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  1. python.au

    Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017) Rest in Peace

    RIP Bushlurker, I only knew him briefly but he was there to answer all my questions when I started to play with terrains, he was a kind and friendly person willing to pass on all his knowledge. A great inspiration and a mentor to many has been lost, this is a very sad day. My condolences to his closest friends and family, and to the arma community as a whole. He will be sorely missed.
  2. The "Catmull-Clark" modifier your adding is called subdivision, it's used to turn a model into a high poly for purposes where poly limits aren't a thing (e.g film) You can also use this technique in 3ds max to bake a high poly models smoothing information and details to a low poly model (What people were trying to reference earlier). Reference this for blender http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.4/Manual/Modifiers/Generate/Subsurf . So this is why you have almost 1 million verts etc.
  3. python.au

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    Very nice, I wanted to redo the C-130 but I just don't have the skills.. good to see someone doing exactly what I wanted to do and more. If you want any help with the textures shoot us a pm, not that you look like you need any. It's all I can offer :p
  4. python.au

    Littlebird Extension Beta

    I did try too get the benches and doors to default that way, I did not think about event handlers however, that comes down to a lack basic knowledge in that area.. Could be an idea, not that I know how to implement it. Going to be away next week but ill have plenty of spare time to look at how to do it. And yeah probably a good idea to update the thread title, if any moderators would be so kind <3. Also put an Armaholic link in first post, forgot to add that, sorry Foxhound :<
  5. python.au

    Littlebird Extension Beta

    First post updated with new release
  6. python.au

    Littlebird Extension Beta

    Well if anyone's still interested in this I can release an updated version with fixed class names & maybe I can play around with adding some more colours. The Littlebird sadly has a mirrored texture though so it limits what you can do.
  7. yeah it seems like there's alot to the the map system that is new/changed. It appears you import terrain normals along with the satmap and mask now. Don't think we will be able to enjoy the new stuff till updated tools, i'd hazard a guess and say you can still use buildings/foilage from a3 the old way for the meantime, roads are going to be an issue unless you repack the old roads into your map placed via road painter in Arma2. On the bright side, this hopefully means inbuilt road tools!
  8. ( Now Beta Helicopter Extension) As requested I am releasing an updated version of this addon and also included a script that makes the Mohawks ramp functional (Thanks to Norrin) Once again all these textures are in the game files this just puts them on place-able units in the editor. Example mission included in download to show you how to setup the CH-49/MD500 ---Quick tips--- Add 'this animate ["addDoors", 1]; this animate ["addBenches",0];' to the init line of your civilian MD 500 to remove the Benches and Add Doors. --------------- Updated version released that includes: CH-49 Ramp control script BLUFOR: MH9 Hummingbird (Black) AH9 Hummingbird (Black) Opfor: PO-30 Orca Unarmed (Camo) PO-30 Orca Armed (Black) Independent: MH9 Hummingbird AH9 Hummingbird PO-30 Orca Unarmed PO-30 Orca Armed Civilian: MD 500 (Blue) MD 500 (Red) PO-30 (Blue Stripes) CH-49 Mohawk (ION) CH-49 Mohawk (Dahoman) ----------------------- Credits: BI for the textures and Arma 3 etc. Norrin for his excellent C-130 script from Arma 2 which I modified for the CH-49. Signed for MP use, Key included in package. Download: Mediafire Download Armaholic Download
  9. python.au

    Error loading Map Legend

    Bushlurkers Tutorial recommends you back to the one he was doing if your a complete beginner. Which you should be following anyway, as it covers stuff bushlurker doesn't. Basically mihikle follow Bushlurkers, and he'll tell you to start with the one that you are following now to get the basics down. ( http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2_Terrain_Tutorial#Introduction ) And as for your error, I had the same thing. You can either amend the layers file which if you keep the same folder structure, you will also have to amend a few other files for it to work. or the simpler thing is to just structure it out as its layed out in the tutorial. e.g. P:\TUT\TUT_SampleMap\Source\layers.cfg If you were to structure your folders like that this will fix this issue, and further issues later on, as the way some files reference object locations won't be found with your current structure.
  10. http://www.warwheels.net/BushmasterIMVindex.html Has a List of references in both Printed and Online. Prime Portal is a solid site for reference pictures and it contains links to 3 walk-a-rounds. Your renders so far are looking very nice, It will be good to have a bushmaster nearly ready to go when A3 rolls around.
  11. python.au

    Australian M1A1 Abrams

    As markb50k said, I Provided the tan one for mission makers, they were once painted Tan so I felt it was worthwhile providing it. At that point I wasn't aware all 50 something had been painted with the 3 tone, I had shots off both 3 tone and tan ones on training together and thought it looked interesting. And no I don't plan to expand, the only way to go there is. Fixing up the A1 mlods and/or doing the local "TUSK" upgrade kit. A random decal system would have been nice, but no idea how to code that nor can I do it without the models anyway. But I'm otherwise pre occupied to do that. Thanks for the offer, I got what I needed for this off the net, but should I need any in the future ill remember you :). I doubt they would ever leave country though, The leopards never left. the options there though :) And thanks for the kind words. And as for stuff to put out I'm revisiting some old projects, I won't say anything as the last time I started these I left them untouched for over a year. But really cramming to try and get it working ingame ( p.s I hate uv mapping )
  12. python.au

    Australian M1A1 Abrams

    first post updated "Latest Release (v1.1) - Seperated config into another pbo to allow the addition of a replacement config that uses the Australians At War crewman instead of USMC crewman. - Added AAW Crewman Replacement config"
  13. python.au

    Raaf c-130

    First post updated to 1.2 release "Latest Release (v1.2) - Finished texture and added slight weathering. - Seperated config into another pbo to allow the addition of a replacement config that uses the Australians At War Pilot instead of a USMC one. - Added AAW Pilot Replacement config "
  14. python.au

    Australian M1A1 Abrams

    ehh you are right sir, I completely forgot about ANZAC Mod. Oh well :) And thank you ArmAriffic.
  15. Australian M1A1 Abrams Re-skin based of the vanilla ArmA 2 M1A1 More pictures: --------------------------------------------- Current:Latest Release (v1.1) - Seperated config into another pbo to allow the addition of a replacement config that uses the Australians At War crewman instead of USMC crewman. - Added AAW Crewman Replacement config Previous:Initial Release(V1.0) - Added Australian M1A1 AIM in 3 tone camo and tan --------------------------------------------- Installation: Install the m1aus.pbo and bisign file into a modfolder Install the m1auscfg.pbo and bisign file into the same modfolder if you are NOT running AAW Install the m1ausaawccfg.pbo and bisign file into the same modfolder WITHOUT the m1auscfg.pbo file you ARE running AAW ----------------------------------------------------------------- Found Under: Blufor > Australia > Armored Thanks goes to BiS again, uses periscopes and other parts form the stock texture.. What ain't broke don't fix! Felt like doing this, to my knowledge no Australian Abrams' have been released publicly and they needed one, however please note that the model is not 100% accurate as the BiS M1A1 Depicts a Basic M1A1 and not one that has been through the SA series of enhancements as found on Australian vehicles. The only real differences externally is a box mounted off the sighting equipment and the infantry telephone on the back of the vehicle. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?53rs4fdtrynk2pm (V1.1) Mirrors: http://arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=4935 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=17223