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    Campfire hot again ?

    Hi guys I don't understand something at the moment ! I had placed campfires in my mission and I could get close to them like half a meter ! Now I been editing a while and now they are hot again ? 1: how does this happen 2: is there a way to make the fire not hot or extreme hot so I can walk the room in again ? This is in the editor not the game itself yet ! With regards, KillerBee
  2. [lol]clan killer bee

    Campfire hot again ?

    Okay I have been testing it all including the CBA Fireplace an dit all seems not to work. Now I made a new mp trew in there 4 fireplaces and run it mp on the server and now it works fine ! The only thing I can come up with is that there is a old code from the old firepaces somewhere in the old mission that messes up the fireplaces. Anybody has a idea what this might be ? Maybe I need to remove a certain part of code that might make it all work again ? Thank .
  3. [lol]clan killer bee

    Campfire hot again ?

    Well it has been a while I had some time and I still have the issue with the campfire. This is a original small campfire from bis. I have tried it to replace it with the bigger fire ( this by selecting on the small fire the bigger fire , also from bis ). Now when in the editor you can get close and almost can step on them no problem. The problem starts when I save it too mutiplayer and run it on the server. When you get at a distance you do get burned again. Anyone have a solution ? With regards, KillerBee Update: I have removed the campfire fully than save the game and than reopend it and place a new campfire on it. I have resaved it to mp and it still does that burning thing also unchecked the box simulate damge.
  4. So when I already have a excisting unzipped verion on the repository I can zip it now and it gets changed and does get unzipped at the receiving side. Does this mean I have to clean my repo and than upload the zipped version or does this get changedd automatacally ? With regards, KillerBee Ps What zip program is used ?
  5. Hi major shepard, I have a question about the option add compressed zip. I have the whole repo uncompressed as this was the way in the beginning. Later you added the option too the menu to zip or compress the file My question is If I would put the option too compressed to yes is this gonna give problems to the excising file system or does it get removed and than replaced by zip ? What for the end user ? With regards, KillerBee
  6. [lol]clan killer bee

    Paradrop script works chopper stalls and don't move to waypoint

    I found a solution to my problem by someone who told me about this script ! http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25458#comments I had some things changed too from the demo for my mission purpose ! ( not in the script ). As in the demo there are multiple waypoint that make the chopper not fly smooth and choppy. I solved this by removing all the waypoints accept the last one. Made a trigger arround the area were they need to drop and place in the initfield the ejection script ( the one that is in one of the waypoints ). After that sync the trigger to the chopper when the chopper fly over the trigger the script get activated and drop the troops but without slowing down dropping the troops evenly preventing them to get tangled up with each other. All the hoorays go to beerkan's script !
  7. Hi guys been a while and start to make some new missions ! I want a paradrop done and the script I use works accept that for some reason the bloody chopper stalls and doesn't go to the next waypoint ! Anyone any idea why this happends and how to solve this pain in the behind problem ? Use; eject.sqf init of the trigger : [] exec "eject.sqf"; Waypoint is far away and on careless slow speed. Like I said they AI get kicked out it is the chopper that stop moving too the waypoint and start landing and hoovering With regards, KillerBee
  8. [lol]clan killer bee

    Paradrop script works chopper stalls and don't move to waypoint

    I found out that when I'm the leader of the group it it works fine, looks like the AI commander is yepping too the chopper to come back or something like that ! As players it is gonna work but when I want a AI group get paradropped it seems I have a problem still !
  9. [lol]clan killer bee

    para stance on c130

    Thank you for the response but the p1 switchMove "STAND"; didn't work neighter also tried this setunit "up". Weird thing is that the AI does standup straight, it is just when your a player it does go in fly position than lay on his belly. .
  10. [lol]clan killer bee

