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  1. I thought this was probably an appropriate day to start posting these. Over the next few weeks I'm hopefully going to post some of my scripts from ArmA2 that I have converted to work with ArmA3. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** 1. Revive (version 0.61): http://www.norrin.org/norrin/ArmA3/portedScripts/Revive/Revive_4_ArmA3_v061.7z (ArmA3 Release Compatible) I've had a couple of people request this so the old dinosaur is back. Its essentially the old ArmA2 Revive v05 ported to work in ArmA3. Its still a mess of code but as far as I can tell it seems to be working OK after the changes I have made. In the archive is the old readMe and howTo, the only difference is if you want to use the "respawn at base add weapons" option then the format of the array is different and currently undocumented in the readMe - I'll get around to updating it some day. Make sure you check the Thank yous in the readMe as they still apply. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** 2. Aerial Taxi (version 0.2): http://norrin.org/norrin/ArmA3/portedScripts/AerialTaxi/aerialTaxi_v02.7z This suite of scripts allows you to jump on an AI piloted chopper and then command it to fly to a map point where it will land and you can disembark. The chopper will then return to base and refuel, where upon it can be commanded to extract you from another map click position selected by the player. They also allow for the possibility of an armed gunship escort for the taxi chopper. Once again the readMe that explains how it works is in the downloadable archive. My advice is to call the extraction chopper to the open area just in front of where you start the test mission. Then fire up the camera and watch the escort do its job before boarding the Taxi. Note both choppers and their crew have had their ability to be damaged disabled in the init.sqf in the test mission. To use the camera scripts: 1. Start the camera in the action menu. 2. The "A" and "D" keys allow you to switch between camera targets. 3. The "W" and "S" keys allow you to switch between camera types - note: that for the "Top Down" Cam the mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out and for the free camera you can use the right mouse button and the mouse wheel to rotate and zoom around your object of interest. Make sure you press near the centre of the screen to rotate the camera - press left of the centre and the cam will rotate to the left and if you press right of centre it rotates right, it works in a similar way for moving the camera up and down. 4. To go back into playable mode just press the "esc" key and the camera will stop. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** 3. Convoy (version 0.2): http://www.norrin.org/norrin/ArmA3/portedScripts/Convoy/norrn_convoy_v02.Stratis.7z (ArmA3 Release Compatible) These scripts are designed to allow you to set up a simple road convoy that will stay in formation. If the convoy is attacked the foot units will dismount and will engage the attackers. Gunners will remain in their vehicles and will also defend the convoy. There is an option in the script call that allows you to restart the convoy once the encounter is over ie. any remaining units will mount their respective vehicles and continue on their way. As always read the readMe in the archive for notes on how to implement the scripts in your own missions Due to the paucity of vehicles in the Alpha the scripts have only been tested with the available hunter and ifrit vehicles. They will also work for quad bikes just be aware that the convoy will travel more slowly and makes sure you do not put a quadbike as the final vehicle in the convoy (unless its a convoy of quads :)) Note the test mission contains the same camera scripts as the aerial taxi script above. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** Let me know if you run into any probs. I think I'm done for the time being as due to the frequent update schedule of the alpha, scripts that work one day don't work the next and I think it is better to wait until at-least the beta arrives before I waste too much more time playing catch-up with the changes. norrin
  2. @.kju - I'm also amazed by what you and your team have achieved with the IF conversion since way back in those early days many moons ago. This mod makes it so tempting to dip my toe back into the ArmAverse. Keep up your fantastic work, norrin 🙂
