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  1. 26-03-2024 Size: ~25 MB TOOLS Audio Added: WaveToSSS can now output .wav files (decode .ogg or .wss files) Fixed: WaveToSSS delta8 encoding was introducing an offset into the output file Changed: WSSDecoderGUI now uses WaveToSSS to do decoding Removed: WSSDecoder.exe Binarize Added: Serialization for animated buoyancy geometry Fixed: Binarize was not printing out error messages Publisher Added: Support for Arma 3 Creator DLC: Reaction Forces Steam configuration Changed: Incremented version number to reflect the current stage (1.039.1)
  2. 13-3-2024 EXE rev. 151598 (game) EXE rev. 151600 (Launcher) Size: ~86 MB ENGINE Fixed: The mortar gunner animation desync fix was breaking other get in turret animations - FT-T124694 Fixed: Some UserActionEventHandlers did not trigger when a UI was capturing the keypress - FT-T178835 Added: diag_remainsCollector script command Added: The ability to set individual minPlayerDistance for corpses, wrecks and weapon holders Tweaked: __has_include now also parses macros in its parameter (thank you, Stoney) - FT-T153547
  3. 14-2-2024 EXE rev. 151403 (game) EXE rev. 151405 (Launcher) Size: ~69 MB ENGINE Fixed: Structured Text image tags would lowercase the image path (this caused issues with "uiEx" procedural textures) Tweaked: setMagazineTurretAmmo and magazineTurretAmmo have been improved - FT-T79689 Fixed: Missing instigator parameter in some of the "HandleDamage" events - FT-T178697 Tweaked: getEntityInfo extended with several shotX parameters - FT-T176015 Tweaked: Added additional inventory item type validation for setUnitLoadout when passing an array Changed: Ultrawide is now the default for high aspect ratio screens (instead of triple-head) Added: "Restart required" dialog when changing aspect ratio's triple-head state Fixed: Instigator parameter was not broadcast in events - FT-T178958 Tweaked: shotInstigator parameter added to "HitPart", "AmmoHit", "HitExplosion", and "OnFlare" events - FT-T178958 Fixed: Eden Editor search could throw config errors when filtering while using modded compositions Fixed: create3DENComposition did not support modded compositions - FT-T178959 Fixed: setShotParents did not work as expected - FT-T178977 Fixed: "OnUserSelectedPlayer" event was returning a null player - FT-T179027 Added: ignoreTarget script command - FT-T178693, FT-T178591 Tweaked: Improved allPlayers script command on servers - FT-T166966 Added: Diagnostics binary command diag_SQFCDebugDump
  4. 2.14.151229 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v12, server and client, windows 32/64-bit, linux server 32/64-bit - Reverted: Fix for player getting desynced after hitting a rotor - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126837 If you don't want to use the Steam branch, the files are also available for alternative download here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15p9j7C2nHUt6NoVfChX4YFuqzFXzblJh
  5. 04-05-2023 Size: ~21 MB TOOLS Binarize Added: Support for ui/uiEx/text Procedural Texture sources Added: Error messages for common issues (whitespace in named properties, local file path in texture/material, duplicate shadowBuffer LOD) Work Drive Added: Data extraction of TacOps Mission Pack and Contact expansion Steam configuration Changed: Incremented version number to reflect the current stage (1.035.1)
  6. 19-4-2023 EXE rev. 150515 (Game) EXE rev. 150515 (Launcher) Size: ~66 MB ENGINE Added: getPilotCameraOpticsMode and setPilotCameraOpticsMode script commands - FT-T169615 Added: Alternative syntaxes for createVehicleCrew - FT-T171324 Tweaked: UI to Texture now supports mipmaps - FT-T170799 Tweaked: Reverted fix for slider Control position changes not triggering "SliderPosChanged" Event Handler Added: "UIEx" Procedural texture source (UI to Texture with more functionality) - FT-T171238 Fixed: setMarkerDrawPriority was not always working correctly - FT-T171059 Added: "SlotItemChanged" inventory Event Handler - FT-T171418 Added: Alternative syntax for assignedItems and removeAllAssignedItems - FT-T171418 Tweaked: Multiple different UI to Texture textures now share the same underlying display if displayClass and uniqueName are the same Fixed: createLocation did not accept Object as parameter Tweaked: arrayIntersect now keeps the order of the left argument Tweaked: Improved performance of nular commands and variables (was in a previous change log, but not enabled until now) - FT-T123419 Added: Experimental script performance optimization "short-circuiting" (See the #dev_rc_branch channel in the Arma 3 Discord for details) Fixed: enableWeaponDisassembly effects were not correctly synced in multiplayer - FT-T171651 Added: weaponDisassemblyEnabled script command
  7. 2.12.150330 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v0, server and client, windows 32/64-bit, linux server 32/64-bit - Sync with 2.12 main branch update - Previous Profiling branch exclusive improvements are still present If you don't want to use the Steam branch, the files are also available for alternative download here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15p9j7C2nHUt6NoVfChX4YFuqzFXzblJh
  8. 03-08-2022 EXE rev. 149760 (game) EXE rev. 149760 (Launcher) Size: ~75MB ENGINE Fixed: Buildings' allowDamage state was not reset on mission change - FT-T166527 Fixed: nearestObjects class name check did not work on "Ammo" - FT-T166472 Fixed: cutRsc would first call "onLoad" and then "onUnload" Event Handler if an existing display was replaced (order is now Unload/Load) - FT-T78917 Fixed: closeDisplay on a cutRsc effect would not remove the effect - FT-T78917 Added: getEventHandlerInfo support for "Group"/"Ammo" events - FT-T166230 Added: getEventHandlerInfo support for "Display"/"Control" events - FT-T166230 Fixed: "BuildingChanged" Event Handler was firing on building damage - FT-T166632 Fixed: Floating dead bodies above destroyed tents - FT-T63050 Tweaked: "BuildingChanged" Event Handler is now also triggering for destroyed tents and walls Tweaked: Added optional instigator parameter to setHit, setHitIndex, setHitPointDamage Tweaked: Added optional killer and instigator parameters to setDamage (the MP restrictions are similar to setShotParents) Fixed: setDamage useEffects option did not work on trees, walls, and tents Tweaked: Added ability to influence the fall direction of a tree, pole, or wall Tweaked: Added negative index support (Python-like) to select and set commands - FT-T166810 Added: freeExtension script command to Dev-Branch Fixed: "Unknown attribute itemsCmd" error - FT-T166881 Tweaked: Added RVExtensionContext method to callExtension implementation - FT-T165723
  9. NeilZar

