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  1. Hey there! I have been using this mod only because of the ambient sounds, since I stopped using ALiVE I have been looking for something that used the same sounds since forever so thank you so much man, changes the immersion a lot! However, AUtigergrad released an african regional pack after his middle eastern one, is there a way to add those ? They are really cool, would make african map so much better without having to use ALiVE civilians to enjoy those sounds! https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/187988-autigergrads-regional-ambient-sounds-pack/ Cheers
  2. Nidonreb

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hey man, congrats on that huge mission. I'm a single player, and was wondering if I could play H&M that way and if so, have you got recommended parameters ? Cheers
  3. Nidonreb

    [INSURGENCY SP/COOP] Deployed - Lythium

    Have you launched the scenario via hosted server ? If you did, I'll check what's wrong on my end!
  4. Nidonreb

    [INSURGENCY SP/COOP] Deployed - Lythium

    Auburn's mission and mine is different in many other ways. Litterally everything has been setup differently, and mine offers a lot of different features, not saying that mine is better tho, I really recommend his stuff!
  5. Nidonreb

    [INSURGENCY SP/COOP] Deployed - Lythium

    Not at all, everything has been made from scratch, would not have copied AuburnAlumni's stuff in any way and came here to post it. Plus mine is a lot different, aimed toward replicating MSO classic feel, not a dynamic war/insurgency.
  6. Nidonreb

    [INSURGENCY SP/COOP] Deployed - Lythium

    Yup! I play myself a lot with ace, but without the medicala spect of the mod, can get slippery with AIs haha! Basic medical system is included, I am working on including AIS revive as we speak, figured it would be a good addition!
  7. Deployed aims to take the classic insurgency style mission directly inspired by MSO, and push it beyond in terms of immersion, performance and replayability, using the ALiVE framework. Patrol, talk to the locals and secure ennemy held areas to gain intel about ennemy weapon caches, and destroy them. ISIS activity has increased in recent months in Lythium, Afghanistan. You are part of the US initiative to help local Afghan forces in fighting the insurgency. FEATURES: - Replayability: Random ennemy strength, placement, and caches locations on each playthrough. - Long-term OP with persistence: save your progress and get back into action. - Chose your difficulty, time of the day, as well as post process effects in the mission parameters. - Ambient civilian life: civilian interactions to get intel, custom sounds of crowds, TV, propaganda, conversations, traffic, reaction to fire. - IEDs, VBIEDs and suicide bombers depending on civilian hostility. - A multitude of supports: Helicopter transportation and fast rope, rotary and fixed wings C.A.S as well as UAV support. - HALO/HAHO insertions - AI recruitment. - Loadout manager for you and AIs. - Mobile respawn point. - A field hospital and a vehicle maintenance point. - A main FOB that feels alive, with other friendly FOBs around the AO. - Supply convoys tasks. - A Shoothouse. - Vehicle ambient radio chatter. - Realistic fuel consumption. - Different roles to play on. - Zeus slot for the admin and a dedicated zeus slot. - ACE w/o medical compatible. HOW TO LAUNCH THE SCENARIO: 1- Subscribe to the scenario and required mods. 2- Launch Arma 3 via launcher, turn on all required mods and launch the game with them and other recommended mods if you wish to. 3- In ArmA 3 menu choose Multiplayer (even for Solo play) => server browser => host server(local or internet) => host server 4- In the map/missions menu choose Lythium => Deployed - Lythium). Choose role, mission parameters and press play. RECOMMENDED MODS: These are not in any way mandatory to play, but are recommended for a more immersive playthrough. - Any gear mod of your liking. - LAMBS mods. - Immerse. - JSRS sound mods. AUTHOR's NOTES: I hope you will enjoy this scenario as much as I loved creating it. As the concept is easily portable, give me requests for future maps or features as of course I will be creating more! Errors and bugs are inevitable in such a game, but I'll do my best to help fix them if there are, if something is broken on my end except it to be fixed as soon as I can. Comments, ratings and feedbacks would be really appreciated, thank you for your support! DOWNLOAD: Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2377438757 All credits due to the authors of the scripts I used that is to say Bons, Engima, George Floros, to the ALiVE dev team, Bohemia Interactive for the best game ever, without them I could not have done anything! Mods used in the artworks are USP Gear and Uniforms, TSF vests.