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  1. C.T

    Gulf War

    How about some pics or what you are including in the mod? I mean, if you want interest...it helps to show what you are making.
  2. Love the S&S uniforms and gear.
  3. C.T

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    Downloading now. I'm just happy you fixed the helmet color! The rest is bonus.
  4. C.T

    Project Livonia

    Anything retexed that's a BIS model from arma 3 will make the LDF look like Nato AAF or CSAT. You cant get around that unless you go away from BIS models. There's other mods to retexture. Look at GM's new Takistan mod for example. Depends on which way you want to go really.
  5. Totally understandable and keeping it just cold war gear is ideal. The less vanilla the better.
  6. Its a great pack so far. The uniforms just need some lovin. I will definitely be using these. Maybe some more head gear variants too.
  7. I think the vehicles are great. Really nice job on these. The camo textures on the troops...could be improved. My opinion.
  8. I'd keep them in there as I know I use them and add something in place of the hunters. Say no to more BIS retexes after all these years. Its just been done so many times. How about something in place of the Hunter but similar idea?
  9. C.T

    Project Livonia

    Nice retexes. Well done.
  10. C.T

    East Wind Rearmed

    After trying out the LDF in dev branch I think they could use your 2015 touch. Its too ultra futuristic much like the CSAT as it is.
  11. C.T

    East Wind Rearmed

    Outstanding! Well done and looking forward to the rest.
  12. No, I meant why not use pre exisiting addons/mods and retexture those to get something non BIS looking. That's all. I didn't mean buy anything or invent the wheel. Just use stuff that's right in front of ya Completely your call I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a misunderstanding
  13. Any thoughts about going with some 3rd party stuff so its not so vanilla arma 3 retex? Helmets....vests....weapons....that kinda thing. I mean 2035 you can make it whatever you want but there's been over a billion vanilla arma 3 retexes since the game came out. A 3rd party retex even would add some more style. Just an idea.
  14. Great job on the mod. I like a nice bloody battlefield after a good shoot em up. Thanks for updating and improving. Much appreciated!