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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1229944898 I decided to create a series with each mission focusing on one specific type of soldier/task, this one entry is EOD. I used the AAF to give it a more modern day feel while keeping it vanilla. Used Tanoa to give it a vietnam flavor. Steam description: Step into the shoes of a soldier in an EOD unit during operations on Tanoa. The AAF have been engaged with Syndikat and remnants of the former dictatorship's loyalist army for the last 8 months. The guerrillas have access to large pre-overthrow stockpiles of anti-tank and anti-personell mines as well as improved explosive devices. Because of this our EOD unit has been kept busy during the occupation. During today's operation we will be escorting a tank platoon along a main supply route and clearing any minefields using our mine clearing rockets from the bobcat. We have multiple infantry units currently executing various missions and raids accross the island so be prepared to get tasked away to help them clear any explosives they encounter. Vanilla mission, only requires Apex. (Although from the latest update all Arma 3 users now have Apex assets so you may be able to play it, just with the expansion purchase advert in the corner.) (Mine Clearing Rocket script by John Harvey https://github.com/john681611/detcord.VR/releases ) Let me know of any bugs or issues and feel free to give me feedback for suggestions for this mission or how I can better accomplish things for future missions.
  2. LibertyBull

    Radio Chat with sound

    Whaaat? When I did my voice over in a mission I added in the radio sound effects in audacity not knowing it is done automatically for.you. xD
  3. Weapons, vehicles and gear from Apex is usable by people who don't own Apex, but objects and the like is not available. Chiefly because when you buy Apex you get a download of the assets.
  4. LibertyBull

    Confusing AI Heli Waypoint Behavior

    Yea I'm not sure how to get the loiter waypoint to wait until a trigger condition is met. I'm fiddling around with it in the editor but its just completing on its own
  5. LibertyBull

    Respawn with eden loadout?

    The one way I found online works well, even in MP enviornment. Make two .SQF files in the mission folder. First one name the text file "onPlayerKilled.sqf" without the quotes. In this text file paste: [player, [missionNamespace, "inventory_var"]] call BIS_fnc_saveInventory; Second one named "onPlayerRespawn.sqf" and paste [player, [missionNamespace, "inventory_var"]] call BIS_fnc_loadInventory; Don't change "missionNamespace" or anything about the code. You don't need to add anything in any unit's init either. Works for me at least.
  6. LibertyBull

    Confusing AI Heli Waypoint Behavior

    I appreciate the helpful sentiment but thats not what I'm having an issue with. It is mainly about helicopters acting weird when two groups are in play trying to get on board. One thing of note as well is the second squad on the ground had hold waypoints and such before the actual "Get in" waypoint, however whenI tested it out by playing as them, they ignore the waypoints and go straight to the "get in" waypoint, again hijacking the chopper from my squad, sitting 2 KM away at base with the heli on the ground at the base spooling up to go pick the second squad up when they are supposed to be waiting to transport my guys. They wont even let me get in in this case.
  7. LibertyBull

    Confusing AI Heli Waypoint Behavior

    Yea, except see, when the Heli I guess thinks its assigned to the pilot squad, it flys away even at the beginning of the mission when your starting at base! so I am going to either try starting the player's squad inside the heli from the begining, or making the pilot squad join the player's squad when you land and "talk to them". Basically, I'm making a "DART" team mission where your squad is responsible for flying to a downed helo (and/or immobilized tank, turned over hunter, etc for the purposes of my mission), try to repair it or blow it up if repair isnt possible, defend the area from any attack, then extract from the area, rescuing the blackfoot/slammer/hunter's crew. So basically my desired behaviour out of the heli (in this case the DART team flys in a Huron) is to drop the team off at the various objectives, provide overwatch via loiter with careless/open fire AI, land when the conditions are met, then pick up everyone (Dart + pilots/crewmen, whoever is being rescued) and fly to the next objective. Probably asking for alot out of the heli AI xD.
  8. LibertyBull