  3. Description This simple system of scripts allows you to jump on an AI piloted chopper and then command it to fly to a map point where it will land and you can disembark. The chopper will then return to base and refuel, where upon it can be commanded to extract you from another map click position selected by the player. Not really sure where to post this as a version of this script originally appeared in the DB_NorrN fastrope addon thread. Anyway some time ago I promised to make these scripts stand alone. Download: http://norrin.org/downloads/OA/HeliTaxi/NORRN_aerialTaxi061.utes.rar (The revised readme is in the mission folder) License These scripts are not to be used for commercial purposes or to be modified without the author's prior consent Tested Version 1.57 Combined Operations Should be both MP (both dedicated and local server) and SP compatible How it works: i. When a player group leader gets in the chopper in a cargo position an action appears to set the chopper land destination (chopper will land at this point). ii. Use the action and then a prompt appears to click on the map to set your destination. iii. The chopper will commence taking off – during the journey to the destination the player commander will be given an action to cancel the destination – if a player chooses this option the chopper goes into a holding pattern and the player can choose a new destination or return to base. iv. Once the destination is reached the chopper will land at the point designated and will remain there with the engines running until the "all clear" action is given. This will give you plenty of time (if needed) to unload the chopper get gear etc. Once the all clear is given the chopper will automatically return to base. v. The chopper will then return to base and refuel. After a few seconds an action will appear for the player group leader to set an extraction point. vi. If this option is chosen the player will need to click on the map to identify a safe location for an extraction site. The chopper will then proceed to this location. Note: this location has to be relatively flat and away from trees and powerlines etc otherwise the chopper will be damaged as it lands and you’ll end up being stuck there. vii. Once the chopper lands it will remain there (with engine running) until the all clear is given. viii. The chopper then lifts off and actions appear in the player group leader’s action list giving the player the option to return to base, set a new destination. Check the readMe in the download for more info. Should work with any of the choppers, although I haven't tested the CH47 yet. To add to your mission: (Please check the readMe.txt file in the latest version as this has changed again) 1. Copy the "scripts" folder that contains the "heloGoto" sub-folder folder from the example mission into your mission folder. If you already have a "scripts" folder in your mission then just copy the "heloGoTo" subfolder in to it. 2. Create an AI crewed chopper in the editor and name it in the editor eg. slick1. Make sure its initial start position is somewhere relatively open - to reduce the possibility of accidental crashing. 3. In the init line of the chopper or in the init.sqf put null = [slick1] execVM "scripts\heloGoTo\heloGoTo_init.sqf"; where: slick1 is the name given to the chopper in the editor 4.If you want to have the ability to call for extraction from mission start (ie. without having used the chopper to get to some location) make sure in the init.sqf file you put some code like: player setVariable ["NORRN_taxiHeli", slick1, true]; where: player - is player or the name given to the playable unit in the editor slick1 - is the name given to the chopper in the editor NB: only one chopper can be defined as the extraction chopper in the init.sqf 5. The aerial taxis will respawn by default if they crash mid-mission - to switch the respawn functionality off in the init.sqf put NORRN_aerialTaxiRespawnOff = true; 6. If starting in a taxi chopper the player leader by default gets the actions to set destination Ideas for use Using this system you can now use a chopper to taxi you around the map or for tactical resupply etc and for those of you who use the revive script but only with the option to revive at base then this system can be used for MedEVAC. Changes 0.61 * Fixed missing option to set chopper destination at start-up 0.6 * Improved/fixed escort behaviour (escort will now disengage, return to base and land) * Further code optimisations to whole script suite * Added two new global variables: NORRN_FR_keepOldCrew = true; NORRN_FR_keepOldHeli = true; Set these vars to true in the init.sqf if you do not want the downed chopper or chopper crew deleted when a new slick/escort respawns * Camera code improved: (1) Will now get the camera action regardless of whether you're in a vehicle or on foot. (2) If you specify a unit in the code that calls the camera eg. [s1]execVM "NORRN_cam\start_cam.sqf"; Only this unit will get the option to use the camera in game, otherwise all players get camera option * The camera code has been improved/optimised 0.4 * Added the escort gunship option to the scripts * Numerous fixes - replaced almost all waitUntil commands with while, further fixes to dedicated server compatibility and chopper respawning code 0.2 * Fixed implementation for OA 1.57 and betas 0.1 (1.07) * Removed the fast-rope option - script now acts as a general aerial taxi script with any chopper * Added PublicVariable eventhandlers to reduce the need for setVehicle inits, therefore, reducing network traffic and JIP load
