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  1. Alongside the AC-130U beta, we have pushed v1.0.6.1 to the current packs: Main: Fighters: Utility:
  2. Thanks Viper, yes it's on our end and has been fixed internally, we're aiming to get a hotfix patch out for that and some other things quite soon.
  3. Updated to v1.0.6: Attention server admins: Keys are now versioned and can be found in (modfolder)/keys. Main: - Tanker: Module overhaul (must now pre-spawn and sync tanker) - Tanker: Fix diving on locality change - Tanker: Fix stuck tanker state in several cases - Remove systemChat spam from fired event - Afterburner: Add CBA keybind - Afterburner: Fix systemChat spam - TGP: Fix laser keybind not working in F-35A - Missilebox: Add AGM-114R - Missilebox: Add ACE Fragmentation values - Missilebox: Add ACE Laser compat for designators and APKWS/AGM-65E/AGM-114 - Missilebox: AGM-158 increase time to live - Service Menu: Fix master safe being removed on some aircraft on reload - GPS: Add CBA keybind to open GPS dialog - Finish XEH support (for all packs) Fighter: - F-35A: Model realistic wing for A variant - F-35A: lots of script cleanup, hopefully fix server lockup on get in - F-35A: Add combat liveries - F-35A: Material and texture improvements - F-35A: Reduce hook mount size - F-35A: Shadow LOD fixes - F-35A: Fix missing pilot LOD geometry (if looking behind with TrackIR) - F-35A: Fix DAS missile launch action - F-35A: Add more visual LODs - F-35A: Suspension fixes - F-22: Fix TAD map being applied to aircraft body - F-22: Fix formation lights material - F-22: Fix gun door being open on spawn in some situations Utility: - Enable Service Menu on manned utility aircraft - MQ-9: New gunner UI - MQ-9: Fix bouncing issues - MQ-9: Fix wreck model not showing - C-17: Allow pilot to control jump door - C-17: Add CBA option to enable move inside action (still super buggy) - C-17/130: Raise flight ceiling - KC-135: Fix hovering wheels
  4. Don't dive into the F-35A yet, it's getting a bunch of model changes and liveries next patch and a template soon after.
  5. Correct, we would have to calculate it separately which may or may not match what the hud is showing.
  6. Not that I know of. The MFD element is controlled entirely by the game engine, no scripting access to it or even source to show the grid on the hud.
  7. Assuming the previous 3km distance, you're way too low, these things don't have a 3:1 glideslope. Use the CCIP indicator in the TGP and release once it's 50-100m past the target. You can even pull up and loft for additional standoff range.
  8. This is our current tutorial but it sounds like you're designating correctly. Which GBU are you using? And what's distance/altitude/speed at release?
  9. Server keys have been pushed to the workshop, and the tanker module tutorial is up:
  10. Is your engine off and are you looking at the hangar? If so check out our tutorial on the service menu and let us know if you still can't get it working after that.
  11. It's a known issue, already fixed for next update, thanks.
  12. Updated to v1.0.5 Main: - AAR: Add tanker module - AAR: Transfer tanker ownership to client on approach to eliminate rubberbanding - Cargo: Fix several issues in multiplayer - GPS: Add CBA bind to mark target from TGP view - Missilebox: Add GBU-31 VLCDW - Missilebox: Reduce BLU-108 particle load - Missilebox: [REDACTED] Fighters: - A-10C: Fix misaligned MFD texture - A-10C: Fix inverted suspension animation - A-10C: Fix floating squares - F-22: Fix gun door stuck open & master safe missing after editing loadout in eden - F-35A: Fix black UAV feed Utility: - C-17: Increase mass to reduce weird flight characteristics when carrying heavy cargo - C-17: Fix wingtip vortices coming from model center - C-17: Fix interior material brightness - KC-135: fix gear door material mismatch - Core: Split aircraft into subcategories This may look like a smaller update, but what you don't see is the increased work going into unreleased assets and systems, namely the AC-130 and bombers. The guys have been killing it with the AC-130 and it will likely be next in line to release. Keep an eye on the #dev-updates channel of our discord for sneak peeks!
  13. Appreciate your support and video spotlights Viper, they are fantastic! Also want to announce that the beginnings of our wiki are now available on Github. We still have a lot to add and improve, but you guys can check it out at https://github.com/Fullerpj/United-States-Air-Force-Mod/wiki
  14. Not at this time, it is on our todo list though. Yes, there's a Height of Burst menu to control area of effect for both SFWs and CEBs. Thank you Sonic, appreciate your support!
  15. They do not work fine. Everything about them is either out of date or flat out broken in current day Arma. All planes will be added back in when they're ready.