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  1. zapperguy

    co10 Escape

    Are there any plans for officially ported versions on Livonia and Weferlingen? I tried modding one from a different island to Livonia myself, and the rubber-banding makes it unplayable.
  2. You were indeed correct. The third person with access to our server (and curiously enough, the only one not trying to fix it) managed to put all of the old CBA files into the @isladuala folder, even the optionals were there. SMH. Thank you guys for your prompt replies and assistance sorting this.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Today I downloaded the latest official version from Github, deleted the whole CBA folder and it's key from the server, and replaced it with the one I just got. We are still getting the same Level4 version mismatch error saying we have the current version, and the server has the one from last fall. Is there somewhere our server could be caching an old version? We've used CBA for years and never run into this. Really stumped.
  4. I'm working (unsuccessfully) with J-Gaz on this. Hmmm we updated through STEAM and used the newest files for our server. Not sure why it would find a version mismatch. Considering what you said about the version, Dedmen, all of our pbo files look normal, but the bisigns look like this: cba_accessory.pbo.cba_3.9.1.181229-cc913854.bisign What is the -cc913854 part referencing? Could that be why we're getting a version mismatch? Also what is the Level:4 that is part of the error message we are getting? Thanks
  5. Time to figure this one out BIS. I think nearly 2 decades and 4 titles is long enough for this bug. Thanks for the effort, Rozek!
  6. Can this be uninstalled to roll back to 1.99?
  7. zapperguy

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    I support this idea and hope BIS has some nostalgic people there as well.
  8. zapperguy

    [WIP] Video Streaming Mod

    This whole concept is brilliant. I made a mission in ARMA2 using encoded video you could display on the little cell phone, but the video had to be very compressed to keep the mission size from exploding. Using an outside source in an already online game is a very good idea. Now we need a modeler to come up with a theater with seats you "board" so that only your head swivels as in a vehicle. Then you could watch a movie and look around at who else is in the theater with you. Come on addon-makers ARMA3 needs a cinemaplex please.:popcornsmilie:
  9. Thanks again IceBreakr for the hard work you've obviously put into this. Now that it's on the Six, we have it on our clan's dedicated server. :D What we did note is that our server went from being green (for those with our addons) to a yellow '?' Is that related to a key that needs tweaking or do you anticipate that it will be resolved with the final update of the island itself? Thanks again.
  10. Great work as usual IceBreakr! :D I do believe you have outdone BIS with this one. Any idea when this will find its way onto Six Updater?
  11. I thought he was referring to making a recalcitrant teammate get into a vehicle so the mission could proceed. Either way I'm not sure how you'd script it.
  12. zapperguy

    Ovaron Island

    Thank you Commander! Merry Christmas & Happy Festivus!
  13. zapperguy

    Ovaron Island

  14. zapperguy

    [CAMP] Bastard Squad

    You will usually get those errors if you are loading addons (eg CBA, ACE, etc). Start your game with no addons (vanilla) and it is error-free.:)