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  1. It was because of my irl things, I was no able to continue on it.
  2. This map will be recreated in Arma 4.
  3. Next finished villages - Bupsa, Kharte and Kanre More pictures
  4. Thanks for binarize x64, tried and working very well. Additionally, it fixed my problem with "Extruding hills and valleys"
  5. My new model of temple with big prayer wheel, located in Lukla.
  6. New terrain with village Puiyan and Khari La pass. More pictures
  7. Some small progress... New model of Beehive Lodge located in Puiyan village. Pictures are from buldozer, so there is lower graphics quality. Real (I didn't find who took this image)
  8. After two months I've added myself created models of temples to map. Here is temple located in front of hospital in Lukla And this is Kemgon Gompa (monastery) located also in Lukla Some photo reference (I didn't find who took this image) Outskirts temple photosphere (By Jordi Torrejon) Kemgon Gompa photosphere (By Google)
  9. Version 0.2 Mod is in new version 0.2 "Jeth", still in closed beta stage. New part of map is mountainous, contains glaciers, high mountains and lakes. There is only one small village. More pictures at mod's website View map
  10. Finally after two weeks I had time to do binarization of map, so here are pictures of new part of map: Objects count is 550239.
  11. Thanks, that link - I'll explore that....
  12. Some pictures from editing. I have now a little time and binarization took much time, so there are pictures from buldozer: Map now (2018-02-26) has 462,275 objects.
  13. New model of Kemgon temple located in Lukla In real (photo by Akira06)
  14. Here are pictures of new model of temple which is near Lukla, in front of hospital. In real (photo by Sergey Pashko)