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  1. Hey, Surely because they're not in the same group. When I make some missions, I've seen that different units that don't belongs to the same group can't get in the same vehicle, or if they are already in the same vehicle, they can't take any choices or giving any orders. Maybe you can try by adding each units, even the invisible entities, to the same group and after that, there shouldn't be any reason they don't take the last soldier. After that, just delete the invisible entities.
  2. Hi, Maybe you can spawn invisible entities in the others places in the car, like that, you can't see the others entities, because invisible, and the soldier 2 only can get in and take the place you want. You still can delete all the invisible entites when soldier 2 is inside the car if you want.
  3. Mercenary3-8

    NIArms Release Thread

    It needs to be logged in to report bugs, and I don't want to create an account on an alternative site just for report a bug. That's one of the reasons I create an account on BI Forums. To avoid to be obligated to create an account on other sites. I assume I'll don't have to waste more time to report bugs if nobody take care of those who reporting bugs if they don't create an account on another site for that. After all, it's the author choice and not my mod. Good continuation.
  4. Mercenary3-8

    NIArms Release Thread

    Hi NIArms team, I don't really know if I can do this here, but I'd like to report an issue. When selecting some weapons, and opening the inventory, there's an error message showing up asking about an error about the picture for the inventory icon. I left a screenshot here concerning one of the weapons, the AEK-971, the issue is on other weapons, and not only on the AK Pack. Concerning the AEK-971, it seems that the issue is on other weapons, possibly linked to the superclass. That's just an observation, but if needed, I can take the time to try each weapons, seeing those who missed the inventory picture (like the error message showing only once per weapons pack) and give the classname concerned. IMAGE : http://i1115.photobucket.com/albums/k554/HellGhost/Error_zpsmyttufrb.png Thanks for this weapons pack mod !
  5. Mercenary3-8

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    Hi, I'm agreed with 42th. The particles of flying meat is not realistic at all. Adding a blood puddle under the dead bodies is a much better idea. And like nobody seems to see it, I report again this weird fact that entities killed by shotguns from mods don't get any blood splatters. Don't really know why. But maybe the author can do something to correct this, or maybe not.
  6. Mercenary3-8

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    Hi, First of all, nice work on this mod. I'll just started to do the same via script, but I'm not as advanced scripter as you, so my version was really basic. And then, I see you do it, and really better than me and inside a PBO file, so I just stop mine. I just find funny that I've never ever really think about doing it, and nobody either, and just two days after I do my script version, seeing a more better mod appear. Funny coincidence sometimes, and it's just cool to see a really better way to make something we can't do by ourselves. Just a little thing that many users here don't even notice since the first version of this mod, and that was the same issue with my script version actually deleted, but it's just for the information. Like it's happening with the script version I've done in the past (never released), I don't think it's coming from your mod, but surely from the weapon, and more exclusively, from the ammunition coming from the mods that add this kind of weapon and ammunition. Killing or injuring an entity with a shotgun from mods (RHS or any others) don't generate any blood splatter. Surely something in the buckshots configs, and I haven't try with the slug ammunition until then. You can try if you use some mods like RHS or even the good M4 Super 90 from Purple for example. In general, all weapons using the buckshot ammunition (maybe the slug too) don't permit to the entities killed with them to generate any blood splatter.