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  1. Guess the answer according to jonpas is to remove the ace_reload.pbo https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/pull/5877
  2. So I decided to try and get the ammo count to show on the HUD/Weapon info panel while running ACE 3 and tried enabling the "Ammo count" option in the ACE3 User Interface settings but that doesn't seem to work. When I test it in the editor I get the popup "cannot modify a forced User Interface element". I've applied on the server and set it to override the mission and client but no luck there. Is there a step I am missing? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thank you so much for the help, you legend!
  4. So for a multiplayer session, I want to create a script that will mark the position of any friendly BLUFOR player should they go unconscious/awaiting revive...and upon a successful revive have that maker be deleted. It's not a PvP mission so the marker should only be visible to players on the same side. This is what I've come up with so far but I haven't been able to test it atm. Can someone point out if there is any glaring errors with it or know a better code I could implement: _player = _x; _mrk = format ["%1",_player]; _mrk setMarkerTextLocal format ["%1 Injured",name _player]; _mrk setMarkerColorLocal "ColorRed"; I am not certain a) what BIS_func I have to call for checking player state as there only seems to be a 'BIS fnc paramReviveUnconsciousStateMode' option to check before dropping the marker b) I am not sure how to then remove said "injured" marker if the revive is complete. Could I get away with: While (true) do { injured marker code; } else {deleteMarkerLocal _x} forEach _markers; Any help would be appreciated as I am not the best at this. thanks.
  5. Hmm, but in my case they deploy the Airbrakes which, after a few seconds, leads to a nose dive/loss of altitude and a subsequent crash - not at all horizontal stable flight. I don't doubt you are wrong but I am not seeing any sort of "autopilot" engaging when opening a chat window, just a loss of altitude that's similar to when a client loses connection to the server. Hmm..if it is as you say though then..shit. Its a really annoying feature
  6. On MP servers I noticed that while flying and opening chat with "/" it causes the engine to lose power (in helicopters & VTOLs) or deploys the airbrakes in fixed wings resulting in a loss of altitude despite having separate keybinds for chat and throttle/speedbreak . Interacting with other interfaces (eg: when using mods) it also causes a similar loss of altitude. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a way to fix it? Cheers
  7. Rawshark

    Arma 3 crashes only when flying

    Update: The issue once again resolved itself when removing the JSRS Soundmod from the modlist. I don't know if this a known issue or something unique to my specs but this is the second time, by systematically removing each mod and testing them individually over a 7 day period, that I can say the issue is linked with the JSRS Soundmod (even when running a vanilla server with JSRS as the only mod I will experience a CTD after a few minutes of flying). If anyone knows why this would be the case, please let me know as the mod is otherwise excellent but it seems to do something to my systems resources that causes a crash.
  8. Rawshark

