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  1. So, I'm currently working on a mission with a fixed object to access the arsenal (ACE). This arsenal however should only be accessible to the pilots role to deliever logistics. Unfortunately there are some players in the group that won't listen to strict rules, saying that no one shall go there and access the arsenal. So I was wondering if there is a way or a script to either: a) Kill any player (except of the pilots and the zeus), force them to respawn, when they step into a trigger area or b) show only the zeus via a hint that Player1 has entered the trigger area to which the zeus can react himself. I'd prefer the killing method however. If someone has an idea I'd be happy to know and hear about it. THX
  2. Sooo.... I'm currently working on a mission, using the Mi-24G by RHS. The only problem me and other players of my clan encountered were that the helicopter has no missile warning system. Or at least it has one which doesn't work. Over the HUD is like a picture of the helicopter with lamps surrounding it. A lamp would light up at the clock direction a missile would be coming from. Unfortunately not even the vanilla Spike launchers manage do get this thing working. So I was wondering if there might me some sort of script which allows me to have a working missile warning system. Even if its on one of the side MFDs. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey everyone. I'm currently building a mission in which the Polish (Blufor) attack the Germans (Opfor). I built a little area outside of the map where everyone boards a plane. This happens at night since i want to kind of simulate the 3 hour flight. Now i have a "Time Skip" module via trigger but its happening so suddenly. I was wondering if there is a way to fade into a blackscreen which says "3 hours later..." or anything like that. And when the screen fades away its bright and everyone can do a paradrop. Just saying: I'm not big into scripting myself. I'm happy for every suggestion, maybe even tipps on that one.
  4. Hi there. I go to my question straight away. Is there a way or a script to tell AI they can walk freely inside a certain area. Like making an area on a city and then they walk around randomly inside this city until something happens. I'm pretty new to builiding missions and any help on this would be useful., Thanks.
  5. So my question is...is there any script or possibility to make the, for example, controls of a plane invincible so you can still control it after being hit by a rocket that normally takes out engine, instruments and controls? I'm pretty new to mission creating so any help is welcome 🙂