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  1. boriz

    [COOP 1-6] Stress Fortress - VR

    Here is some gameplay video I've captured with my friends. It is from an older version, but you can still see how it works. https://youtu.be/B5k729-gbgs?t=8m28s
  2. Hello dear community! I am finally releasing another mission I've been working on for a very long time and I would like to humbly ask you guys for some feedback. The mission is called Stress Fortress and it is slightly inspired by the Man Vs Machine coop mode from Team Fortress 2. It puts you with 5 other players into a small base which you must defend from hordes of enemies who attack in 10 wave. You win by killing all enemies, but you loose when they capture your base. Steam Workshop link This is actually my 4th iteration. The last two versions can be found here: Stress Fortress - ALTIS Stress Fortress - STRATIS In case you want to follow the development of this mission then join my small Steam group. Without further ado, please give it a try and let me know what you think!
  3. Thank you for the information! It helped me to solve my problem with units not being spawned: Because I simply must have every solder in his own group, and also be able to spawn hundreds of them, I've worked around this issue by writing a "group manager" system. This script creates 100 empty groups at the start of the game, puts them in an array, and then assigns one group to one soldier each time he is spawned. When index of 100 is reached, it starts all over from 0, which so far works very well for the logic of my mission. Unfortunately, this did nothing to help me with the problem stated in the original post. Any ideas about how could I debug that issue with vehicles (including helicopters) refusing to go to their waypoint?
  4. Kylania's post encouraged me to experiment with this some more and I've found a possible cause! Thank you very much! So this is what's happening... Beside vehicles, I spawn dozens of soldiers. Because I want to have a good control over their behavior, I make each soldier a one man group which means dozens of groups are spawned. After a few minutes of playing, when about 100 units with 100 groups are spawned, the game simply stops creating groups and soldiers (this is something that happened in my previous post, but its cause was not understood yet). Vehicles are still spawned and manned for some reason, but because they belong to no group, they cannot have a waypoint assigned. Now it seems to me like the problem is caused by the game running out of groups since I create so many of them. So, the question now is, how do I work around this issue? I could spawn more than 1 unit in a group, which might solve this issue, but then another question is, how many soldiers I can have in one group?
  5. Thank you for the effort! I appreciate it, but unfortunately it solved nothing. Actually, it made the situation even worse because with these lines of code, the enemy units just stop spawning after about 100 cycles of running my script. I have no idea why the game behaves like this. The AI is a complete mess. I've also checked the logs and I haven't found any errors which would explain why this happens. Also I use vanilla ARMA 3 Stable branch, so this issue is not caused by some mod/addon. I've been investigating this problem for dozens of hours now and I am going insane from the amount of frustration this causes to me. There is nothing else to do to finish my mission than fixing this issue.
  6. Edit: I've did some editing to the mission and it seems like the issue does not happen as much as it did before, or at least it occurs much less frequently. There is still a problem with helicopters not working at all, but that is being handled by a different script, so I am probably gonna open another thread with focus just on that. Hello! I am having a problem with AI in Arma 3. It's simple, I want to spawn an enemy vehicle with AI in it and then send it on a death mission where it gets almost surely destroyed by players' heavy fire. However, oftentimes (at ~25% chance) the unit just sits still after its spawn and does nothing at all. So, this is my (almost) whole code. The important part is marked between ↓↓↓↓↓ and ↑↑↑↑↑: _group = createGroup east; _type = _usableUnits select floor random count _usableUnits; if (_type isKindOf "Car") then { _unit = objNull; if (_type == "B_G_Offroad_01_armed_F") then{ _unit = [_spawnLocation, random 360, _type, resistance] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; }else{ _unit = [_spawnLocation, random 360, _type, EAST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; }; (_unit select 0) setdamage enemySpawnDamage; driver (_unit select 0) spawn scr_killWhenOnFoot; gunner (_unit select 0) spawn scr_killWhenOnFoot; _unit join _group; (_unit select 0) spawn scr_noFuelWhenCarIsStatis; AIunits = AIunits + (_unit select 1); // ↓↓↓↓↓ _wp = _group addWaypoint [posTarget, 0]; [_group, 1] setWaypointType "HOLD"; _group setCombatMode "YELLOW"; _group setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _group allowFleeing 0; driver (_unit select 0) spawn { while {alive _this} do { _startPos = Position _this; sleep 10; _currentPos = Position _this; if ( (_startPos distance _currentPos) < 1 ) then { _this DoMove posTarget; }; }; }; // ↑↑↑↑↑ }; This code is a part of a larger script which spawns a vehicle, fills it with AI units and then sends it to position posTarget through a waypoint. The last part is the problem. The unit sometimes refuses to move, even if its path is not obstructed at all. I've tried to fix this by telling the unit to DoMove every 10 seconds if its detected to be still, but it still doesn't fix the problem. Does anyone else have similar problem? Do you know how to fix this, or work around this issue?