    para stance on c130

    Hi as I was busy making a mission were I wanted to do a halo ( idea from a a2 mission ) I noticed a problem with the stance ! I added a c130 (CUP) on the ground and placed mine soldiers in there and there standing on the plane. After I selected all and put them on 3km the men are go in a para stance and than standup straight accept the player he lay on his belly. You can stand up and than walk get ammo and jump and you go in the para stance again. My question how to make the soliders and player standing or getup straight instead of laying on the floor ? With regards, KillerBee
  11. I changed the file. I also had island dualla to update in the repository and it works ! was 300 odd mb instead the whole repo. No flickering if the upload indicator. Think that it is a go ! ;)
  12. I just hear from a member of mine clan that CIA also has issues with repository. I hear that I don't know noone from that clan he does.
  13. Yes ! Place something in the tekst file but that is the file ! by filezilla
  14. I did and now what do I run to check if it is been seen ? The download option ?
  15. Any spesif way ? Upload it with arma3 sync or filezilla? If I need to upload it trough upload repository I need to upload the whole repo
  16. Not sure if I understand were to find this option ? Were to check it or change it ? This in the repository tab ? Edit: Think you might ment this ! the edit of the repository says url: http://yah-rly.nl/repo/a3 the one in the upload option says ! ftp://yah-rly.nl/public_html/repo/a3 Hope that you ment this Not a software expert but you have realized that by now :P This is what always have worked so something might be changed or altered with the update ?
  17. Okay I have done the following. I have made a repository on another computer and I had the same problem ( also win 7 64 bit ) After that I have cleaned all the addons place them in another folder look for the folder and let it scan for the addons ( that seemed to work ) I cleared out all the repo data from my webspace and than I ran upload ! This took pretty long but at the end the repo was done and I had the message it was finished. I checked on the webspace and looked okay. After that I ran a check in the repository and that was negative. From this I have a log. I than ran the repository see if the addons were correct with my system and it saw one new update what is correct as this was panthera, so that seems to work ! Here the info out of the log after checking the repo: All the addons worked before so that should be okay. Only thing that had been changed was Panthera. With regards KillerBee
  18. I do get this message failed to read file /.a3s/sync" problem is when I remove and rebuild and with the other machine start fresh it still appears. When I look at the folder there is a .a3s file with in there sync my case 64kb. I don't understand what is causing it been working all great before the update ? I'm totally in the dark at the moment
  19. Did rebuild a new repo on another machine and the same problem ! It seems to get corrupted somehow than screaming about the a3s file. I do use win 7 64 on both machines but don't think this might be the issue. Any idea's or someone else have this problem ?
  20. Weird is that there was a a3s but not error just whole upload again. What is the best solution ? I'm trying now on another machine to make a new repo and rebuilding it. The files on the server are the same at the moment as they are on the repo. Should I rebuild the repository and when done place the a3s from the repo onto the server ?
  21. Ello all ! I seem to have a problem with the uploading of the mods to the webspace this after the last update . It is not that it doesn't do it, it is that is upload the whole repository again instead the new files. I have tried to re upload the whole repo see if this did work but it didn't everytime it wants to upload the whole repo again ? Any ideas what cause this and solve this ? With regards KillerBee PS could it be that in one way the a3s got corrupted ?
  22. [lol]clan killer bee

    How to add extra RscTitles

    Hi guys I need some help with something I'm struggling with . I'm making a mission and in the description.ext I got the following for my .paa Now I wanted to add the REVIVE-Pyschos to my mission, but here starts the problem. One of the lines I need to implement in the discription.ext is the following When I did that I did get the message that is already existed as it does. Sofar I understood it. I have tried to implement the all kinds of ways also in the one I already had no succes ! Got a bunch of errors been busy for 3 days and gave up now kindda. So maybe someone knows how to solve this little pain in the neck issue. With regards, KillerBee
  23. Let me try something first ! Update ! I tried to make another repo with the same setting as the one I use normally only changed the the path of mine were I normally donwload my addons to the the path of the repository ( what I do build). Didn't like that too much so I removed it. Shit down the program and started it again so now only have the normal repository. I pressed on the toolbox and whala there it was ! Can this be a small bug ? Been pressing that button several times before with no result ? Can be that my Pc is just dumb :D . Anyone solved it this way yet ? :rolleyes: Thanks for the help guys most appreciated. Now waiting for building a repo just see there was a update of CUP units waiting for that to get in to build ! :banghead:
  24. Hi guys I had a update trough the arma3sync to the1.5 update6 Everything start and seemed to be normal until I wanted to update some addons and to my surprised I missed 2 icons one was the repository build. I have was running java 8 but never was a problem before I did change it to 7 still no luck , download and reinstall arma3 sync still no luck ! Anyone have any idea what caused the problem and can be solved ? With regards, KillerBee PS also have tried administration no succes. I run win 7 Java7 ( now) Arma3sync 1.5 build6