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    My problem is people using mine and Kup's work and reposting it using links that do not go to the original Repo or people who have the rights to the original.
  2. Monkeynutz2010


    The one from Kuplion is the one that was created by Creampie using ExAd icons actually, Thomas. So if anyone has the original, it's me and Kuplion. Thanks.
  3. Monkeynutz2010


    That's a Fork from Kuplion's now deleted repo actually.
  4. Monkeynutz2010


    I know that. I am getting a bit disgruntled by the amount of re-uploads found in this forum. It needs to be handled. They did not allow it on the Exile forums and we don't allow it on the Exile Reddit either.
  5. Monkeynutz2010


    https://github.com/GamingAtDeathsDoor/Exile-Status-Bar/ - Let's not forget where the original came from.
  6. Monkeynutz2010

    The perfect Exile Server

    Yeah i'll note that down.....
  7. Monkeynutz2010

    Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat Halloween is coming up, so how about a Trick or Treat addon for Exile? Knock on the doors and gates of bases that aren't your own for either a Trick or a Treat! Customisable Treats, chance to get Treat and number of mags to spawn with weapons. Only shows up when it's Halloween, so no need to remove the script afterwards or comment anything out. Ability to add more Tricks if you like. You just need to create a new Trick file which is a script that runs on the player and add it into the response script. Comes with sounds. (Door knock, Creepy laughs and creepy voice that says "Trick or Treat". All you need to do is reset the column "knocked" in your territory table in your database back to ["0"] before next Halloween. https://github.com/GamingAtDeathsDoor/Trick-Or-Treat
  8. Monkeynutz2010

    Arma 3 Exile Virtual Garage (updated)

    Because of my Googling i stumbled across it and checked to see if it was ExAd stuff.
  9. Monkeynutz2010

    Arma 3 Exile Virtual Garage (updated)

    This is not giving credit to the owners. Exile Mod do not own these scripts, the scripts are using portions of Exile code which means the exile code came with those headers. It's Shix's code. Just because it's given in the headers does not mean he had permission to re-upload this. I have spoken to Shix and he has further pointed out that this guy has most of his scripts on his GitHub re-uploaded. Which is a bit rude, however, shix being shix, has said he does not care to persue because he doesn't care about A3 anymore. I still think he should ask Shix first and until then remove all of his code from his repo. Also Shix's code was never made public so I'm also wondering where it came from...
  10. Monkeynutz2010

    Arma 3 Exile Virtual Garage (updated)

    Urm... not being funny but none of this is your scripting. It all belongs to Shix. You've restructured the file structure and altered the README.
  11. Monkeynutz2010


    It is such a shame that they have decided, even after those that helped found the mod have offered to take over, to close the mod like this. But it was predicted as we watched certain changes and things fall apart. So thanks, Chernaruski for setting this up!
  12. Hi Stewie. It was only a few days ago you were in the same channel as me telling me how cool my servers are. Now, hours before this post i have side chat logs of you badmouthing my servers shortly after you died... This is going well for you already. Because you have had one bad time on my servers, you are willing to jeopardise all that i have built over the past 3 years by saying things like this which are not true. Now, just before BI get involved, know this... We run Exile at Gaming At Death's Door [GADD] and with that, we have made it so players spawn with random gear each time they respawn after dying. In this setup, there are UIDs in an array of whom are clan members, they apply to our clan via this page: https://gamingatdeathsdoor.com/app IF they get accepted into our clan, they are added to this UID array and spawn with slightly better loadout kits for being a loyal player and clan member, they also get access to a texture for their base flag with our logo on it to feel more like they are part of the clan. I can provide these scripts for BI to see which will come timestamped for when they were last edited as part of the download so they know that between this post and my reply, they have not been tampered with. This is the only way to gain better spawn loadouts, you have to apply to join our clan. And it's not even that good. Basically a Taurus becomes a gold Taurus. It's purely cosmetic too. I hope this concludes your libellous accusations about our loadouts. As for weapons, we DO NOT give out weapons to donators. We see no need to either since you can find great guns in our spawn areas! Your point about it being cancerous... I'm sure many, like myself, find this term deeply offensive and inconsiderate, since my Mother had cancer, i do not like this word being used to describe things. I think the term you are looking for is "I am bored and the server isn't really my cup of tea because i keep dying". Which also is a false statement as you seemed to have different opinions in my TeamSpeak just 3 days ago. As for other benefits we give, I mean... i say thank you to the people throwing their money at me but that's not really a benefit. I do see what happened here tho, you probably got killed in game by one of our loyal players who has donated and has the tags in discord to show them off, and got mad. At GADD, we DO NOT provide any benefits what so ever in game, for donating, as stated in our community FAQ here: https://gamingatdeathsdoor.com/faq As a matter of fact, we used to provide cosmetic things to donators but had to stop when we introduced RHS to our servers, their license at the time i did not know required this, but i pulled out on Monetization straight away after contacting Jiri via the infringements email address. In my eyes, a donation is a donation, you do not got to the WWF and expect a panda or gifts, you are donating for a cause. It's the same here, you donate to keep us going as ArmA is very demanding and requires powerful and expensive servers. You will not receive anything except a glorified tag in out Discord and TeamSpeak purely to show your loyalty to our community.