2/3/4) 1x CH-49 Mohawk (Condor) 1x WY-55 Hellcat (Vulture) 4x ZSU-39 Tigris (AA1/2/3/4) 3x 2S9 Sochor (SPG1/2/3) I tried compiling a description.ext script (note: I don't have actual sound files yet, I'd appreciate it if I can get an idea what Text-to-Speech I can use to make myself audio files and then convert to .ogg): And a radio.sqf script "Sleep 4" is short, it's a placeholder. I hope you can understand my query. Sorry for this really long post, TLDR: I need to have radio chat to be activated after doing a certain thing.
  16. Hi all i have this script i use to spawn a heli, and it land at my location like planed But how do i make so that a trigger fires when i get inside the heli. i have tried with COND: BOB in P3REndHeli. also COND: BOB in EndHeli. but no joy, anyone got some ideas. Cheers Play3r private _P3REndHeli = createVehicle ["B_Heli_Transport_03_F", getMarkerPos "HeliSpawn", [], 0, "FLY"]; createVehicleCrew _P3REndHeli; _P3REndHeli setVehicleVarName "EndHeli"; systemChat str _P3REndHeli; private _LandingPad = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle position player; _waypointPickup = group driver _P3REndHeli addWaypoint [position _LandingPad,0]; _waypointPickup setWaypointType "SCRIPTED"; _waypointPickup setWaypointScript "A3\functions_f\waypoints\fn_wpLand.sqf";
  17. Hello BI community, I am as green as it gets with these forums, with that said I did search for relevant topics, without success so apologies in advance if I overseen a similar topic in advance, but honestly I don't even know how to query best what I am searching for. I will describe what I am hoping to achieve: I have an object, it can be anything, but in this case its a Crate. I also have a Trigger and a helicopter. The concept is as follows: The Helicopter is parked on and in the trigger. Any player can go to the box and use an addAction menu to select a Pylon Loadout for said helicopter. The addAction menu then activates the trigger to execute a code to first wipe any existing pylons and then give them the new pylons. The problem: I managed to get pretty much everything to work, expect that I don't know how to apply the code without giving the Helicopter a Variable Name or using "vehicle player". I would like to trigger to simply apply the commands to the helicopter without me specifying a Variable name, as I wish to make this trigger universal to every helicopter that lands on it, and dynamically, so if new helicopters happens to be created/purchased, that they can also use and take advantage of the feature. The code (Without a Trigger and Wipe in this case) ChangeTime = 5; this addAction ["Plyon (X)", { Delayer =[] spawn { hint format ["Changing Plyons... ETA: %1" , ChangeTime]; sleep ChangeTime; vehicle player setPylonLoadout [1, "rhs_mag_b8v20a_s8kom"]; vehicle player setPylonLoadout [2, "rhs_mag_b8v20a_s8kom"]; vehicle player setPylonLoadout [3, "rhs_mag_b8v20a_s8df"]; vehicle player setPylonLoadout [4, "rhs_mag_b8v20a_s8df"]; vehicle player setPylonLoadout [5, "rhs_mag_9M120M_Mi24_2x"]; vehicle player setPylonLoadout [6, "rhs_mag_9M120M_Mi24_2x"]; vehicle player setPylonLoadout [7, "rhs_ASO2_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine_x4"]; hint "Plyon reconfiguration completed."; }, }]; This code will work but only if its activated and then the player goes into the helicopter, and while I am not certain, I believe it would probably also change the pylons for other helicopters that happen to be piloted by a human. Stuff that I tried: I tried using this, thislist and various other means inside the trigger but of course those target the trigger itself or create an array and setPylonLoadout needs a Object not an array. Question and TL/DR: Is there a way to apply the pylons within the trigger without given the helicopters any Variable Names? Thanks in advance and apologies if this was already answered somewhere before.
  18. Is there a way to move an object with trigger? For example, I want an object to change its coordinates when a trigger is activated. And in this trigger will be the coordinates where this object will be moved.
