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  1. Gosh, your map is promising. It's really nice and looks so real. 😎 I can't wait to create mission on it.
  2. papanowel

    RHS: Status Quo

    Great news, I'm glad to see the mod moving to Roferger and A4 😎
  3. NZSAS clearing a swamp: CDLC: SOG Prairie Fire
  4. The PC Gamer show is about to start. 😉 Edit: sadly we have not seen anything new. I guess it's too early.
  5. We have to be patient: https://twitter.com/IvanBuchta/status/1527957589274796034
  6. Have you tried the Arma discord? It seems that's the place to get a quick answer. If not, there is also a feedback tracker for Reforger: https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/66/ Sorry, I can't help you out with your issue.😕
  7. papanowel

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    Thank you very much for the quick reply. You solved my issue. 😎
  8. papanowel

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    Does anyone knows how to reduce the speed camera when moving around in the worldeditor? It drives me crazy... I can't properly place entities because my camera is too fast and the zoom too big 😑
  9. papanowel

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    I've bought Reforger primarily for supporting the studio. I was not expecting much anyway, I'm just disappointed with the absence of a proper mission editor within the game. We will see in the upcoming weeks what modders will bring to this game. Regarding Arma 4, I hope we will have the freedom to use/store the mod like the previous title and to have a ingame Editor.
  10. I've just test a hour or so. Reforger is not Arma 4 which will come later. It's an other game. Right now you have a zeus game mode where you can put ais and stuff around Everon. AI are there and the mode called conflict is similar to a Warfare that we know from Armed Assault. We're discussing about Reforger here: I hope to see a subforum quickly.
  11. papanowel

    New informations or announcement soon?

    Does anyone knows what is the steam id for the arma reforger server?
  12. papanowel

    New informations or announcement soon?

    We've searched for the dedicated exe on steam but we could not find it. 😞
  13. papanowel

    New informations or announcement soon?

    Now lets try it for real 😎
  14. papanowel

    New informations or announcement soon?

    The trailer is nice, the new lighting are really beautiful.
  15. papanowel

    New informations or announcement soon?

    According to the leak, cooperative gameplay wil be present. If not, I won't be interested at all.