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  1. when editing this mission make sure you do sync everything. our server hasn't really had any issues with lag i keep zombies at 10 instead of a high number when running on dedicated server. if you have any questions please feel free to ask Craig i got a few ideas you might really like as well problem with dayz is there not enough of small building to enter but that could change later down the road.
  2. I haven't had any issues with the horde except today on Chernarus might be goof on my script on Takistan i had 20 peeps no issues. I do see the task get done quickly before the zombie horde is eliminated.
  3. any word on a fix yet been few weeks since we heard anything.
  4. you could prob do a menu screen ive seen them in rp servers tab key activates interaction key basically turn it on and off but make key one bring up a menu showing like hunger and thirst and use wild boar to or cattle or goats as a food source area basically hunting and use like blue barrels for water source as well just an idea make it simple.
  5. the issue could be i had this problem to if your motherboard has nvidia chipset in it this is the issue ati is conflicting with the chipset on your mb i switched to bfg nvidia 260 it solved my issue make sure ur mb is compat with ur graphics card . also when this happen i had ati 4850 1 gb
  6. he does use addon sync
  7. hmmm very intresting