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  1. This script is a bit of a doozie and I generally wanted it to be handled within all one SQF... Or at least thats what I thought I could do. But my issue is with every attempt at (albeit randomly) changing scopes/globals I always get 'error undefined variable in _' and to be quite I have no idea what I am doing outside of looking at several examples of several things, then attempting to combine them. So I have a scenario involving 4 groups, in a traitor-survival permadeath like scenario. Campers, killers, hunters, and guards. I wanted to an add action script on a Bell to ring that, in this order: Institutes a 30 second COOLDOWN for the addaction. Initiates a titleText BLACK FADED screen when activated, that pauses then shows text like "12 hours later" Hidden by that screen I wish to teleport players to certain markers And skips time 12 hours, more pause BLACK IN titleCut when then the teleportation has happened and they see a different time of day upon lifting Script/Addaction resets/loops Technicalities: Script must be repeatable for my purpose I want a UNIT VARIABLE NAME array, 1 for each pre mentioned group that is NOT SIDE dependent. All units are on Indfor. And a TELEPORTATION MARKER array, and code inserted to the teleportation bits so that once activated, for example, all campers will randomlytravel to one of the several CAMPER markers. This allows for rounds to not be the exact thing. CODE MUST NOT BE SIDE DEPENDENT. Ive clearly tried to make 3 arrays, one for each 'type', the reason why all units are Indfor is for smooth 'roleplay' purposes What Works: I believe the time passage works. The black screen fade in/out/text works. The teleportation does NOT WORK. I am screwing up with scopes/globals in accessing the array's Ive set up... Genuinely would like some help but have no idea how to proceed forward and I thank anyone in advance bellInteraction.sqf // Define the unit and marker arrays outside the function to avoid redefining them every time the script runs. campers = ["cpr1", "cpr2", "cpr3", "cpr4", "cpr5", "cpr6", "cpr7", "cpr8", "cpr9"]; campMarkers = ["campMarker1", "campMarker2", "campMarker3"]; scouts = ["sct1", "sct2", "sct3"]; scoutsMarkers = ["scoutMarker1", "scoutMarker2", "scoutMarker3"]; hunters = ["htr1", "htr2", "htr3"]; huntersMarkers = ["hunterMarker1", "hunterMarker2", "hunterMarker3"]; guards = ["grd1", "grd2", "grd3"]; guardsMarkers = ["guardMarker1", "guardMarker2", "guardMarker3"]; // Teleport function _teleportPlayers = { params ["_unitArray", "_markerArray"]; { private _unit = missionNamespace getVariable _x; if (!isNull _unit) then { private _randomMarker = selectRandom _markerArray; _unit setPos (getMarkerPos _randomMarker); }; } forEach _unitArray; }; // The main script that will be executed when the bell is rung _bellScript = { params ["_target", "_caller", "_id"]; // Check for cooldown if (!isNil {bellCooldown}) exitWith { _caller sideChat "The bell is on cooldown. Please wait."; }; // Set cooldown bellCooldown = true; _target removeAction _id; // Screen fade out to black titleText ["", "BLACK FADED", 1]; sleep 5; titleText ["<t color='#ffffff' size='5'>12 hours later...</t>", "BLACK FADED", -1, true, true]; sleep 2; // Skip 12 hours skipTime 12; // Teleport each group [campers, campMarkers] call _teleportPlayers; [scouts, scoutsMarkers] call _teleportPlayers; [hunters, huntersMarkers] call _teleportPlayers; [guards, guardsMarkers] call _teleportPlayers; // Screen fade in from black titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 5]; // Reset cooldown after 10 minutes (600 seconds) sleep 600; bellCooldown = nil; // Re-add the action to the bell _target addAction ["Ring Bell", _bellScript]; }; // Execute the script with the provided parameters params ["_bell"]; _bell addAction ["Ring Bell", _bellScript]; The Bell Init Code: bell addAction ["Ring Bell", "mscripts\bellInteraction.sqf"];
