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  1. Hey bud,Cool mod.Thnx team!!.Are you guys interested in a mission addon to package with/for the mod?


    I had alot to do with the aircraft mods in Arma1 and 2.Ive made many mods related to aircraft/missions over the years e.g napalm,missile efx etc etc.

    Anyway,heres a link to my workshop page to have a look at some of the missions ive planned to make a version of using the USAF mod.




    I dont really want to fill my workshop with a hundred versions of the same missions.:)So, I reckon at least some missions should be shipped with the mod so that it can be loaded on a server and is ready to play, same night.I did this many times in Arma 1 and 2 and it was appreciated by many server clans/moderators.


    Thanks bud/team.




  2. Updated to v1.0.4.1 Main: - Missilebox: Add AARGM-ER (anti-radiation missile) - Missilebox: Add CBA setting to disable nuclear weapons (becomes regular bomb) - Missilebox: Make all laser guided munitions lock on after launch - Missilebox: Fix and optimize SFWs (CBU-97/105, AGM-154B) - Missilebox: Fix unguided CBU inheritance of laser tracking - Missilebox: Enable B-61 GPS guidance - Missilebox: Add CBU-104 GPS guided GATOR - Missilebox: Modify CBU ammo classnames for consistency - Missilebox: Fix several bombs being able to track - Missilebox: Increase CEB submunition count - Missilebox: Add Height of Burst function (GPS integration WIP) - Missilebox: Reduce performance cost of nuclear script - Missilebox: ECM overhaul - Missilebox: AIM-9X material tweaks - Missilebox: Fix GBU-28 material error - Missilebox: Remove cursor from several weapons - Main: Fix LAPES option not appearing - Main: Fix UAV feed not working after cycling - Service Menu: Add delay for rearm with CBA setting - Service Menu: Show current magazine in hardpoint list and tooltip - TGP: Fix messing with main menu camera - TGP: Fix several cases where laser designator would not be added Fighters: - A-10: Sensors now slew with targeting pod - A-10: Increase gun volume - F-22: Raise viewpoint - F-22: Reduce interior volume levels - F-22: Enable all MFDs - F-22: Open gun door when selected - F-22: Use correct gun sound - F-22: Keep bays open slightly longer when deploying weapons - F-35: Raise landing autopilot speed - F-35: Keep bays open slightly longer when deploying weapons Utility: - KC-135: Fix sound error log spam - C-17: Fix engine texture brightness not matching body
  3. No, there is no visual cue, you just drop the bomb and it will steer toward the target. As long as you give it enough energy it should hit.
  4. A fix has been pushed for the fighter keys.
  5. Do you have CfgRemoteExec in your mission? If so what mode are you running?
  6. v1.0.3 changelog: Fighters: - A-10C: Increase get in radius - F-22: Overhaul flight dynamics to Jets-era - F-22: Improve sound behavior - F-22: Fix inverted side stick elevator animation - F-22: Fix MFD log errors - F-35A: Fix fuel gauge showing over SAR imagery - F-35A: Fix missiles sticking out of bottom bay Main: - Missilebox: Fix AIM-120 damage behavior - Missilebox: Add AIM-120 D variant and make default - Missilebox: Fix F-35 fuel tank texture path - Missilebox: Remove thrust and effects from AGM-154 - Missilebox: Fix APKWS rockets not hiding when fired - Cargo: Allow compatibility with VIV (must be empty) - Afterburner: Fix AB text not disappearing when disarming AB while it is engaged - AAR: Fix possible error in refuel point connection position - Service Menu: Fix bays with openBayWhenWeaponSelected = 0 not animating Utility: - C-17: Fix falling out of the sky when starting in air - C-17: Fix passengers being killed when ejecting - C-17: Fix get in action locations - C-17: Add VIV compatibility - C-17: Fix zeus not being able to place - C-130J: Add VIV compatibility - C-130J: Fix action/eject locations - C-130J: Fix cargo loading errors - C-130J: Fix ramp sound
  7. Yeah currently the eject position is inside the bay. Already fixed for next update.
  8. Bukain is correct - those pics, especially the reaper, have very confusing perspective. Arma model units are in meters, and we researched and precisely rescaled both drones prior to 1.0 using real life dimensions.
  9. v1.0.2 hotfix1 is on the workshop: Main: - Fix missing cargo function references Fighter: - F-35A: overhaul flight dynamics - F-35A: fix hovering landing gear - F-35A: improve sounds Utility: - C-130J: Fix missing cargo function references
  10. v1.0.2 is on the workshop. Changelog:
  11. Were you unable to select the weapon entirely, or was the ammo set to 0? Yes, still in development for the utility pack.
  12. Air to air refueling tutorial is up:
  13. Edit: we'll look into it. As for everyone, we can't respond to everyone on every platform but we're tracking all the bug reports and tackling them in order of priority.
  14. Service menu tutorial is up, including basic usage and mission setup:
  15. Reproduced and made a bug report. Hangars and the USAF containers and missile carts can also be used for service points. Also, enabling 'Replace Vanilla Auto-Service' in the CBA mission settings will make all vanilla trucks and containers function as USAF service points. Plan to make a service menu tutorial soon.