  4. AI COMPATIBLE MP FAST ROPE FOR ARMA2 (beta 0.10) JANUARY 2012 Addon created and compiled by: norrin and DeanosBeano Scripts and config by: norrin and DeanosBeano Here's the new version of the addon: http://www.norrin.org/downloads/OA/fastRope/norrn_dbo_fastrope_ver10.rar Make sure you check the instructions for use in the archive as a few things have changed and been added (see below) and you may need to make some small changes to your missions to avoid errors with the latest version: Fixes version 0.10, 16/01/11 - Some “\†were missing from the script paths in the addon - Also added a wait statement so that the fast-roping choppers should not egress prior to deploying ropes. Fixes and additions version 0.9, 14/10/11 - fixed some units not descending rope - fixed ropes not detaching from choppers - added distance move away from rope variable for AI insertions (default distance is 5) - fast roping is now possible from BAF Merlin - fixed bug in AI choppers moving away from insertion point using a script - added chopper taxi scripts to addon - changed departing waypoint to sqf - Added init variables to give the option of not deleting crew downed chopper if it is allowed to respawn NORRN_FR_keepOldCrew NORRN_FR_keepOldHeli default is false ie. chopper and crew will be deleted when new taxi is respawned - added more precompiled functions to the taxi scripts - further optimisation made to the Land_destination and Extraxtion_destination scripts. - made all local vaiables "private" to locally running scripts - should reduce the possibility of misdefinition of local var values - chopper moveAway scripts for AI piloted fast-roping must now be in sqf format Movie - short movie of the latest version of the script showing AI descending ropes deployed by an AI pilot Description Gives the default ArmA2 MH60, UH1 and MV-22 the potential to insert units using animated fast ropes 1. Allows an AI pilot to move to a waypoint and then AI and player automatically rappel to the ground once the fast ropes are deployed. 2. Allows player pilots to fast rope AI units at their whim. 3. If a player is in a cargo postion then he will get an option to deploy fastropes from a stationary chopper, he will also get an option to descend ropes Thanks to: Rope adapted from: DeanosBeano Rope animations courtesy of: da12thMonkey and deanosbeano Coding ideas: OFP fast rope script, Geloxo's handy tools addon, BAS, norrin, DeanosBeano and Rocko License: this addon is not to be used for commercial purposes. The archive contains: * Fast rope addon that contains the rope and the fast rope script (Just use something like @norrn_dbo_fastrope folder to create a mod-folder as you would in ArmA). * Signature files *An example mission on utes that shows fast rope insertions, which you can view from a number of different perspectives. General Instructions for use: 1. To avoid the annoying addon missing pop-up make sure you edit the mission file to include the fastrope addon eg in the test mission the addOns[]= { "CAAir", "utes", "cacharacters2", "CAAir2_UH1Y", "norrn_dbo_fastrope" }; Instructions for use by AI pilots 1. add to act line of chopper waypoint: nul = [chop1, 1, 25, "move1.sqs"] execVM "\norrn_dbo_fastrope\scripts\fast_rope_AI_pilot.sqf"; where: a is the name of the helicopter; b Option (0 or 1) to give players the choice of when to descend fastropes - 0 - players are ejected automatically when ropes are deployed - 1- players get and action giving them the choice of when to descend the ropes - NB - if an AI unit is piloting the chopper then it will automatically cut the ropes after a period of time so if you are given the choice to descend ropes don't muck around or you'll miss the chance - best to use this option in connection with a player pilot. c is the override timer - the mission maker can now set how long he wants the AI pilot to deploy ropes, 20 - 25 seconds is ample for 8 units; and d is the chopper waypoint script that is activated after fast roping is complete eg. [chop1, 1, 25, "move1.sqs"] 2. make sure for the last waypoint that the chopper's behaviour is set to "careless" and speed "limited" and flyIn Height <= 35 3. name the chopper 4. make sure all fast roping units are grouped 5. You may need to place the WP move waypoint that activates the fastrope script a few metres ahead of where they actually fast-rope (make sure you check your mission to see where it happens, the good thing is as far as I can tell they fast-rope at the same spot whether they are on a local or a dedicated server). Instructions for use by player pilots 1. nul = [this, b] execVM "\norrn_dbo_fastrope\scripts\fastRope_playerPilotInit.sqf"; where: b Option (0 or 1) to give players the choice of when to descend fastropes - 0 - players are ejected automatically when ropes are deployed - 1- players get and action giving them the choice of when to descend the ropes - NB - if an AI unit is piloting the chopper then it will automatically cut the ropes after a period of time so if you are given the choice to descend ropes don't muck around or you'll miss the chance - best to use this option in connection with a player pilot. eg. [this, b] 2. name the chopper To get fast rope action when piloting a chopper 1. Make sure height is between 10 and 35 metres (approx 120 feet) 2. Reduce speed to less than 2 and more than -2 ie. it might help to engage the auto-hover function when doing this 3. Then depending on whether you have either players or AI in the cargo the follwoing will happen: * If the cargo only contains AI units the player pilot will get the option to fastrope * Group leaders (player) should be able to deploy the rope for fastroping if they are in cargo space. * Group leaders entering the aircraft will always override the pilots ability to deploy the rope. * A groupleader in a gunner seat will NOT be able to deploy the rope. He has to be in cargo space. * Same applies for group members that choose a gunner seat instead of a cargo seat. 4. Depending on option b (see above) Ai willautomatically fastrope or players will get an option to descend ropes 5. When the fast ropes are deployed the pilot gets an "abort fast rope" action in your action menu this will drop the rope and allow you to move off immediately - just be careful if you engage this action as anyone on the ropes will most likely fall to their death. If you do abort the ropes, still have cargo units aboard it is possible to fast rope the remaining units in a safer locale. Known Issues * If scripting waypoints using addWaypoint command to add WPs to an AI chopper's flight path (ie. not using editor added waypoints) make sure you set the choppers behaviour to "careless" and speed "limited" for the fast rope waypoint otherwise the chopper may not stop. * A player's avatar sometimes disappears when facing certain directions (normally due north) after fast roping and reaching the ground - this does not always occur and never happens when testing on my lap-top PC (only my desk-top) or to fast-roping AI units. When this occurs if you turn a bit to the left or right the player's avatar will reappear but it will disappear again when you face north. Getting in and out of a vehicle will fix this bug. I'm not sure why this is occurring and it may be related to the direction in which the player disembarks the rope or possibly my graphics card (ATI on laptop and Nvidia on desktop). If anybody does try this can they please let me know if they run into any other issues or the ones listed above as this may help me track down exactly why they are occurring or if you're having trouble implementing the addon or have any suggestions please contact me at norrin@iinet.net.au. Version History beta0.1 initial release - unanimated ropes - single rope beta0.2 Dual rope fast-roping included beta 0.3 Animated ropes, increased functionality beta 0.4 Fixed, if fast ropes were released by a player pilot while units were still roping only one rope would detach and fall to the ground and the other would remain attached. beta 0.5 Fixed incompatability with ADuke's Black Hawk Down helo pack Over-ride timer now included for AI pilots fast roping units - fixes dropping of ropes by AI pilots before all units have fast roped beta 0.6 Added ability to fast rope from Mi-24 beta 0.7 Player passenger deploying ropes on a dedicated server bug identified by Nemorz Other addons that have the fast rope addon pre-incorporated: ADukes fantastic HH60g and MH60K "Black Hawk Down" Helo Pack: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7356
  5. norrin

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    Version 4.0 is out and in my opinion the graphics and immersion have come on in leaps and bounds, plus all of the crew stations on my old favourite the M60a3 are now accurately modelled. If I could just get an M60a1 RISE with Passive armour I'll be in tank heaven. Something about Steel Beasts Pro, be it the UI or the new top down view in version 4.0, makes controlling small combined arms groups really intuitive and exciting - the new view almost adds an RTS aspect to the sim although with much higher functionality when it comes to on-the-fly waypoint behaviour and individual unit tactics. Its never going to better ArmA when it comes to infantry simulation but the improvements in this area of Steel Beasts over the last few years have been fairly staggering. Here's a pic I posted on the SB forum a couple of days ago showing off version 4.0, albeit with some help from Reshade v 2.0.