  7. That's what I am using. I haven't managed to achieve this in single player yet, let alone in MP. EDIT: Ah, there is Magazines! I'll try to use it somehow. EDIT2: I've tried it and it did nothing. EDIT3: Solved by using: this removeMagazinesTurret ["250Rnd_30mm_HE_shells_Tracer_Green",[0]];|
  8. Hello! I have a Kajman helicopter which is terribly OP against infantry in my mission thanks to its HE machinegun. I would like to remove it, so the enemy AI has to use AP bullets instead. How do I do that? I tried : myHeli RemoveMagazineTurret ["250Rnd_30mm_HE_shells",[-1]]; myHeli RemoveMagazineTurret ["250Rnd_30mm_HE_shells",[0]]; myHeli RemoveMagazineTurret ["250Rnd_30mm_HE_shells",[1]]; But none of that did anything. How do I remove these magazines correctly?
  9. Finally I've found a simple way to hack this into what I want. 1) Insert this line somewhere in the Init.sqf: IsHealing = false; 2) Create a trigger and set it listen to the type of unit you want to 3) In the Condition field, add: this && not IsHealing 4) In the On Activation field add: {_x spawn YourCustomHealUnitScript} forEach thisList; IsHealing = true; 5) In the On Deactivation add: IsHealing = false; Now the trigger activates every second when a desired unit type is inside of it. It is not a very flexible way of doing this feature, but it is just what I need right now. I have yet to test it in multiplayer, but it should work.
  10. Thanks for the link! I'll check it out and see if I can use it.
  11. Thanks! This is almost what I need. The problem is that I want to use a trigger to detect nearby objects. That way I can shape it just as I need and position it precisely in such way that its edges end where I want them to be. Using an object with some invisible area of effect is very inconvenient for me in the Eden editor. Plus, it limits me to using the circular shape. To achieve this, I am thinking about using thisList array in triggers. It should contain all compatible insiders who I can heal. However, AFAIK that array is accessible only in the On Activation event, and that is called only once when the first unit enters it. I think it would be best if this trigger would call On Activate event every second when someone is inside of it, but how do I achieve that?
  12. *SOLVED!* Hello good people! I consider myself to be an experienced scripter, but I still sometimes come up with some simple features which happen to be much more difficult to realize than they should be. This is one of them. I want to create a trigger which reacts to BLUFOR units. When any such unit enters this trigger, it gets auto-healed. If this unit is a player, he gets notified about it through the TitleText [...] command. When this unit stays inside of this trigger and receives damage, it also gets auto-healed. After leaving this trigger, the unit stops being auto-healed. All of this must work in multiplayer where I have multiple triggers like this. What is the simplest way to achieve this?
  13. I want to keep dependencies on a minimum, so if I will have time to continue working on this, it will be probably another iteration of some new locations on Altis.
  14. STRESS FORTRESS - STRATIS 2 This mission is based on a simple "horde mode" style gameplay where you defend your base against a large amount of enemies in several attack waves. It's designed for quick and short coop sessions where you get to the action right away without having to travel much. Some of the features are: Short respawn times (unless your base is being captured) Join In Progress is fully supported Spectator mode (arrows left/right) Epic enemy helicopter crashes 7 bases to select from in the PARAMETERS menu Option to steal enemy vehicles and weapons to use them in any way Configurable day-time, enemy health, allowance of NV goggles and fatigue You loose when all players are dead while your base is being captured Players with Marksmen DLC can use their exclusive weapons Download: Steam Workshop (subscribe) Armaholic Dropbox Other versions: Stress Fortress for Altis Old version of this mission for Stratis
  15. Yes. Just a few days ago an update was released which added a new location and improved some things. The updated PBO file can be already downloaded from Armaholic. Regarding future updates, yes I am planning some. Next update will bring a server parameter which lets you disable fatigue on players, which is a thing some users have been complaining about in general. I am also testing two new locations. One of them will hopefully be ready for this weekend, but due to my work I can't promise anything right now.