  2. Hello! First | The basic premise of what I am attempting to do is two-fold. A) respawn existing vehicles (of different types - i.e. some jets, some helicopters, some ground vehicles), with the same custom pylons - for the jets/helis - set by the pylon/dynamic loadout editor in 3den. This part works fine thus far (see below). And B) apply unlimited ammo on a delay (i.e. it takes 45 seconds for the ammo to restore) to both the original vehicle and its respawned clone. The main trouble I am having is getting unlimited ammo to work with the new, respawned vehicles. Second | A code dump and summary of what is where: The code below is my unlimited ammo expression in the existing F/A-181 (and other vehicles). Ideally, the missiles & bombs refresh on a delay, hence the {sleep 45} segment. This part works perfectly for my purposes. this addEventHandler ["Fired",{[_this select 0,getNumber (configFile/"CfgAmmo"/(_this select 4)/"explosive")] spawn {if (_this select 1==1) then {sleep 45};_this select 0 setVehicleAmmo 1}}]; This code is present in the expression of a Game Logic and synced to all relevant air vehicles. It works perfectly for my purposes; no errors and functions as intended. [this] call { if (!isServer) exitWith {}; params ["_thisObject"]; _vehs = synchronizedObjects _thisObject; _initScript = { params ["_vehicle", ["_pylons", "none"]]; if (typeName _pylons == typeName []) then { private _pylonPaths = (configProperties [configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _vehicle >> "Components" >> "TransportPylonsComponent" >> "Pylons", "isClass _x"]) apply { getArray (_x >> "turret") }; { _vehicle removeWeaponGlobal getText (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _x >> "pylonWeapon") } forEach getPylonMagazines _vehicle; { _vehicle setPylonLoadout [_forEachIndex + 1, _x, true, _pylonPaths select _forEachIndex] } forEach _pylons; }; }; { [_x] call _initScript; } forEach _vehs; [_vehs, _initScript] spawn { params ["_vehs", "_initScript"]; sleep 1; _respawnlist = []; { _respawnlist = _respawnlist + [[_x, position _x, [vectorDir _x, vectorUp _x], getPylonMagazines _x]] } forEach _vehs; while { true } do { sleep 1; { _veh = _x # 0; _respawnpos = _x # 1; _playerdistance = 200; { if (_veh distance _x < _playerdistance) then { _playerdistance = _veh distance _x }; } forEach allPlayers; if (!alive _veh || (_veh distance _respawnpos > 20 && _playerdistance > 20)) then { _vehType = typeOf _veh; [_veh, _respawnlist] spawn { params ["_veh", "_respawnlist"]; deleteVehicleCrew _veh; _veh lock true; _inSpawn = false; waitUntil { sleep 0.5; _inSpawn = false; { _respawnpos = _x # 1; if ((_veh distance _respawnpos) < 30) exitWith { _inSpawn = true; }; } forEach _respawnlist; _inSpawn || ((speed _veh == 0) && (isTouchingGround _veh)); }; if (!_inSpawn) then { sleep 30 }; deleteVehicle _veh; }; sleep 10; _newveh = _vehType createVehicle _respawnpos; _newveh setPos _respawnpos; _newveh setVectorDirAndUp (_x # 2);[_newveh, _x # 3] call _initScript; _respawnlist set [_forEachIndex, [_newveh, _respawnpos, _x # 2, _x # 3]]; }; } forEach _respawnlist; }; }; }; This is the current code present in the "System Specific - Vehicle Respawn" Module expression (not its Init). It does not work at all. params ["_newVeh", "_oldVeh"]; [_newVeh addEventHandler ["Fired", { [_newVeh select 0, getNumber (configFile/"CfgAmmo"/(_newVeh select 4)/"explosive")] spawn { if (_newVeh select 1 >= 0) then { sleep 5 }; _newVeh select 0 setVehicleAmmo 1 } }]] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; The Vehicle Respawn Module: It throws the no errors upon mission launch and no errors upon vehicle respawn. My friends and I suspect it is not even executing properly. Here are a few screencaps of the 3den editor of the scene in question if it helps you: // Overview of the whole airfield. The Vehicle Respawn Module on the Right by the center of the airfiled is exlusively linked to ground vehicles. It respawns the vehicles fine but without the unlimited ammo. // The test F/A-181. // The Game Logic. // My two primary test subjects (Left is experimental; Right is the control). As you can see, the left F/A-181 is the primary test subject for the Vehicle Respawn Module, as it is synced to both the Vehicle Respawn and the Game Logic. The right F/A-181 (and all other air vehicles) is synced only to the Game Logic. Both jets initially spawn with the proper pylons/dynamic loadouts and unlimited ammo, as expected vis-a-vis the 3den editor settings. Both jets respawn with the proper pylons/dynamic loadouts. Neither jet respawns with unlimited ammo, currently. I feel close to solving this, but I am blind to what I am missing/adding unnecessarily. I have tried numerous other variations with even less luck. I am sure there is some redundancy between the Vehicle Respawn Module and the game logic, and I would appreciate any simplifications there. However, that is a secondary concern. Thanks for reading this far! Hopefully, you can help me and anyone else who wants to do this.