  6. Description This package of scripts creates playable units that fall unconcious when killed, which can then be revived. Enabling the ability to revive and heal other players, along with the combination of revive and respawn can really enrich your mission. The scripts can be used to enforce co-operation between players as you'll need to stick together and help one another to successfully complete a mission and they can also be used to limit the number of lives given to each player in respawn missions. These canned scripts take the guess work out of building respawn and revive into your mission. Download http://home.iprimus.com.au/simonnsl/revive/revive050_OA.rar (Version 0.50 - Can be used in SP or MP missions with AI enabled or disabled for Operation Arrowhead or Combined Operations) If by contrast you are using vanilla ArmA2 then you'll need this version of the revive scripts:http://norrin.org/downloads/ArmA2/revive/AI_enabled/Revive_TEST_042.utes.rar Implementation notes and credits are now contained in the PDF file in the download. Simple Revive Mission: http://www.norrin.org/downloads/ArmA2/revive/AI_enabled/missions/Deep_in_the_Woods_02h.Chernarus.pbo (so you can see what these scripts do in a combat situation - uses a much older version of the revive scripts - to be updated). There's also a PvP template for 2 sides that was kindly posted by Le Culto available here: http://norrin.org/downloads/ArmA2/revive/pvp/test_revive_pvp.Chernarus.rar - this also uses an older version of the script (0.3f) but it can be used as a guide on how to set up PvP revive missions using the latest version (to be updated) What does the revive script do? In its most basic form the revive script offers an alternative to the built in respawn function provided by BIS - it only works in MP missions. Essentially when a player is killed rather than dying and respawning at base he falls unconscious where he was shot and then he can be revived by another player and start from where he was killed, with the same weapons and ammo he was carrying. While the player is lying unconscious waiting to be revived he can spectate any of the other units in his team using a range of cameras. The script is designed to enforce team play as the only way you 're going to respawn is if some one comes to you aid. You can see an old video showing (from 2 and a half years ago) showing this basic functionality here: - mind you it’s a lot more refined than this now eg. additional camera functionality amongst other things.Now that's the script in its simplest form but there are a myriad of additional options. These include but are not limited to: * Can enforce a set number of lives per player before he is declared dead outright * Enable a revive time which if it elapses results in (your choice of) player death, automatic respawn at base or the players choice of multiple respawn points * You can limit who can revive, for instance may specify that only medics can revive. * Unconscious bodies can be dragged and carried, loaded onto vehicles and taken to specified CASEVAC points to be revived. * Bleeding and bandages can be enabled - when damage reaches a certain level a unit starts bleeding - this can be stopped with bandages, if bandaging does not occur bleeding can cause unconsciousness - it also causes temporary black-outs * You can also designate the number of revive packs a player carries so that he may only be able to revive lets say 3 players before he has to restock at a MASH tent * Possiblity of a mobile respawn point, either player or vehicle based * The scripts are playable AI compatible and there are options so that playable AI automatically move to and revive unconscious team mates or only come to the aid of a player if he calls for help (an option to the player while unconscious) - or if sent by the team leader to help another player or unit. * If using AI you can specify that the AI throw smoke when attempting to revive as well as have a second AI unit provide cover while the other revives. etc etc. * Revived units can be given damage so that they are not a full health once the regain consciousness. Using these options, the basic game play of ArmA2 can be made easier or a hell of a lot harder - most importantly they will hopefully enforce team play in the MP environment. Possible fixes * Updated for ArmA 2 v1.04 parameters * Multiple fixes for alternate unconscious animations * AI not reviving units * Serialisation errors which occurred while trying to respawn at occupied bases * Dialog report errors * Multiple appearance of drag and revive options * Drag action not working when using a secondary item - note if you attempt to drag while using a launcher (eg M136) you'll assume the drag position but won't be able to move until you switch to your primary weapon * When all lives are expended the scripts now deal with death properly - for the time being you can't use Kegetys' Spectator cam as it causes a crash to desktop so make sure you leave _kegetys_spectator set to 0 - I'll start work on my own simpler spectator cam for death. * Respawn at base without weapons - added a 2 second wait before these are defined so if you are giving units an alternate load-out at mission start please make sure it occurs quickly after mission initialisation * Fixed the “You’re dead†dialog zooming on respawn points * Hopefully, fixed lag when many players are unconscious * Fixed loading wounded action on a dedicated server * The long unconscious camera panning that was causing crashes has been removed Known Issues * Report error relating to name of dead unit - you'll have to live with this I'm afraid as I haven't found another solution for this yet * Reported problem with the mobile respawn tent disappearing - I haven't been able to replicate this bug yet so please let me know if you come across it and let me know what happened prior to it occurring Please let me know if you are still having issues with any of the proposed fixes New Features * New animations * Respawn on the carrier or in a chopper * Turn revive off as a parameter in missions * Limit the number of lives for players who JIP * Chance of death - risk based on the number of times you've been revived and the location of the hit * Make units wait if they respawn at base * You can now drag unconscious units to vehicles with empty cargo spaces and load them onboard, once they are loaded you can unload them - as this is new if you try it let me know how you get on - units can only be loaded if they are being dragged (not carried) * PDF file containing implementation notes, credits and explanation of features * Players can drag and carry the bodies of unconscious players and playable AI - units must be dragged before the carry action appears * CASEVAC system so that units can be taken to a hospital etc to be revived, needs to be an array eg. [0] not used or [1, ["MASH"]]; the second internal array ["MASH"] represents the type of object at which you'd like the units to automatically revive, note: you can put a list of objects here. * Spectator_cam after death - now there's an option so that the screen turns black or a unit can spectate other friendly units when it has run out of lives - currently using a simple spectator script (see readMe for more details). * You can specify an additional class which can have more medpacks or bandages than the standard unit - Can only be used in conjunction with medpacks and bleeding. * Can limit the number of revive kits per unit * Can make units bleed and require bandages * Medical items can be obtained by players by going up to a MASH tent and using the "Take medical supplies" action. Playable AI are automatically resupplied if they are within 5 metres of a MASH tent. Also for the time being playable AI do not bandage themselves so you'll have to take care of them * reward_function - Bonus lives for reviving other units * team kill function - Lose lives for killing team mates Future plans Here's what I'm planning on adding above and beyond the original scripts: 1. Additional side support - units that can revive, can be revived, enemy sides etc 2. Option to disable revive in missions and use normal base spawning instead 3. Ability to rejoin perpetual server missions at the position and with the same gear etc you left the mission with 4. MEDIVAC system Finally, many thanks to all of you for testing :)
  7. Don't worry kju has been patiently negotiating with AWAR, Deep Silver and BI for many, many months now to allow this project to proceed and for that we are truly grateful. Thanks must also be given to all the other parties involved as well for allowing this to become reality.
  8. // convoyDefend.sqf // © MARCH 2010 - norrin Description: This is a script that improves the convoy behaviour of AI controlled vehicles. W0lle asked me to write it for him a few days back and suggested I post it here as he thought others might benefit. readMe Thanks to W0lle for the idea behind this one Download: http://norrin.org/downloads/ArmA2/convoy/convoy_test.utes.rar To use: 1. Add the code from the init.sqf into your mission init.sqf 2. copy the convoyDefend folder from the test mission into your mission directory. 3. Create a convoy of AI vehicles, not grouped, spaced about 40 metres apart along a road, make sure each vehicle is named in the editor 4. Add markers on the map that you want the convoy to move through. Note the number of these required depend on the straightness of the road. Tanks in particular are notorious for going cross country so you may need a few more of these if there are tanks in the convoy. You may also want to increase the skill of the AI vehicles as this may help their path finding. Finally, W0lle tells me that the convoys don't like crossing bridges so you may want to avoid these. Its also a good idea to fly the convoy route with the convoy to check that you don't need extra moveTo markers The parameters in the script-call are: 1. An array of convoy route markers eg. ["pos1","pos2","pos3","pos4"] 2. An array that contains the names of the vehicles in the convoy eg. [c1,c2,c3,c4,c5,c6] *If you destroy any of the vehicles in the convoy, then the other vehicles will stop and all units on board except the gunners will disembark and assume combat behaviour. * Theoretically you can have a convoy of any size you like but its only been checked for a convoy of up to 8 vehicles. License: These scripts are not to be altered or used for commercial purposes without the author's prior consent. @W0lle - if you see this mate this is an updated version of the script that allows you to define multiple convoy route markers, which improves convoy behaviour, especially on windy roads.
