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  1. I hope your move in went smooth. Glad you are back. WOOOOOOOOOOOT
  2. ayoung

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Thank You
  3. DAMN... I think I wet myself...awesome
  4. HUGE Thx for all the content you put out
  5. You could contact mad cheese and ask him how he is doing it for his C2 mod. Here is a link for his video. I hope this can help.
  6. Just want to give a HUGE thank you to the both Aplion and Devastator.
  7. I just did a quick test of the 81mm mortar. They are working fine for me. Im just using Unsung and cba for mods. I was playing ai against ai.
  8. WOW. Thank you so much. I hope both of you had great holidays.
  9. ayoung

    AC-130 Gunship

    Why not use the armed blackfish. It pretty much has the same weapons on it as the ac 130. It could work as a placeholder.
  10. Thank you for the script. I hope you and Rydygier had a great X-mas.
  11. Thank you for all your hard work. Merry X-mas to you too
  12. Thanks for looking into the fast roping. Here is a link to SHK's fast rope script. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30242 This might be helpfull. Thanks again for the hard work
  13. WOW I have been playing around with this for a few hours and I haven't had any problems. I was using the cup ch-53 and the ch-47. I didn't have any problems they worked as advertised. Any chance to get a fastrope option for transport to a destination? Thank you for the Taxi script. Keep up the good work.