  19. So, I'm currently working on a mission with a fixed object to access the arsenal (ACE). This arsenal however should only be accessible to the pilots role to deliever logistics. Unfortunately there are some players in the group that won't listen to strict rules, saying that no one shall go there and access the arsenal. So I was wondering if there is a way or a script to either: a) Kill any player (except of the pilots and the zeus), force them to respawn, when they step into a trigger area or b) show only the zeus via a hint that Player1 has entered the trigger area to which the zeus can react himself. I'd prefer the killing method however. If someone has an idea I'd be happy to know and hear about it. THX
  20. I can't for the life of me figure out how to set a distance condition on the 3den Enhanced add actions. I don't want players to be able to see it from miles away as long as they are scrolling. I know it should be ran on "condition show" but I don't know exactly what to put there: Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  21. https://gyazo.com/641c0226cab80eac03d04a2c5fed444b Above is an SS of my notepad. Trying to activate a trigger through my SQF with triggerActivated TurboBomb; Below are the settings of that trigger. https://gyazo.com/ce586674451bc34a810bb59350bb9817 I tried triggering the E2 setDamage [1, true]; from the sqf itself but that didnt seem to work.
  22. Hello, Just starting new with scripting and don't understand why this code doesn't work: File is executed but trigger is not activated: this AddAction ["Repair vehicle", "fixVehicle.sqf",{myCustomActionActivation = true; (_this select 0) removeaction (_this select 2)}]; Trigger is activated but file is not executed: {"this addAction [ ""Repair vehicle",{myCustomActionActivation = true; (_this select 0) removeaction (_this select 2)}, "fixVehicle.sqf"]; I can either just activate the trigger or just execute the file. Only one of the two ever works Thanks for the help
  23. Hello, everyone. I've stumbled upon this trouble. Trigger with condition {!alive BombCluster_03_UXO1_F} count thislist < 1 doesn't seem to activate. What and where did i go wrong? Tried putting it with quotes, yet doesn't seem to work. Repeatable also doesn't help.
  24. Well, how can I make a trigger be activated when a whole group is dead? I found this in another topic with the same question but it didn't work for me : {alive _x} count units (groupname) == 0 tks in advance!
  25. Hey, I'm new to coding and mission editing in Arma, so please go easy on me. I'm attempting to create a template of sorts to build future missions out of, I want to have a clean, easy & modular spawn system that can be easily tweaked for different scenarios, I also want to do this without mods. I am aware of 2 main ways of handling spawning AI, "createUnit" and "BIS_fnc_spawnGroup" I'm not exactly sure what is best for my specific use case, and I'm not entirely sure how to use either of them properly. Essentially what i want to do is have a trigger spawn multiple units of my choice on a marker and then have the units move towards another marker, I also want to be able to modify the behavior of these units (ex. start on limited speed.) I have tried a few different methods to achieve this, these are the issues I'm having with each: With "createUnit" the only way i have found to spawn multiple units is to repeat the code over and over, I'm sure there's a better way to do this and if so I'd love to know. Also with my current setup i have to repeat the domove code for each individual unit, I would also like to know if there is a better way to do this. Here is the code located in the triggers "On activation" field: With "BIS_fnc_spawnGroup" I'm not entirely sure how to order the units spawned within to move towards a marker, I would like to know how to do this, and I also read somewhere that the group will not be automatically deleted when all units are dead so I added a line at the end, I have no idea if it works though. Here's the code for that from the triggers activation field: I read that createUnit is better for performance when paired with the sleep command, however i have no idea how that works, and I also have my doubts, at-least with my current code repeating the same lines over and over for each unit seems very inefficient, the BIS command seems much cleaner however i don't know how to issue a move order with it which is my main problem. Additionally i would like to setup a headless client but that's a whole different topic and I don't want to draw this out any further, though if you feel like you have some useful advice on that please do share. Thanks and any advice & methods is appreciated. ❤️