  9. Description: A small CQB addon that simulates rifle collision behaviour and auto lowers a player's rifle when he is up against and facing a wall. Once the player's view is no longer obstructed the player auto raises his weapon to his shoulder. This makes navigating tight enclosed spaces much easier and is ideal for room/building clearing operations. The addon contains custom animations and collision geometry and requires the CBA addon. Download: http://www.norrin.org/norrin/ArmA3/addons/rflOcc/rflOcc_v05/norrn_rflOcc_v05.rar (version 0.5 with BiSign and BiKeys) Included .pbo files: norrn_rflocc Requirements: Extended eventhandlers from ArmA3 CBA, which are available here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147535-CBA-Community-Base-Addons-ARMA-3-Alpha Terms of Use: All files included in this addon are the property of the original author. These files are for ArmA3 only and are not to be ported into any game including any variation of the ArmA series without permission. No files are to be modified or used without permission from norrin. This includes all animations, scripts and configs. This addon is not to be used for commercial or military purposes without the authors' prior consent. Credits & Thanks: @PvP - Thanks for the original idea and all your help and suggestions mate. Known bugs: Need to add checks for the new stance anims: aadpercmstpsraswrfldup, aadpercmstpsraswrflddown,aadpknlmstpsraswrfldup,aa dpknlmstpsraswrflddown Other thoughts: * As far as I can tell this addon causes no report file errors. * The custom weapon-lowered animations appear to intergrate well with the ArmA3 idle animations. * This may be of interest to other addon makers - I had to remove the following entries from the class OFP2_ManSkeleton in the default ArmA2 model.cfg: Releases Version 0.1 - initial release (060313) Version 0.2 - fixed the animation stuttering when moving into obstruction and strafing along obstruction etc. (070313) Version 0.3 - (130313) * Fixed transition from standing to kneeling while the weapon is lowered. * Cleaned up the config.cpp. * Speeded up transitions between weapon raised and weapon lowered. * Weapons are no longer lowered by trees or bushes * Added weapon length variable based on weapon class i.e. the shorter the weapon the closer you can get to an object before your weapon is lowered. * Offset obstruction line-of-sight to be in line with the player's rifle rather than their eye position. * Greatly reduced the likelihood of glitching. Version 0.4 - (140313) * If you now lean out from cover while the weapon is lowered and your rifle clears the obstruction then you will auto-raise your weapon. See first post for download. Version 0.5 - (180313) * Corrected bug that occurred when identifying some obstructing objects, for instance temporary hangers etc will now correctly cause the player to auto lower his rifle. * Narrow objects, less that 5 cm wide no longer cause you to auto lower your rifle - fixes twitching when strafing along iron fences etc. * Refined height definitions - fixes bug identified by Byrgesen with small barracks and Hesco barriers etc.
  10. The convoy script is now compatible with the current developer build of ArmA3 (1.05111581). This was an easy one to fix - only one undefined variable I could find in the cam script and just needed to update the class names in the mission. See first post for download details. @Vegeance1 - hiya mate :) norrin
  11. I had a few moments this morning so fixed a few more undefined variables (including the one you mention) and made sure that the bandage action works, by the way dev build bug reports are fine. Note: bandaging is for stopping bleeding which is an option/feature of these scripts and does not heal damage so the unit you bandage will still be covered in blood. See first post for download details. @Foxhound - thanks for the mirror mate.
  12. Thanks for the bug reports, I'll update to the latest dev build on the weekend as I've noticed that there's been several hundred megs of updates since I updated a week or so ago and I'll see if I can track down the problems. @Phantom - glad to hear you've got the first problem sorted, I must admit due to my time constraints at the moment I didn't check whether the bandage code was working so I'll sort that out over the weekend or early next week. I'll also update the _medVclArray. In future can you please let me know what build and version you're using 'cause the nice people at BIS are making updates faster than I can change the code. @R.Flagg - Can you please make sure that there are no enemies near _Base_1 or that you have accidentally left the mobile spawn option enabled. If this isn't the problem maybe post your entire revive_init.sqf so I can check whether there are any conflicting entries as this was working fine in my tests or maybe pm me a link to your mission so I can track down the bug. Once this is sorted I'll start on the Chopper Taxi and the convoy scripts. Thanks again for your bug reports. Cheers, norrin
  13. Hopefully, I've fixed all the undefined variable errors and a few other bits and pieces to boot so the revive should be compatible with the ArmA3 release. See the first post for download details. Of course let me know if you run into any probs. norrin
  14. Hi guys, I've been away from the forums for some time. All the converted scripts were set-up for the alpha release. Since then there have been heaps of changes to the class names and new ways to define variables etc. that's why you are running into the problems described. I'm still away for the next week or so but once I'm back I'll update everything so that they work with the current release build. norrin
  15. The two errors may both be related but I'm not entirely sure. The first error is fairly simple to fix, just add a semi-colon at the end of the line that reads server execVM "revive_init.sqf" should read: server execVM "revive_init.sqf"; @ninjaFalcon - the scripts aren't designed to run on huge number of AI as the scripts need to run for each unit, therefore if there are a lot of AI running the scripts your computer may slow to a crawl. Having said that I seem to remember that some groups run missions with up to 32 players, maybe more, using these scripts.
