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  1. It's an intended feature. The Panzerfaust cannot be reloaded, the only thing you can do (in reality) is to remove the firing device/grip and attach it to a different unit. However, the firing device is only a fraction of the weight/volume of the weapon, so there is no point in implementing this feature, as it basically boils down to carrying a second Panzerfaust along. If we would have made it reloadable, the ammo would be equally heavy as the weapon itself is now. You should be able to load a PzF 3 (the complete launcher) into a backpack. EDIT: There seems to be a pull request for CBA that will turn ammo into launchers if they fit the backpack In reality, you can opt to extend or retract the spike on the shot, but there is no way to model this in Arma except for scripting, which we will always avoid in CUP if possible. But there is no way to reload a Panzerfaust, it's a disposable weapon with a (small) detachable fire control unit. Anti-Tank weapons in Arma are generally overpowered. It usually takes much longer to reload, or make ready, any kind of anti-tank weapon. Sad to say it, but Dragon Rising did that part better (and pretty much everything else worse). I know this isn't an ideal solution. But as it is now, the PzF 3 has one of the most potent warheads in all of Arma, and making it simply reloadable, disregarding the reality of it, would make it way too powerful, especially considering AI using it - they can usually fire shot after shot with reloadable launchers.
  2. Our local terrain expert Ben has taken a look, should be fixed when Terrains update again.
  3. This is the wrong thread, there is an extra thread for the terrains. Also, what do you mean with "annoying texture rendering problems"?
  4. Thanks. Grip should be easy enough to exchange. I'll see what to do about the magazines.
  5. Admittedly, yes. Should have been more clear with what I mean with "magazine".
  6. Is there a ticket for that? I'll look into that.
  7. Define "retexture" If you mean make a new magazine config, set hiddenSelectionTextures to something else, then that is exactly what I said above. If you mean setObjectTexture on a weapon that is using a proxy, then no, it doesn't work.
  8. Well, yeah, that's the point. You cannot retexture a magazine proxy unless you make a new magazine. It isn't possible to retexture an existing magazine proxy since proxies cannot be retextures on the gun. In Arma 2, when the magazine was almost always part of the gun, or, in the case of an RPG-7, the entire model was exchanged depending on the loaded ammo, this was possible (always provided that the hidden selections were there). I mean, for my AK-12 in CUP I made one model for the magazine and retextured that via hidden selection, but, as pointed out, you need new mags for that, it isn't possible to do that e.g. via setObjectTexture.
  9. Hehe nice to hear. I'll look into it. Need to see if I can bend the 5.45 magazine into shape, it worked reasonably well with the AK-19 mag. No idea if that is going to be in the maintenance update, but yeah, carbines are planned, as is versions with the older (but cooler looking) furniture, and probably RPK-16.
  10. Don't know if this is the case here, but usually RPG-7 launchers have a magazine proxy for the rocket, since the different ammo types look different, and those cannot be retextured.
  11. We're going to talk about it internally. I agree it is an issue, but I wouldn't really want to disable all sights' Night Vision capabilities. It should, however, be possible to disable the 3D scope's ability to use night vision I think. The functionality used to switch is part of CBA IIRC, so it might be possible to ask the CBA guys to introduce a server-side setting for disabling switching between 2D and 3D scopes.
  12. Hm, that shouldn't actually influence the functionality at all. TBH, I don't know if it can be disabled, it's a CBA function, so if there is a toggle for it, it would be there.
  13. Good point, I still have a couple of MLOK handguards lying around that someone donated... Should put them into the game.
  14. If enabling advanced flight model in the settings doesn't do the trick, then no, it's most likely not configured. Only a couple of our helicopters have it, it's a PITA to set up and almost nobody I know uses it, definitely no one on the team.