  3. I'm trying to make ambient urban combat sounds around a group of players that will be moving through a city by placing units that fire at different intervals with different weapons in order to use less entities than if I were to place squads to fight eachother for the ambience. I have searched high and low for a scrip to put into the Eden Init of an entity to make a unit fire in bursts instead of just 1 shot every x seconds. null = this spawn {_this dotarget t3; sleep 0.5; while {alive t3 and alive _this} do {sleep 0.2; g1 action ["useweapon",vehicle _this,_this,0]; }}; sleep 1 This is the script I'm using, but with this script the AI just shoots once every 0.2 seconds, realoads then fires every 0.2 seconds again. I want the AI to fire a burst of 5 shots, wait for 2 seconds, fire 5 shots and wait for another 2 seconds, then fire a longer burst of 7 shots then wait for 30 seconds. I am terrible at understanding codes like these and every thread I've found on this issue is years old and doesn't answer my question directly but instead basically sais ''Play around until it works'' well I can't cause I'm dumb Sorry if there is an answer for this somewhere and I'm just blind. Thanks for any help I can get!
  4. Hello, I am trying to start my mission with an init.sqf that is a black screen with text that then fades out. This works fine if I put my player on the ground and click play but when started in a helicopter seat, the init.sqf doesn't work. How would I use this and start in the helicopter seat? Thanks in advance, I'm somewhat new to all this so I'm assuming it's something small I'm just overlooking. my init.sqf - titleCut ["", "BLACK FADED", 999]; [] Spawn { titleText ["This line here should take you about five seconds to read.","PLAIN DOWN"]; titleFadeOut 7; sleep 5; titleText ["This line should take five seconds as well, if you read slowly.","PLAIN"]; titleFadeOut 7; sleep 5; titleText ["This line however is important. It should take you ten seconds to read it. That's how much time you have to read this line completely.","PLAIN DOWN"]; titleFadeOut 12; sleep 10; titleText ["You don't have as much time with this line, but it is still quite lengthy and ever so informative.","PLAIN"]; titleFadeOut 9; sleep 7; titleText ["But this line.\n\nThis line will make you pause. This line will give you time to...\n\nthink.","PLAIN"]; titleFadeOut 12; sleep 10; // Info text [str ("Not so far away..."), str("Not so long ago..."), str(date select 1) + "." + str(date select 2) + "." + str(date select 0)] spawn BIS_fnc_infoText; sleep 3; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [6]; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 0; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [0.0]; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 5; titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 5]; };
  5. Hi, i'm working on a mission and i have my init.sqf that seems to crash/stop on the client side if i use waituntil {scriptdone _a} at line 17 (just after the execVM). Single player and host don't have this issue. I'm stuck using the sleep command for it to work but i dont like it since the script that's running before is for a conversations which I haven't quite finished yet so I don't know the exact length. I'm attaching the init and the other sqf i've referenced. I know scripting for multiplayer can be finicky cause of desync and packet loss but this is really quite enraging to be fair 😄 Does anyone have a suggestion to how i could use waituntil and still have it work in multiplayer ? Thanks ! Init.Sqf BriefingDone = false; cutText ["", "BLACK FADED", 1]; [0,0,false] spawn BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder; titleText ["ONI HOSTAGE SITUATION", "plain", 1]; a1 playMove "Acts_B_M03_briefing"; sleep 3; cutText ["", "BLACK in", 1]; _A = execVM "conversation1.sqf"; sleep 28; [1,1,false] spawn BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder; titleCut ["", "BLACK out", 1]; sleep 8; BriefingDone = true; a1 switchMove "amovpercmstpslowwrfldnon"; sleep 8; titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 1]; conversation1 : player KbAddTopic ["briefing","texts.bikb","",""]; a1 KbAddTopic ["briefing","texts.bikb","",""]; a2 KbAddTopic ["briefing","texts.bikb","",""]; a1 KbTell [player,"briefing","ONI1brief"]; waitUntil { a1 KbWasSaid [player,"briefing","ONI1brief",3]; / }; a2 KbTell [player,"briefing","ONI2brief"]; waitUntil { a2 KbWasSaid [player,"briefing","ONI2brief",3]; }; a1 KbTell [player,"briefing","ONI1brief1"]; sleep 2;
