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    good day everyone. a noob question. if it has bean dealt with previously i humbly apologize. ok, i am using alive, building my own base of operations on malden. I've put al the basic alive modules down as per a lot of youtube videos, can i place my own heli's and other type of aircraft. at this moment i see only one heli. no fixed wing a/c. i am still learning alive and everything that goes with. thank you kindly.
  2. ARNO74

    no launcher

    thanx for the reply. i used to start it from a desktop icon then it took me to the launcher page and from there on i pressed play
  3. ARNO74

    no launcher

    good day. whenever i go into arma 3 for some reason it skips the launcher page completely and goes straight into the game where you choose single player or multiplayer or editor. how do i rectify this.
  4. Good day, i am brand new to arma3 and loving it so far. just a question. i got the F/A18 mod and a couple of skins. i put the skins where they should be, but how do i 'repaint' an aircraft with a skin?