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  1. The following has been added in Today's update: (6) New Traders / (4) are marked / (2) you'll have to explore and find! FARPs / Plantation have most traders. (2) radiation zones. (1) Server lore location. Map has been overhauled, and has (3) new spawn locations / many STOCK map locations / markers removed. No Build Zones have been properly updated. (5) Armed vehicles / (1) unarmed vehicle added to Vehicle Traders / Tow / Lift. Full changelogs / server support / in-progress content can be found on our discord: https://discord.gg/N52hfEmpHj
  2. MC Warfare Exile - Tanoa, is a new PVE server focusing on keeping you in the fight. The server AI are coded to be ruthless, relentless, and will hunt you down. Group play is highly encouraged, as our AI will use small group / combined arms tactics, and will keep your head on a swivel. If you and your group are looking for a chill PVE server, where the admin / owner actually cares about updating content, and keeping the server fresh, then you've come to the right place! We're looking for players of all skill levels, but especially those players / groups that are looking for a challenge not often found on PVE servers. Sure, we start you out with a full kit, but once you encounter your first combined arms AI patrol, calling in reinforcements, you'll understand why! We may still be in the "beta" phase of our server build, but here's what we can offer you, on a stable server build so far: - Respect based loadouts. - 30+ pre-built base locations ready for player flags. - Auto Rearm / Repair / Refuel locations. - Main + Southern Islands of Tanoa connected by bridges. - Lift / Tow. - Custom Coded Traders. - Group / Endgame "Raid" zones (AI Strongholds). - Roaming Vehicle Patrols / AI (Custom Coded.) - Custom AI loot tables. - Custom building loot tables. - Custom AI gearing pool. No longer will AI feel like a rag tag group of survivors, instead, you'll get the feel of a full blown Military / PMC co-op. - Challenging AI, that won't 1KM snipe you through Tanoa's foliage. - An established multi-game community, that you can call home.