  6. Hello, I need a little help: I would like the AI not to be visible to the naked eye but only visible through thermal NVG. I would like to add it either in the IA init or in a script. And usable in Multiplayer. Can someone help me?
  7. Hi everyone, I've created this script to create a random weather and random forecasts each time you start a mission. It automatically passes all weather data to clients. The script is able to filter different kinds of weather based on supported terrain position: - Mediterranean islands; - Europe; - Middle east; Just put the script in the mission directory with the name you prefer and call it from the init.sqf file with the following. init.sqf if (isServer) then { [] execVM "nameYouPrefer.sqf"; }; Hope you enjoy. randomWeather.sqf /* Sets random weather and forecasts based on "real" world positioning. It supports add-ons maps. * Ombra 12/06/2020 * latest update 18/02/2022 */ CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL = 0.6; //To avoid fps issues CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL = 0.6; //To prevent annoying fog _currentMap = worldName; _probabilityFog = random[0,0.5,1]; _probabilityRain = random[0,0.5,1]; //Declaring variables _currentOvercastCoef = 0; _forecastOvercastCoef = 0; _currentRainCoef = 0; _forecastRainCoef = 0; _currentFogCoef = 0; _forecastFogCoef = 0; _windSpeedN = 0; _windSpeedE = 0; _windDirection = 0; switch (_currentMap) do { //Calculating weather for desert terrains case "MCN_Aliabad"; case "takistan"; case "zargabad"; case "Mountains_ACR"; case "fallujah"; case "kunduz"; case "Shapur_BAF": { //Probability of 30% for deserts to encounter overcast (and therefore rain) if (_probabilityRain > 0.7) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; //Current rain only if overcast > 0.6 if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.6) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; _currentFogCoef = 0; _forecastFogCoef = 0; //Some wind like sandstorms _windSpeedN = random[0,10,30]; _windSpeedE = random[0,10,30]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; //Calculating weather for european terrains (Vanilla and CUP) case "Bootcamp_ACR"; case "Woodland_ACR"; case "chernarus"; case "chernarus_summer"; case "Chernarus_Winter"; case "ProvingGrounds_PMC"; case "Enoch": { //Probability of 60% for northern EU to encounter overcast (and therefore rain) if (_probabilityRain > 0.4) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.6) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; //Probability of 30% for northern EU to encounter fog if (_probabilityFog > 0.7) then { _currentFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; } else { _currentFogCoef = 0; }; _forecastFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; //Not much wind in continental land _windSpeedN = random[0,10,20]; _windSpeedE = random[0,10,20]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; //Calculating weather for mediterranean terrains case "Stratis"; case "Altis"; case "Malden": { //Probability of 50% for northern EU to encounter overcast (and therefore rain) if (_probabilityRain > 0.5) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.6) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; _currentFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; _forecastFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; //Islands are windy _windSpeedN = random[0,20,40]; _windSpeedE = random[0,20,40]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; case "Tanoa": { //Probability of 80% for jungle areas to encounter