    Arma Zeus Cache

    Still happens in the latest version on 10/11/19 at 18:06GMT+1. If a faction didn't show up in the search, resetting the search won't bring the faction back. Need to start a new search to get everything back. As an example, searching for "1" in the BLUFOR unit tree leaves me with just the NATO factions in base game. Can also confirm, entering a space and then deleting it with backspace fixes the issue. Backspace has always worked for me in the text field. *EDIT* To confirm, steam DID update to the 10/11/19 17:22 update.
  10. NeilZar

    Arma Zeus Cache

    Found an issue with the search. When I search for something that doesn't exist, the tree remains empty after clearing the search bar in one go. Issue remains on reloading the interface and restarting the mission. Searching again for something returns the tree. https://i.gyazo.com/cd4a3d80bd0a446f26a5d111ad3c9b34.mp4 Similar to this issue; if the search bar empties and a faction didn't show up in the last search it will be removed from the tree. *EDIT* < This issue happens sometimes, not everytime.
  11. NeilZar

    Arma Zeus Cache

    In my experience, it is not loading the interface but assigning a Game Master module to a player. At least, that is the only time our server hangs related to Zeus.
  12. Getting the following error in our server logs: Error in expression <if (isPlayer(driver _this # 0)) exitWith {}; (_this #> Error position: <driver _this # 0)) exitWith {}; (_this #> Error driver: Type Array, expected Object I don't know where the error is coming from as there is no filename, but it would be fixed by fixing the if statement like this: isPlayer (driver (_this # 0)) Not sure if you have an issue tracker somewhere, couldn't find a link.
  13. I just checked out the mod and noticed that the mod overwrites more than half of the font definitions in the configs, why? I don't see why this mod should need to change the fonts.
  14. So I have noticed an issue with the RHS compats, they cause a lot of RPT spam for the reloading sounds. I don't allow the JSRS reloading sounds mod on our server, and it is only the RHS weapons that cause issues. The NIA one doesn't seem to be causing any issues.
  15. NeilZar

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I don't know either, the only picture I was able to find was of a mod that adds the GSTAVO's M16A2 to the HIDF loadout through configs