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  1. CUP-to-Contact: CUP buildings with interiors A simple mission script that replaces old A2-era buildings from CUP with ones that have interiors from Contact. It accounts for the offset between models as to prevent horrendous clipping and misplaced objects. I would like to announce the release of a new script I have developed alongside help from others (Diwako and Simkas). It is a simple mission script that switches out old CUP buildings with ones from the Contact/Livonia DLC while accounting for the differences in offset between them, as to prevent clipping and things like houses being inside of signs, fences, bins, etc. It (currently) supports around ~60 buildings, including all Chernarus houses and multiple other buildings and objects. Keep in mind that this works not only for CUP maps, but any other maps that make use of CUP buildings, like Beketov, Podagorsk, Thirsk, OBG maps, etc. It is easy to implement into your mission (instructions on the GitHub page!) and does what it says on the tin. It requires CUP Terrains - Core in order to work and takes effect in postInit. This is my first time releasing a script to the public, so I'd like to know what you think. Feedback and suggestions are well appreciated! Credits: Diwako, for scripting help and general advice Simkas, for helping me to get started and wrapping my head around things Downloads: Github (download and installation)
  2. Luckily, a lot of CUP buildings have some basic furnishings baked into the model. I'm not too sure of what buildings there are in CUP that don't actually have any furniture in them.
  3. Hey, I'm relatively new to Arma and I want the rearm function where it gives you X items and ammunition. Once you enter a trigger, the script goes off and you get them. I want it to be like in The East Wind campaign where it shows you what you got. Any help is appreciated.😊
  4. I'm trying to set up an Antistasi server for my friends (around 3 or so) and it says to port forward 2302 and 2303. So I go and type my IP in Firefox (my ISP is Virgin Media) and I go to the options screen. No option to port forward from what I can see. I do some research and I realize that I have an IPv6 DS-Lite connection. I have no clue what that is but all I know about it means that I can't make a server for me and my friends. I'd like if someone could give me a basic rundown of what this means and can I fix it?