overcast (and therefore rain) if (_probabilityRain > 0.2) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.5) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; //Probability of 20% for jungle areas to encounter fog if (_probabilityFog > 0.8) then { _currentFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; } else { _currentFogCoef = 0; }; _forecastFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; //Islands are windy _windSpeedN = random[0,20,40]; _windSpeedE = random[0,20,40]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; default { //Probability of 50% as default if (_probabilityRain > 0.5) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.5) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; //Probability of 30% to encounter fog if (_probabilityFog > 0.7) then { _currentFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; } else { _currentFogCoef = 0; }; _forecastFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; _windSpeedN = random[0,10,20]; _windSpeedE = random[0,10,20]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; }; //Setting weather 0 setOvercast _currentOvercastCoef; 0 setRain _currentRainCoef; 0 setFog _currentFogCoef; setWind [_windSpeedN, _windSpeedE, false]; 0 setWindDir _windDirection; forceWeatherChange; //Setting forecast 3600 setOvercast _forecastOvercastCoef; 3600 setRain _forecastRainCoef; 3600 setFog _forecastFogCoef; Up here it is posted as script but it can also be used as function: [] spawn YourTAG_fnc_randomWeather; Call the script file fn_randomWeather.sqf and place it in a scenario subfolder names functions. Then edit the description.ext file by putting standard function declaring: description.ext class CfgFunctions { class YourTAG { tag = "YourTAG"; class functions { file = "functions"; class randomWeather {}; }; }; }; If you use it in a function way you MUST call it from init.sqf in this way: if (isServer) then { [] spawn OFF_fnc_randomWeather; };
  8. Hello We are currently developing an Sandbox Arma 3 Server. i want to make a Sniping spot where you can Snipe some AI´s the AI´s are set to: this disableai "ALL"; i got a simple Respawn script from a another forum post. which looks like this: the Problem is that when the ai Respawns the init isn´t there anymore so they run around and shoot at the players how can i fix that? thanks for you´re help Marvin Admin at German-Gamers.net
  9. So here's my problem: I have a line of code that goes into the init box of a group leader to make the group hunt the player(s) by setting a waypoint at the player's current position, however, the code runs at mission start (obviously because it's an init). I want to know if there's a line of code similar to WaitUntil that will work for the unit's init box in Eden. The reason I want to do it this way is because I don't want to mess with .sqfs/variable names for each individual unit/squad. What I have now is copy/paste-able in Eden and that's what I'm looking for. I've tried: 1) WaitUntil, but that command doesn't work in Eden 2) If TriggerIsActivated, but either I'm getting the syntax wrong or it doesn't work either. 3) enable dynamic sim, which is great, but it still places the waypoint at the start of the mission at the players Alternatively, I could loop the code, but I can't figure out how to use Sleep effectively where it's still performance friendly. Here's the code: if (isServer) then { _null = this spawn { Hunt_players_fnc = { _player = objNull; _players = +(allPlayers - (entities "HeadlessClient_F")); _distance = 100000; { if (alive _x && _x distance (Leader _this) < _distance) then { _distance = _x distance (Leader _this); _player = _x; }; } foreach _players; if !(isNull _player) then { _wp = (Group _this) addWaypoint [getPos _player, (50 + (floor(random 70)))]; _wp setWaypointStatements ["true","_null = this spawn Hunt_players_fnc;"]; _wp setWaypointType "SAD"; _wp setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _wp setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; }; }; _null = _this spawn Hunt_players_fnc; }; }; Thanks.
