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  1. Changelog 12.24.22 & Hotfix Trader Updates: Cyrus, M110, M107, M307, M32 & ammo added. Ammo price changes. Select suppressors added. Fixed no prices on pointer attachments. Mission Changes: AI Tweaks & Testing: Temp. Disable of A3XAI. DMS + Occupation Overhaul. SSE items added to AI for immersion. CAS requests A-164 or A10 only. Player kills with aircraft should count (not CAS calls). Occupation Testing: Vehicle Patrols (Heli / Ground). Server Load @ 600 AI + Patrols + Raid AI. Immersive Taxi test: (6) EVAC sites. (2) in Paros, Pyrgos, and Sofia. Lands at FOS Delta / ALG Foxtrot. Vehicle and crew should be invincible, Gunners should engage as they come in / leave. Choppers has (50) Mk 262 Stanag's for rearm. Players will be "kicked" from the chopper at each stop, get back in if you want to Charlie Mike. Chopper Route: ALG Foxtrot -> Sofia Sofia -> Paros Paros -> Pyrgos Pyrgos -> FOS Delta FOS Delta -> Pyrgos Pyrgos -> Paros Paros -> Sofia Sofia -> ALG Foxtrot. Server "Main" updates thread moved to steam: Click Me! Full Changelogs & Server support can be found on our discord: Here!
  2. Changelog 12.21.22: The server is now fully x64. ExtDB3 migration complete. Pyrgos & Frini immersion updates complete. WIP Server Changes: Crafting (Vehicles / Misc) custom coding. No Territory Flag overhaul for "Session Fortification". Headless Client for all AI modules (DMS / Occupation / A3XAI). Phase 2 AI upgrade. Mobile respawns. Custom player logistics (Respect based). Economy overhaul (Poptabs) New Year's event thing.
  3. Changelog 12.011.2022: The server has been updated, below is an abbreviated version of changes since last post. Please be aware that all changelogs can be found on our Discord, the link has been provided at the end of this post. Major Map update. Economy & QoL update. Immersion update. AI skill tweaks. IFF tweaks. The server raid areas have been updated. These areas are marked with their Cyrillic names on the map. Reward crates typically have high end weapons, tabs, gear, or combination of. The AI gear is considered part of the loot as well. Below is the complete list of currently implemented raid areas: The Moskva - Difficulty Hard. Facility 39 - Difficulty Hard. Facility 92 - Difficulty Hard. Facility 42 - Difficulty Moderate. Firebase November - Difficulty Moderate. COP Yellowhammer - Difficulty Easy. Full changelog can be found here: Discord Changelog
  4. Changelog 12.07.2022: Map update 1b implemented. QoL updates. Minor hotfixes to map locations. New spawn point added (ALG Foxtrot). Full changelog can be found in #server-changelog on our discord: Click Here
  5. Server Name: [MCOPS]HardcoreAI|PylonEdit|Rappel|RHS+MAS+Fems|Raids|Missions|Ranks|More! Direct Connect: arma.mandocabure.net Mod List: Steam Collection Link What sets our server apart: Combat focused, group oriented, hardcore, PVE server. Custom spawns, map locations, and raids. No Zombies, Custom Trader locations, unique economy. Active dev / admins. Mando Cabure's Altis server is a heavily combat focused PVE server. You may knock PVE, but this server will kill you harder than any PVP server will. The server has been custom coded to focus on PVE combat action, utilizing the Exile framework to keep you in combat longer. The following is a more detailed look at what we've done with our server: Exile Traders have been custom coded to provide a variety of NATO ammo & weapons. Trader inventory can be expanded by community cleared events, leading to the developer / admins adding items requested by participants as rewards. Once these are unlocked, they're permanent. Ranks, respect & rank based loadouts, aircraft pylon management, and completely custom spawn areas, help to create an immersive combat oriented environment. There are no safe zones, the AI is ruthless, and you are the invaders. You'll be outnumbered, outgunned, and have limited resources at your disposal. The server difficulty scales with the community QoL updates. Most servers give you (2) hours of grind, then you're endgame. Our server will consistently challenge you, and will always punish the situationally unaware. No sunny, infinite view distance Altis! Our server has unique weather, and an immersive atmosphere reminiscent of the OG hardcore Arma 2 DayZ servers, minus the zombies. Risk and Reward are real on our server. That hard earned vehicle you fought for is paper vs. launchers and gunships. You'll have to be strategic, adaptive, and realize your short comings, especially if you always lone wolf. Group oriented content. We have "raid" areas which are custom created and will never play out the same way. As such, these areas also allow for multiple angles of attack, as well as multiple breach points. Constant updates, active developer, and a global gaming community discord. If you're looking for a challenge, and some cool peeps to Arma with, come check us out!