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  1. Map description Sagarmāthā is one of the fourteen zones located in eastern Nepal. It includes mountain districts of the Himalayas (including Mount Everest) in the north, hill districts in the center, and valley districts of the Terai in the south. It is bordered by China to the north, India to the south, the Kosi Zone to the east and the Janakpur Zone to the west. Map will cover Solukhumbu District located in the north of Sagarmāthā. Map info Terrain size: 40960 x 40960 meters Terrain grid size: 4096 x 4096 cells Terrain cell size: 10 meters Imagery size: 40960 x 40960 pixels Imagery resolution: 1 m/px Texture layer size: 40 x 40 meters More info and pictures at mod's website [please, be forgiving if found error, website was created whole (including code) by me] Real map location Pictures (some models may be different, because pictures are older than current map) More pictures Map is based on real world place. Please consider that some places in map may be different from their real places. Some buildings may be misplaced or may have wrong model, etc...
  2. It was because of my irl things, I was no able to continue on it.
  3. This map will be recreated in Arma 4.
  4. Next finished villages - Bupsa, Kharte and Kanre More pictures
  5. Thanks for binarize x64, tried and working very well. Additionally, it fixed my problem with "Extruding hills and valleys"
  6. My new model of temple with big prayer wheel, located in Lukla.
  7. New terrain with village Puiyan and Khari La pass. More pictures
  8. Some small progress... New model of Beehive Lodge located in Puiyan village. Pictures are from buldozer, so there is lower graphics quality. Real (I didn't find who took this image)
  9. After two months I've added myself created models of temples to map. Here is temple located in front of hospital in Lukla And this is Kemgon Gompa (monastery) located also in Lukla Some photo reference (I didn't find who took this image) Outskirts temple photosphere (By Jordi Torrejon) Kemgon Gompa photosphere (By Google)
  10. Version 0.2 Mod is in new version 0.2 "Jeth", still in closed beta stage. New part of map is mountainous, contains glaciers, high mountains and lakes. There is only one small village. More pictures at mod's website View map
  11. Finally after two weeks I had time to do binarization of map, so here are pictures of new part of map: Objects count is 550239.
  12. Thanks, that link - I'll explore that....
  13. Some pictures from editing. I have now a little time and binarization took much time, so there are pictures from buldozer: Map now (2018-02-26) has 462,275 objects.
  14. New model of Kemgon temple located in Lukla In real (photo by Akira06)
  15. Hi I have created new map with these parameters: Grid size: 4096x4096 Cell size: 10m Terrain size: 40960 Satellite map size: 40960x40960 splited into four smaller tiles 20480x20480. Satellite tile size: 1024x1024 Texture layer size: 80x80 Import of satellite textures was sucessfull, also convert and opening in buldozer was ok. But when I tried to binarize exported wrp, binarize.exe stucked at converting and do nothing. CPU usage is 25% and RAM is 130MB. I tried it run for 2hrs but nothing, temp folder is empty. And binarize.exe do not show any messages. Also tried run manually: Now I really don't know how to do... Thanks for help.
  16. Here are pictures of new model of temple which is near Lukla, in front of hospital. In real (photo by Sergey Pashko)
  17. Linear distance is 750 meters
  18. Thanks all Yes, that's river, but unfortunately Arma doesnt support rivers at all. Only one solution is place ponds (as you wroted), but the river slope is too big for ponds, so there are only small rocks, unfortunately... Here is a photo of Dudh Koshi in real
  19. Pakhepani and Chheubas villages Between these two villages there is Chutok La pass, it can be seen on third and fourth picture. First and second pictures show Pakhepani village. Chheubas is on third picture. And whole new area on fifth picture.
  20. ArmanIII

    Long time to binarize *.wrp

    Finally after a half of year I got answer - map cannot be binarized due to "Extruding hills and valleys" part. It freeze due to huge elevation changes / mountains in short distances. It is very interesting that Arma 2 binarize.exe works fine but Arma 3 binarize.exe freeze... More about it here
  21. New parallax maps for terrain / ground textures.
  22. ArmanIII

    Observation Night Sky [BETA]