  10. So I'm currently trying to make a mission like that from Ace Combat's multiplayer where each team is trying to take out the other's ground or sea assets first while in aircraft. Currently I'm just using a sector control game mode that works fine just using modules. What I've done is make it so dying and respawing for players doesn't take away tickets and the cap area is a tiny area in the middle of the map which players will ignore (this is a private multiplayer things so we just agree to ignore it) Now the point of the question. There is also a bunch of AI trucks driving around, when one of them dies I want it to take a specific number of tickets away from the side it belonged too. Therefore, destroying all of Opfor's teams AI trucks would mean they have no tickets and Blufor Would win. Is there something I could stick in the AI trucks "Init" in the editor that would just remove a number of sector control tickets for it's side die upon death?
  11. Hello, I am an ArmA veteran who is just getting into scripting, mostly out of necessity, as in a new setting I have a pilot who is currently flying the Gryphon from the AAF Faction, however this is an issue as the Gryphon is very lightly armed and we are having to frequently re-arm to remain combat effective. As such I want to arm Gryphons with heavier armaments and while I am having limited success I seem to have come up against a wall as far as progress is concerned. I have already worked out some basic script to give a Gryphon Two pods of DAGR 70mm Rockets; this setPylonLoadOut [4, "PylonRack_12Rnd_PG_missiles", true]; this setPylonLoadOut [3, "PylonRack_12Rnd_PG_missiles", true]; However, I now would like to see how I could add a Triple 'PylonPod' of Maverick's ATGM's to Pylon 5, and (if possible) a Dual Pylon of CBU-85 Cluster Bombs to Pylon 6. There is definitely enough physical space on the aircraft to accompany such weapons, but I just cant seem to find any way to arm them this way. Any help is much appreciated, especially anything that can set me up to do this sort of thing on my own in the future. Thanks, Dan.
  12. Hi, I need a script that every time a player connects on server directly when he is spawning exec 2 scripts (welcome music, intro) but only the player who connected should see it, like a init... i tryed it with Init.sqf,initPlayerLocal.sqf,initPlayerServer.sqf. Init only runs the 2 scripts on Server Mission start. an the other 2 did nothing? could you please help me?... Sry for my bad english!
  13. Test Lab Workshop for ARMA III, ver. BETA 0001 (2019) This download is compatible with APEX game version 1.7 and higher Drive Link Download: Test Lab New Live readMe file This download includes mission editor files. When my mission folder began to overflow with script test scenarios and VR compositions, I decided to create a master workshop file to use in the future. I considered what features should be built in. Hopefully this tool will be helpful for you, too. INSTALLATION Install the folder 0_testLAB.VR to your ArmA 3 mission folder (usually in Documents). Examples included: Images: Video: THANKS to everybody at: Bohemia Forums Check out our Patreon page Ascina Illustration & Design Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND)
  14. Hello guys. Does anyone know a way to prevent functions from launching in the main menu? When I set up my functions as pre-init or post-init, they also execute in the main menu but I don't want this to happen.
  15. I have built a military training area in the game editor mode and its almost all ready to go live, however I cant seem to find the correct Init: in the functions menu for spawning people close to the training site. I would like to be able have people just join the live server and jump straight to the training site with a basic load out.
  16. Hey guys, what is the most efficient way to load your custom scripts during initialization? So far I've just been using [] execVm over and over and I can't help but feel there is a better way. Any better ways to list your scripts say as an "include" like in c++? I'm coming from a software developers point of view so throw what you got at me.
  17. Hi! simple question : is there a way to return an object's init code (set in the editor in its init field, or later with createVehicle) in the form of a string?
