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  1. jaidendude

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Looking fabulous! Very excited to see it through. The return of the Challenger 2!
  2. jaidendude

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Super stoked to continue following the development of this mod, challenger 2 makes a return! Will you be including interiors like the now outdated Challenger 2 by Burnes?
  3. Is there a function we can call on the init of a potential CSW static that allows CSW to be turned off for that specific weapon?
  4. jaidendude

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Is the warrior meant to have a 6 round mag on the canon? Seems strange, using ACE, ACRE, CBA etc with 3CB Vehicles.
  5. Hello. I'm running the debug for the script and everything seems to be behaving as normal, I just wanted to know what all the debug text means as I couldn't figure it all out for myself. The top 4 lines are pretty obvious, but I'm not sure about the last two. Thanks.
  6. Yes my MicroDAGR is also broken. https://i.gyazo.com/ed7ffec15b8dc3b3022c0d9c1e7fa760.mp4
  7. jaidendude

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    There's a very good reason the USAF keeps using the F15 and I read they were recently contemplating upgrading some F-15s to F-15X to compliment the F-35 replacements instead of just buying more 35s, saves money etc But yes you can minmax a very good loadout with the Strike Eagle, second only to the A-10 with it's loiter power @firewill I have a question, in your latest F-15E patchnotes, it says that the TGP can change with the dynamic loadout, is there any reason to use different TGPs or are they all purely visual differences?
  8. On Blood Gulch is it possible to pre-load vehicles into the stores?
  9. I need this in my life right now.
  10. Thanks for the reply @Hvymtal Another question (As googling didn't work): What on earth is the SUU-25 Flare Dispenser? I figure it's either a decoy device or illumination flares but I've not been able to effectively test it vs missiles thus far, does anyone know? Also, is there any real difference between the GBU 12, 38, 54 and EGBU-12 other than the fact that some are laser, some are gps and the EGBU is both?
  11. Hey Firewill absolutely loving your progress on these aircraft so far. Question for you: What's the difference between the pods on the F-16? (HTS, LANTIRN, LITENING, Sniper XR) I equipped each one in turn and it didn't appear to change anything in regards to sensor or the scrollwheel options. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello BI Forums, I've done some experimenting and I've come to the conclusion that BIS has done *something* wrong in terms of identifying the position of the throttle and converting that into the analogue thrust percentage. The reason that this is so baffling is that in single player it works flawlessly, on a local hosted mission it works without issue, however as soon as I join a multiplayer dedicated server the whole system goes kaput. Best case scenario is that it only accepts half of my possible travel potential on my throttle (All the way back would be -1, centered would be 0 and all the way forwards would be 1, ArmA appears to only accept 0-1 or -1 to 0 depending on if you bind the + or - axis.) Worst case scenario is that as soon as I move my throttle it automatically jumps to 100% throttle and only goes back to 0% exactly if I put my throttle in a very specific spot. This is strange behaviour. Was wondering if anyone could help me out and provide a bit of assistance, will post the same thing on the ArmA reddit too. Edit: Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/6br5hm/arma_issues_with_thrustmaster_throttle/
  13. I've been a long term fan of the DCS A-10C module, I even have a thrustmaster warthog HOTAS set which I've put away for now (No good with arma i'm afraid). Though I do understand that DCS is a 100% sim game and tries to be as realistic as possible, the only issue with trying to mix DCS and ArmA is that ArmA can be as little or as realistic as the end user wishes it to be. If we were to be going with 100% realism as in DCS then we would end up with everyone on the forums complaining that aircraft are OP because you got killed by something that was 5000 meters above you, outside of most object view ranges. In ArmA engagement ranges are very very short compared to DCS, and to account for that everything has to be toned down. I do agree that the GAU-8 was a tank buster, it was designed to own the russian tanks of it's time and it does a very good job of chewing up infantry and light vehicles due to it's explosive rounds. Though we can't have an OP gun such as this in ArmA due to the average infantryman not carrying AA. I would suggest simply toning down the damage so that one full burst would knock out a tank, so that if you missed some of those all important AP rounds, the tank would still be live. Or something along those lines instead.
  14. jaidendude

    Voice informer for planes

    Was there a reason for deleting the MDS? That was gonna be the reason I got this mod :/
  15. Loving the carrier, except I'm having issues with the catapult system. I'm using a mix of Firewill's F-14s and JS&S F/A-18Xs, both work perfectly when using the multiplayer editor, and hosting it off of my pc (they can make arrested landing and catapult launches flawlessly) However, when I put it onto a dedi server with the same mods running, the catapult system refuses to work, which then causes us to use the afterburner to launch ourselves manually off the deck, which is dangerous and can easily get newbies killed. I've not found a workaround yet, and no amount of syncing to modules in the editor seems to fix it. However, the arresting system, IFLOLS and plane inspection works flawlessly, just not the cat system. Weird. Any thoughts?