    Confusing AI Heli Waypoint Behavior

    Mynok, your solutions are something I'm going to try to use for more reliable helicopter behavior in general. One problem with the loiter waypoint is that it just moves on to the next waypoint after the loiter waypoint instead of waiting. I think it might be because of the fact I try to get a second unit loading into the helicopter in the field. I read somewhere that when a new group is given a get in command, the helicopter is assigned to that group. Maybe that's causing the odd behavior.
  9. Hello all. :) So I'm making a mission in which your unit starts at base, loads into a helicopter, flys to the AO and unloads from their helicopter on the ground. The heli then circles overhead, before landing again and picking up the unit. When making the waypoints, the heli gets to the area, drops the unit and fly's my cycled waypoint circle no problem. The problem is once I add in the waypoints in the editor for it to "skip waypoint" out of the cycle and go to load the unit for the second time (in the field). When I test the mission, the helicopter spools up and takes off without my squad. Before, working correctly, the helicopter would stay on the ground at base and wait for my unit to load before spooling up and taking off. After adding in the waypoints beyond the "cycle" waypoint (and more specifically, adding the second "load" waypoint, to pick up the unit in the field) the helicopter spools up and takes off without my unit. Actually, my unit doesnt even seem to give the "get in" order anymore, just a "move to" order. :wacko: Whats more, once I delete the waypoints I added in to attempt to go back to the previous, working behavior, the helicopter keeps acting up. Any ideas on why this is happening? :blink: The only mods I am running is "Eden enhanced". P.S. If it helps, the ultimate goal I'm trying to achieve is to have the heli drop off my group, circle overhead untill a condition is met (such as blowing up an objective on the ground), and then come down to pick u my group before continuing on to the next objective where it will do the same thing again. This is for a single player mission. Thanks in advance! :D
  10. "Welcome to Tanoa, John.' 'I'm sure you'll do fine, you didn't graduate top of your selection group for nothing.'" http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=771706965 The first mission of my planned campaign on Tanoa is ready for release. You play as John Wilson, a CTRG special division operator sent into an airport used by Syndikat as a part of their smuggling operation. You must infiltrate the airport, sneak past the airport guards and Syndikat henchmen, plant trackers on a deliver truck and an airplane, download flight logs off of a airport computer, and then get out without being detected. If things go sideways, you can do what needs to be done to get out alive, just remember that any guards you kill will arouse suspicion, possibly compromising our trackers. In that case you will need to track the truck manually in later missions. The title of the mission is a nod at the Splinter Cell series, of which I drew inspiration for this mission. The mission should be completely bug free, and is fleshed out with full interactive briefing, voice acted command chatter, the new task system, and AI tuned to present the optimal stealth experience. Mission playtime runs around 15 to 20 minutes. I appreciate any feedback as I continue to develop my campaign. You can expect mission quality to increase as I release more missions as my mission making skills increase.
  11. LibertyBull

    Weapon Balance

    I do not have Arma 2 so I cannot answer from a game perspective. Seeing as this is a simulator, I dont think balance was BI's main focus. But I can see why you would want balance for some gametypes. Well I think if you are carefull in your selection of the weapons you could make it balanced.
  12. LibertyBull

    Chernarus Life (RPG)

    They force people to come to their website so they have to actually read the rules. Before when we didnt have passworded servers, when it was Sahrani Life and there were addons needed, people would keep trying to join the game over and over for minutes, one guy did it for almost a half an hour, and we found out every time someone tried to join and got autokicked by the game for lacking the addons, it made us have lag spikes. And, the people who did go to the website and downloaded the addons, alot of them broke the rules and claimed ignorance, simply clicking through and ignoring the pop up window that comes up when you first join the server with the rules. And such we decided to password the CL server and have people go to the website. On the website, there is a list of server rules, and thats where you get the password. This way, people who found the password and are in the game cant claim ignorance when they break the rules, and potential lag for when addons are in the mod and people try to join and get auto kicked is eliminated. The second issue, of not letting others have the mission. Take Sahrani Life. Our single sahrani life server would be packed to the brim before we released CL. It would constantly be filled during the times of day the players would play. Not only would it suck to release the mission and someone take the credit, but then youd have a bunch of servers with a couple people each, and that is no fun way to play the game. It may be fun for a few people but for most its no fun being alone cause theres only a few people. Keeping the mission in house has the people joining ONE server, therefore you get alot more people. These are not the official opinions of RP-mods, just my opinions which I believe are the real reasons behind the actions. As you can see there are real reasons behind the 2 issues being brought up. And IMO they are good reasons. Source: Very active RP-mods member since January 2009.
  13. LibertyBull

    Project RACS

    hmm, thats pretty cool, sahrani is coming to the aide of their US allies. Takes some big stones to go up against the russians though. =D
  14. LibertyBull

    Project RACS

    Alright, then I will get to work on making some fun SP, PVP, and COOP missions as well as a SP/COOP campaign using Project RACS and some other addons like "South Sahrani Police" for some missions and some missions using the naval units. Hopefully I can siphon off enough of my income to get a new machine and I can start my arma 2 mission making adventure.
  15. LibertyBull

    Project RACS

    I'm a little late cause alot of players are playing arma 2 mainly now. Well I cant afford a machine that can run arma 2 for a while, so I want to do something productive in the meantime. I have decided to make a campaign / mission pack using project RACS (if thats ok with you) and some other addons to formulate a living, breathing sahrani, and depending on the missions you play you can reimagine having RACS Vs SLA like in the campaign, but without US help since the RACS are now competent. Or, you could jump right into after they defeat the North and create a united sahrani, then you need to battle rebels and northern loyalists as both a member of the army or a police officer. From there I would like to have some missions where a foreign power invades and you (try) to fend them off. The possibilities are many and I'd like to make a plethora of quality missions to go along with project RACS. Is this OK with you wld?