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  1. There is no need to worry about physics issues. The script only uses crateSimpleObject in the none super simple object variant. On top of that they are also only spawned in locally to the client, meaning there shouldn't even be network traffic to sync objects in MP. Every player gets their own furniture to look at, but everyone gets to see the same type of furniture in the same place.
  2. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    That is a BI issue. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T136844
  3. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Changelog for version 1.7.0 Added: Crew Radar functionality (larger compass range when in crew slot) (#127 by 10Dozen) Allow all items which can be used as compass (#129) Show icon when speaking with popular radio mods (#130) Add ability to hide cardinal points even with compass item (#135) Changed: Don't run GUI updates while game is paused or minimized (#125 by Fusselwurm) Translations: Add missing Russian translations (#126 by 10Dozen) Download: https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/releases/tag/1.7.0 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1638341685
  4. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Can be done. Create a feature request over at the GitHub page.
  5. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Hey there, Normally I would just release the update into the wild, however the new update has one feature in it which would be cool if people could test before hand, as it is hard to test alone. It is the deeper integration of TFAR and ACRE, in short icons which show if a unit is talking, both locally or over radio. So, without further ado, changelog and links to the Release candidate one: DUI v1.7.0 RC1 Changelog: Links: WS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1617125729 Direct: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13xMGbGIIEUseu77533uRoQZcWKns9yQC/view?usp=sharing GitHub: https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/releases/tag/1.7.0-rc1
  6. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Yeah I have looked into that and ho boy, that made me say "nope" pretty hard. Right now it is planned to have only one icon, however you'll have the option to only show that icon if someone speaks over radio. I am still working on that for TFAR tho, ACRE already works. This icon is also customizable via mod or mission config edits and is tied to the icon style presets.
  7. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    I have not looked into vanilla VON so far, as I never used it and am unsure if there are eventhandlers (CBA or vanilla) available for it.
  8. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Small sneak peak from what's to come. Further ACRE/TFAR support
  9. These are not included in the Danger.fsm mod. They however work fine with it.
  10. Statement about the signing issue, as by someone who also had issues on own server: We have examined the signing issue. The result was everything is working as expected. Reports of keys not working are false positives and we urge server owners to double check the server key. There can be instances that the key is corrupted while extracting the files from the Zip file or from the workshop download (check if the key is 1kb and not 0kb or above 1kb). Regardless, we thank you all for reporting issues!
  11. Which release did you use. The one from the workshop or the one from GitHub?
  12. Ai can request artillery while they are assessing the current threat situation. However here we decided that not all artillery pieces will be instantly be available inside the request pool. This means you need to register them to be in the pool of available artillery pieces. Either by Eden editor module, Zeus module or via script using this function [group bob] call lambs_wp_fnc_taskArtilleryRegister; // group or unit supported, make sure that at least one unit inside the group is in an artillery piece
  13. I do get teh sentiment. Still have have 2 events that might be helpful for mission makers. One is the "lambs_danger_OnContact" which is basically the even when a group goes into combat mod. The other is the "lambs_danger_OnAssess" event which can be used every time the squad leader is making a decision.
  14. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Does not look like it, would need to see the code of that but I doubt that is available.
  15. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    uuuh, can you provide a time stamp?