  16. See first post for details Fixes version 0.5 * Drag and carry functions should now work and animate correctly on a dedicated server (Tested with one player on a dedicated server with team mates not local to player) * Fixed the call out function * Simplified the unconcious animation * Rationalised public variable eventhandlers @INVICTUS - there is a built in function in the scripts but I haven't tested it yet for ArmA3; however, this only allows a single custom load-out for all units following respawn. What would be better is to write your own loadout script for each of your classes and then use the NORRNCustomExec4 in the revive_init.sqf as described in the ReadMe.
  17. See first post for download link v0.43 Fixes * Definitely fixed the pvEH.sqf error on a dedicated server * Error in revive_player.sqf fixed - this was causing a multitude of error reports in the dedicated server log @Foxhound - sorry for the rapid update mate.
  18. See first post for details Version 0.42 Fixes * Hopefully fixed the server bug related to JIP and respawn following death identified by [KH]Jman. * Fix for group members rejoining leader's group following revive identified by Southpaw51.
  19. See first post for download details. Version 0.41 Fixes: * Multiple errors in the vcl_respawn.sqf * The carrying action should now work as it did in ArmA2. @[KH]Jman - thanks for your diligence mate, that'll learn me to not check all the functionality before releasing. :) Turns out there was quite a few errors in that bit of code. Also thanks for getting me up to speed on some of the new fangled commands introduced back in ArmA2. :o
  20. See the first post for download link. v0.4 Fixes - removed the remaining setVehicleInit and other obsolete commands - added a check to determine whether the player is onboard a vehicle at mission start as per Scorpiomidget's post. Note: Due to the difficulty of running multiple instances of ArmA3, short of buying a second copy (http://feedback.arma3.com/print_bug_page.php?bug_id=3288), I have no way of knowing if the changes work on a dedicated server, its not throwing up any errors I can see in local MP so fingers crossed. Our dear friends at BIS aren't making it easy for us scripters just at the mo.
  21. As x3djokerx says in the init.sqf that comes with the Aerial Taxi script, there's a section entitled "Optional code for testing - not required for aerial taxi scripts", you can delete some or all of this code as it stops the chopper and its crew (including playable units in its cargo) from taking any damage. As for every one else, thank you for posting your bug reports and work-arounds - I'll up-date the revive scripts ASAP but its going to take a few days as I'm just in the process of moving my ArmA work to a new computer and its going to take a little while to get the new pc set-up.
  22. norrin

    lineintersects == broken?

    Looks fantastic -very impressed with the animations - just what the game needs
  23. See first post for details. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I think I'm done for the time being as due to the frequent update schedule of the alpha (which is a good thing), scripts that work one day don't work the next and I think it is better to wait until at-least the beta arrives before I waste too much more time playing catch-up with the changes.
  24. Its been a long time since I thought about this but the revive scripts need to run on the dedicated server as well. With your current code the scripts don't run on the dedicated server as there is no "player" (its a null object). Therefore change your ini line to this: if ((side player) == west || isDedicated) then {server execVM "revive_init.sqf"};
  25. See first post for details. Fixes: * If they team leader dies while the chopper is enroute for extraction it will now return to base and can be called again following respawn. * If the chopper is destroyed and respawns the team leader will now get the set destination action upon entering the respawned chopper. Thanks Foxhound. :)