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  1. The one in Vanilla is the MBT Revolution which is a fork/upgrade kit of the original Leo 2A4. The one Varanon made is a Leopard 2A6. I think only Indonesia uses the Revolution, most others use either 2A4, 2A6, or are upgrading to a 2A7.
  2. Indeed that was the problem. Vanilla Blackfoot has both set to -1, so I went with that as well. Now the Longbow can lock onto a target if it has LOS. So, AH-64D can lock targets now.
  3. The main problem is, since there is virtually no documentation and very little in terms of logic in PhysX, it's almost 100 percent trial and error, and we simply lack the manpower to do it. Not much that we can change about that, our last call for more people to join the project didn't really get heard, so we can only do so much.
  4. Yeah, it's definitely something like that. I had first though it was the "aimDown" because I could lock on targets that are above or in the same plane as the plane. I'm currently reading up on what these things do, since I don't really have a clue about the stuff.
  5. Guys, as I said, what you need to do is point at the target and press right mouse button, that will lock on. The rest is being investigated.
  6. Yeah, I know. I run a mod on our server that adjusts the spotDistance accordingly. I just wish all of that stuff was in Vanilla, so no "hacking" would be needed - the ultra-clear NVG's have always been an annoyance.
  7. You can simply rolls the effect scale back to 0 to get basically the same effect without having to mess around with the pbo's. The most pressing issue with the new NVG's is that the AI doesn't suffer their consequences. We have mitigated that by dependently cutting off AI detection range, however, since Arma AI has superhuman hearing, that has its limits :( Still, game or not, I like the new NVG's a lot.
  8. I remember in Arma 3 Alpha there was class names mentioned that referenced a visible light laser attachment and an IR illuminator. Sadly, none of that made it into the game. IR Flashlights would be very helpful with the new ACE NVG's.
  9. The AH-1Z should not be able to load the L ("Longbow") Variant, but it can load the K variant since the gunner has a laser designator. The major problem is that BIS never told their AI gunners how to use that, so it will be difficult to use it in Single player. Frankly, I don't know what to do about that; we might give the pilot a targeting camera with laser for this. The better solution would have been if the AI could actually use the laser designator, but for some reason, it doesn't work.
  10. Yeah I forgot that the AH-1Z doesn't even have RADAR. I think there is an external Radar pot, but so far (and probably in the future as well) no components can be mounted via magazines, so sadly, no Radar pods. The AH-64 does work via the "Lock Target" function. But with the lack of a Radar on the Viper, I guess there is an issue with the Hellfire's locking mechanism.
  11. Tab for me is mapped to "Next Target" and "Next Target (in vehicle)". Hold secondary mouse button is mapped to "Lock Target". I tried putting the Hellfires on the Blackfoot, and they work there, so it seems to be an issue with the Apache. OTOH, they do lock on the AH-1Z which doesn't even have a Radar.. seems there are some fixes needed :|
  12. vtol = 4 will not change anything, unless the Harrier has properly configured PhysX, it won't VTOL until it is at least 5 km/h. That is because simulation="airplane" is broken, and simulation="airplanex" will not work without physx. However, I have not managed to configure a plane with PhysX, and I haven't gotten hold of anyone at BIS that can explain to me how it is supposed to work. So, sadly, nothing you can do about it ATM.
  13. Tried again, they lock for me. However,I did notice a difference to vanilla armaments, namely that I use right mouse button to designate a target, while TAB is enough on Vanilla. I'll investigate.
  14. Just tried it, works as expected here. You need to lock the target, and it needs to be on the radar. As has been said, the K variant is laser guided. They aren't. They are controlled by whatever you set them to in the loadout. Problem is, the loadout selection ("Default", "Anti-Tank" etc) does not allow for the definition of who should be able to fire them. When you put the Apache in the editor, the default loadout is Hydra pods which are pilot controlled. Selecting "Anti-Tank" switches the weapons, but (since it isn't possible) the control is not handed to the co-pilot. I had previously made a script that gave the weapons to the right controller, but that was before BIS added the possibility to switch that in the editor. I wish there was a way to determine the default controller in the magazine config, and I have previously asked for this feature, but sadly, it was never added. Could point. Please make a ticket on bugs.cup-arma3.org. Thanks!
  15. Right, that too. You can only start to adjust vectoring when going above five km/h