    Thanks for ideas. As I like night observing night sky, I wanted to add all "night features" like zodiacal light. But due to my short of time I am still not able to add or fix current issues. Maybe if someone wants to continue, he can, but I for near future no.
  23. Arma 3 Observation Night Sky [BETA] This is some kind of example addon what can you do in Arma engine. Please do not ask me why some doen't work or why sometimes game crash. Mod using own library which is helping calculate some data for satellites, because it cannot be done ingame. WARNING!!! When the library is called, it can connect to internet for downloading TLE data. These files are not dangerous for your PC, they only contains data for calculating satellites. Files are stored in @ObservationNightSky/tle. Please if you don't know what are TLE data are, go to Wikipedia for more info. Using mod Module Satellites This module add satellites into the game. Satellites are showed as white dots on night sky (as real satellites). If you point at them, info will display. If not, some issue happened, please it is BETA and only sample mod. BEFORE PLACING MODULE, PLEASE SET INGAME REAL DATETIME. It means if it is today 2017-08-15, set this date also ingame. Otherwise game can crash or you can't see anything! Also you can saw sometimes falling star (meteor). This is the next reason for setting right datetime, because meteor showers are calculated from real parameters. On map you can see circle, bigger circle is the horizon. Smaller circle is 50 degrees of elevation. Module Milky Way This module simulates real Milky Way in night sky. You can see three different brightness of it. First is the maximum - for this brightness go to very dark place of map (without any light lamps) and set night without full moon. Second is the middle - set night where is the moon at half Third is the low - for this set night with full moon or go to city/town/village where are a lot of light lamps Please, you can sometimes see that Milky Way texture is "misplaced". It is due to strange Arma stars positions, because they aren't at their real positions! Also, Milky Way script was designed only for Altis and Startis, because script is dependent on lat lon coords. Meteors and Bolides These functions doesn't have scripts. If call it, it will run. For meteor run: [0, 50, 50, 0, 1] call ObservationNightSky_fnc_Meteor; Parameters: 0 - azimuth ( 0 to 360 ) 1 - elevation of start ( 30 to 90 ) 2 - slope of fall ( 20 to 70 ) 3 - from north or from south ( 0 or 1 ) 4 - distance from player ( +1000 to -1000 ) For bolide run: [0, 0, 50, 0, 1] call ObservationNightSky_fnc_Bolid; Parameters: 0 - bolide type ( 0 - small long trail, 1 - small short trail, 2 - big and long trail ) 1 - azimuth ( 0 to 360 ) 2 - elevation of start ( 30 to 90 ) 3 - from north or from south ( 0 or 1 ) 4 - speed of falling / or also gravity ( 0 to 5 ) Installation WARNING!!! Mod directory MUST BE PLACED in game installation folder. Otherwise it won't work or game can crash! Copy folder "@ObservationNightSky" to your Arma 3 installation folder. Add "-mod=@ObservationNightSky" to your Arma 3 shortcut like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Arma 3\Arma3.exe" -mod=@ObservationNightSky Or run it through Arma 3 Launcher. Uninstall Delete "@ObservationNightSky" folder. Downloads v1.0 BETA Mega v1.0 Sources Mega Released under Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) Mod was not released in Steam Workshop due the reason that mod is not for using as regular player. Mod is designed for advanced mod / mission makers. Thanks to Stellarium (http://www.stellarium.org/) - calculating satellite magnitude - meteor shower calculating - also inspiration for creating this project SGP4 library (https://www.danrw.com/sgp4/) - calculating satellites libnova (http://libnova.sourceforge.net/) - Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics Library Bohemia Interactive studio - for amazing game engine Used tools - Object Builder - TexView 2 - Pack tools { - FileBank - Binarize - CfgConvertFileChange - CfgConvert } - GIMP - Zoner Photo Studio X - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Creator ArmanIII If you want to edit or make the mod / library better, inform me. If you want use some part of mod (as script, library sources) please ask me or only inform me about what are you doing. It is allowed to use mod in your mod. It is allowed to unpack mod and use part of it your mod (only with informing me about it).
  24. Newly created terrain with two new villages - Nachipang and Thado Koshigaun More pictures at mod's website