  18. Hi all sorry im again :D I would Give a unit a init over this trigger below when he join my group. The Condition of the trigger are : ({alive _x} count units mygroup) < 2 And in on Activation i would give the group member this in the init : dummy = [this, units (group this)] execVM "automedic.sqf"; This is for a script that force ACE 3 Ais to revive me . I know i can normally set :dummy = this ............. in the init field of my group member BUT the group member existing not before , i recuit them with the Ravage recuit script and want to give them the init when he joining me. Its that possible to make that over this Way ? I only found ways to spawn units with a init but nothing over joing player goup . Tanks again for Reading and hopfully try to help me ! :)
  19. Hi, I am fairly new to modding, so I don't understand too much yet. I searched the forums but not found much info about this. I made a script which adds a "HandleDamage" eventHandler and some code in it to a unit. I want to add this script to every man class unit created either on mission init or spawned later. Actually on mission start I can do it with a simple '{} forEach allUnits', but I have troubel with the spawned ones. I think it would be the best to add the code to every units init field. As I understand the eventHandler init should do the trick but I dont really understand how shold I set it up. Sofar I've tried to add this to my mods config.cpp class CfgVehicles { class EventHandlers { class Man; { init = "systemChat format ["Man created: %1", _this]"; }; }; }; Of course I would put run a 'fnc_somescript.sqf', but first I just tried to display a text for testing purposes. Could someone explain how this should work? Or show alterntive ways to run script for every man created. Thanks.
  20. I created a vehicle init script a few months ago with the purpose of automatically making the plane auto-eject pilots when the damage to the plane exceeds a certain threshold while limiting the damage to .9 for a few seconds preventing it from blowing up instantly. After a recent arma update however the script stopped working so I'm hoping that maybe someone more experienced in arma scripting can help me out with it. My current revisions (seperated with a line) of the vehicle init with comments: https://pastebin.com/XSyXyES1 I'm trying to avoid using seperate script files to make this a simple copy-paste solution for everyone who isn't that familiar with mission editing.
  21. Hi. I want to make an addon with this script: ["unit", {(_this select 0) setVariable ["ace_movement_loadCoef", 1]}, true] call CBA_fnc_addPlayerEventHandler; I ve tried following instructions from here: here http://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=35205.0 and here But it still doesn t work. Any ideas? Thanks
  22. Hello all, This is Joel. I am a code newb and an EDEN noob. I love this game and I've been banging out my first scenario with glee, with a couple of puzzling hangups. I try assiduously to figure stuff out on my own and read in the forums. I feel like there a thousand variations of my problem with a thousand different replies. So, here I am asking for help. I apologize if this is painfully newbish. Here goes. 1. I am trying to create a properly formatted briefing. I first tried placing the creatediary module in the scenario editor screen, and editing the situation, mission, execution, signals, etc. The result, when played in the game is a sloppy, unformatted mess. I then read about using html tags when writing in the module text. NO change when played. I then found the F3's briefing code generator utility online and entered , generated, then pasted into a text file I created, renamed briefing.sqf. I created the init.sqf file and wrote this: [] execVM "briefing.sqf"; Nothing, and I mean nothing seems to be changing with the briefing. I'm really frustrated. I have created the init.sqf and briefing.sqf files in the same folder as the mission file I'm trying to play. Between this site, youtube, google, eveyone has an opinion and nothing they say seems to do the trick. Please help!
  23. So pretty much a long time I found this unit = group player createUnit ["classname", getPos player, [], 0, "FORM"]; and placed it in a radio trigger so when the player radios in he will get the corresponding unit. So after I implemented it in game it works but it spawns the unit for all players in game. Is there a way i can make it spawn only for the one activating the trigger.
  24. I have learned how to change weapon turrets and ammo on vehicles VIA inits, but can anyone tell me how to get the actual turret to be visible on the vehicle? As ridiculous as it sounds - I am trying to use twin 125mm cannons (and other weapons) from a Pawnee instead of the miniguns or DAR pods, and I would love to see them attached. Any help appreciated!
  25. Ok so for my missions I want all my unit members to be able to select premade loadout that I made depending on the role they want to play, I cant figure out how to do it. My idea was: There is the scroll menu (the different options that you have for actions in the scroll menu ), and somehow in the attributes of an ammo box there would be a script containing custom loadouts that I premade, and when someone would to check the different options of the ammo box there with the scroll menu there would be different roles that contain different loadouts. If any body could help me that we be amazing, if you didn't understand my question let me know ill try to be more understandable.