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Playing RHS Antistasi 1.8.0 and we have captured some Kords that we are now trying to setup as a defensive perimeter around our assets in the field. Problem is, the Kords have 0 ammo in them and we don't know how to rearm them (we even tried the vehicle ammo crate but no luck). If anyone knows how to rearm these and other static weapons, that would be much appreciated.
  9. Hello all, I have been having this problem on and off throughout my time playing vanilla and modded ARMA in the two game-modes that I predominantly play (I&A and Zeus). However, after ARMA shifted to the x64 platform I stopped having random CTDs when playing vanilla but the problem for modded gameplay still exists - noticeably, the problem ONLY ever arises when I am in an air vehicle. I could be on the server for 3 hrs as infantry, in a ground vehicle and I will experience no issues whatsoever in my modded server (or any public server for that matter), but If I spend anywhere between 10 - 30 minutes in a Ghosthawk/Kajman/A64D/Mi8/Blackfish/Y32 (basically any vanilla or modded helicopter or VTOL) I will CTD. The error I get on the server is the generic Steam Authenticaton Failure. This problem is a sort of carry-over from my previous thread 3 months ago with the only difference been that it a different gamemode (Antistasi 1.8.0) been played on a dedicated server at home (the server is hosted on a different PC) and I am the only client affected. None of my friends have experienced this issue on the server as they primarily don't fly any air vehicles but as I occasionally do provide transport/CAS, I am always subjected to this issue. -------------------SYSTEM SPECS---------------------------------- Win10 i7-8700K CPU 16GB RAM (x2 8Gb @ 2133) 1080Ti Graphics card ---------------Arma 3 Steam Startup Parameters---------------- -malloc=system -----------------------MODS----------------------------------------- CBA_A3 RHSUSAF RHSAFREF RHSGREF ShackTac User Interface Taskforce Arrowhead Radio (beta) Blastcore - Phoenix Unofficial Phoenix Upload JSRS Soundmod JSRS Soundmod - AFREF Soundpack JSRS Soundmod - GREF Soundpack JSRS Soundmod - USAF Soundpack JSRS Soundmod - Reloading Sounds ------------------------Attached RPT(s)--------------------- https://justpaste.it/50t4x https://justpaste.it/3zngh https://justpaste.it/6vrs1 https://justpaste.it/4pdtg ------------------------------------------------------------------------ It has to be said that while the issue mentioned in the previous thread was resolved by removing the JSRS mod, I wanted to check if the RPT files show any errors related to that mod that could be triggering the CTD this time around -or- if there is any clue as to what might be causing this issue altogether. It is also worth nothing that when we first started playing, the server mods only consisted from CBA_A3 to Taskforce Radio (the last 2 mods were added 2 weeks ago) and I did not experience any CTDs when playing with those original mods; that said during that initial period I was not in the cockpit long enough to trigger the CTD as it usually takes AT LEAST ~ 10-15 minutes before I get struck by one. Anyhelp or insight would greatly be appreciated. Thanks again.
  10. I've setup a dedi server on a home PC (using TADST) to run antistasi 1.8.0 with a headless client. When running as admin, I can see the headless client (HC1) connected to the headdless client slot in the 'virtual' lobby (https://i.imgur.com/9Amq1Pr.jpg) and HC1 is also listed in the players list -however- despite this I am somewhat uncertain if the HC is configured properly as in game when checking the HC AI load info I get this result (https://imgur.com/Tam1upz). Now I have no idea if this is completely normal or if this is a sign the HC is not configured properly but I suspect that the HC AI should = the total number of AI (in this example it should read HC 5 AI?) If anyone playing Antistasi can confirm/refute this that would be amazing. Some additional info/questions about the headless client: When running the .bat file for the headless client the console window pops out the following messages :- At no point does the profile "HC1" complete loading, instead this message stays throughout the mission and I am concerned that this is yet another sign the HC is not setup/configured properly. Can anyone confirm if this is an error or not, is there a next step in the process? //Additional info: My server config.cfg has the following: headlessClients[] = {} localClients[] = { battleyeLicense = 1; .bat file contains: start /min "" "D:\A3Test server\arma3server_x64.exe" -client -connect= -port=2302 -mod=@CBA_A3;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF That's about it, anyone willing to confirm if this is all good or not is much appreciated. Thank yall for your time!
  11. Rawshark

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Having created a Headless Client using TADST for the first time, I just want to check that this isn't an error when the window reads as follows: 19:49:27 Client Connected 19:49:29 > Player headlessclient connecting 19:49:29 > Welcome to the server! 19:49:29 Loading Profile "HC1" Should the message at some point change from loading profile or is it meant to remain at "loading Profile 'HC1'"?
  12. Hi sorry to ask but in TADST the HC section has two options; HC IPs and Local Clients IPs. If you are hosting the server on one computer and playing on a different computer do you still leave the IP as default ( in TADST for both IPs or do you have to change anything? Thank you
  13. Rawshark

    Random CTD

    Hey sorry for the super late reply but removing JSRS did seem to work. I haven't noticed any random CTDs without it running.
  14. Hey there, I am running a small server for a few mates of mine playing Antistasi. Our current predicament stems from TFAR changing our operational frequencies upon death/respawn onto some random frequency. So I thought it might be handy to call a hint function into a onPlayerrespawn.sqf as gentle reminder to reset the radios to respawning players. Problem is, I don't really know how to exectute this plan of mine. Is it possible to add a execVM "onPlayerRespawn.sqf" into the server.cfg files and have it be read properly? Or do I create an init.sqf in the server.cfg and have THAT call the respawn.sqf? Any help with this would be amazing! Thank you!
  15. Rawshark

    Random CTD

    Hey thanks, I will give those options a try and hopefully have the issue fixed or at least narrow down the cause. I have dual DDR4-2132 Mhz (1066Mhz) RAM so, I think that should be sufficient to handle ARMA but the odd visual glitch/freezing before the crash is very reminiscent of the old 3fps bug that use to hit ARMA before the 64-bit upgrade. I'll try playing without the soundmod to see if its the source of the CTD but it's really odd if that is what is causing it. Anways, thanks for your help.