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  1. Here are pictures of new model of temple which is near Lukla, in front of hospital. In real
  2. Linear distance is 750 meters
  3. Thanks all Yes, that's river, but unfortunately Arma doesnt support rivers at all. Only one solution is place ponds (as you wroted), but the river slope is too big for ponds, so there are only small rocks, unfortunately... Here is a photo of Dudh Koshi in real
  4. Pakhepani and Chheubas villages Between these two villages there is Chutok La pass, it can be seen on third and fourth picture. First and second pictures show Pakhepani village. Chheubas is on third picture. And whole new area on fifth picture.
  5. Long time to binarize *.wrp

    Finally after a half of year I got answer - map cannot be binarized due to "Extruding hills and valleys" part. It freeze due to huge elevation changes / mountains in short distances. It is very interesting that Arma 2 binarize.exe works fine but Arma 3 binarize.exe freeze... More about it here
  6. New parallax maps for terrain / ground textures.
  7. Observation Night Sky [BETA]

    Thanks for ideas. As I like night observing night sky, I wanted to add all "night features" like zodiacal light. But due to my short of time I am still not able to add or fix current issues. Maybe if someone wants to continue, he can, but I for near future no.
  8. Newly created terrain with two new villages - Nachipang and Thado Koshigaun More pictures at a3nep.wz.cz
  9. None of buildings have interiors yet.
  10. Thank you for your advices. About trees: I tried to make new pine trees like Himalayan Cedar but I gave up that because make tree in Arma is very time consuming thing. I know that these used trees are very! different from original trees which are in Himalayas, but... Small bushes - thanks, will be fixed. Sat map - imagery is downloaded from online maps, so it is same as in maps. For me it is very difficult to repair it bcs satmap is splited into four 20480x20480 satmaps and their editing totally lagging my pc (i must buy more ram), so for now it is impossible to repair... And last thing - criticisms is needed bcs without it, it cannot be better...
  11. Map is designed only for "civilian missions", like defensing villages, not any big army missions.
  12. Well, it is a lot, i know, but map doesnt need any other addons and all objects are custom.
  13. My new map for Arma 3. (Ah.. stupid introduction... again..) Map description Sagarmāthā is one of the fourteen zones located in eastern Nepal. It includes mountain districts of the Himalayas (including Mount Everest) in the north, hill districts in the center, and valley districts of the Terai in the south. It is bordered by China to the north, India to the south, the Kosi Zone to the east and the Janakpur Zone to the west. Map info Terrain size: 40960 x 40960 meters Terrain grid size: 4096 x 4096 cells Terrain cell size: 10 meters Imagery size: 40960 x 40960 pixels Imagery resolution: 1 m/px Texture layer size: 40 x 40 meters More info and pictures at a3nep.wz.cz [please, be forgiving if found error, website was created whole (including code) by me] Real map location Pictures Map is based on real world place. Please consider that some places in map may be different from their real places. Some buildings may be misplaced or may have wrong model, etc...
  14. Observation Night Sky [BETA]

    It was created primary for singleplayer. There is no server key included. Well, I never tried it in MP, so I don't know if it works. In future - maybe...
  15. Observation Night Sky [BETA]

    Sources of mod released. Check first post. I hope you'll learn something from them.