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  1. Alwarren

    Virolahti - Valtatie 7

    Just had a drive over this map, and dang, it looks good. Very natural looking, with a good attention to detail without cluttering everything up. Overall, great work!
  2. This refers to the searchlight on some vehicles, namely the UAZ
  3. Alwarren

    More readable map v2

    Every addon has a requiredAddons config entry in their CfgPatches. The dependency on A3_UI_F needs to be changed to A3_UI_F_Tank.
  4. If they work, then there is probably scripting involved. Since pylon weapons are "just" magazines (not even weapons), there is no way to add anything in terms of functionality to a plane or chopper unless you script it
  5. No, Yes, Maybe. It's classified. As a rule, it is impossible to say what gets added. We have a backlog of material in our source svn, but these will only get done once someone decides to do them. We do not feel obligated to do any of it. After all, we're doing this in our spare time and as such, either the process in itself must be motivating enough, or the end result must be "worth it" from our point of view. So yeah, I know that a MUTT would be cool, as would be a T-62, a T-80, or any other number of vehicles.
  6. You lost me at Turbosquid. Turbosquid has some models of questionable origins. We don't take anything were we cannot assertain that the creator of the model has given his okay. Besides that, it is not likely to happen. We do these models because we enjoy the process. The fact that something comes out of it is "just" an added bonus. Working on other people's models is boring.
  7. Work-In-Progress textured render of the new BTR-80 family of APC's, for your viewing pleasure. Coming to a CUPdate near you soon(ish)
  8. I prefer false alarms over actual problems we have to solve 😉
  9. Are you loading any other addons besides CUP? Does the error persist if you remove those addons? Did you try to "repair addon" in the launcher?
  10. Download the ZIP file from here https://github.com/AlwarrenSidh/ArmAToolbox/releases/tag/v3.0.3-alpha Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Addons, and click "Install". You should then browse to the ZIP archive, and add a checkmark in front of the Addon when it appears in the list of addons.
  11. Remove JSRS for now, it needs to be adapted to the new launchers.
  12. Are you using a sound mod like JSRS?
  13. It might come as a shock, but yeah, we know that one of the big issues are textures. The MP5 had a 512x512 texture as an example, the original Little Bird had four 1k textures mashed together onto one 2K textures, and it included the grey AH-6X version. We have experimented with an algorithm that can enlarge older textures and "guess" details. Right now, that hasn't been a priority though. When it comes to replacing Chernarus buildings with Contact buildings, we have considered this option and have decided against it. We want to keep Chernarus as it is right now, so that there is little chance of breaking existing missions. Having said that, though, there is already work going on on the next generation of Terrains, which will mix things up a bit. We'll talk about the details when we are ready to disclose them. If you check the new models we made, most of them have 4k textures as default (or a sufficient number of 2k textures). For some vehicles, like e.g. the HMMWV's, we are actually making new models and textures. This all takes time.
  14. Please make a ticket on our tracker, if possible with a video/screenshot of the issue. Thank you!
  15. There is a known issue with the uploads of CUP Weapons. We're working on the fix and we'll let you all know once the fix is online. Thank you for your patience.