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  1. Alwarren

    Export problem on blender

    Here's my guess - you have a material slot on your object but no material assigned to it.
  2. Alwarren

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    They could spent it on drugs and hookers for all I care. If you sell a product, you sell a product. You want to make a profit out of it. This isn't a charity. Of course I want Arma 4 as much as anyone else, but a company is a company.
  3. I will update the release ASAP. I have recently added a few rather consequential updates to the code that I wanted to test a bit before committing, but it seems that most of it work. A few kinks remain that need to be addressed. In the meantime, pulling the source is the best practical solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. All collections are visible. I haven't found a way to only make one collection visible via script, but if you simply press the "1" key it will hide all but the first collection, which is probably what you want.
  5. Hi do you know how to get an AI to turn on the new CUP searchlight? players can turn it on but the AI dont turn the light on.

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    2. Gunter Severloh

      Gunter Severloh

      Cupdate, lol i like that, its very fitting.

    3. Alwarren


      Hehe yeah we came up with that after repeated saying "CUP Update" on the discord 🙂

    4. jgaz-uk


      Hi I found a way to do it & with triggers also its


      this turretUnit [0] action ["SearchLightOn", this];       In the light init.


      And named instead of "this" works in a trigger, as it the alarm goes off the searchlight comes on Yay!


      light1 turretUnit [0] action ["SearchLightOn", light1];    in a trigger.

  6. Looks like one of your weights in the named selections are off, which is weird since weights can only go 0..1 If possible, can you send that file with only that one LOD to my email address (Hans-Joerg@friedenhq.org) ? I'll have a look then.
  7. I need more context. What did you do, and if possible, where/what line was the error reported?
  8. The question isn't "is it possible", the question is more "who is going to do it". Right now there are no plans for that.
  9. Actually, it does... However... Make sure you are using the right version. There is a legacy version for Blender 2.79 (https://github.com/AlwarrenSidh/ArmAToolbox/releases/tag/bf-1) which is the last one for the old Blender branch Your models MUST NOT be binarized. The Toolbox will not open binarized models. This is intentional, and is not going to change. I highly recommend updating to Blender 2.90. Python scripting between 2.79 and 2.80 and beyond are incompatible, so the 2.79 branch of the toolbox will no longer be updated. Something else, if you get any sort of error, an error message would be helpful. "I get an error" doesn't really say much. If in doubt, in Blender go to the menu Window -> Toggle System Control and cut-n-paste the error message from there. Anything else will leave me guessing.
  10. Well we did and concluded that a different color would not be very likely to break a lot of missions. Seems we were right. Case closed.
  11. I would seriously not call a car changing color to be "broken". We do our best to keep classes that we removed in the game as scope=1 to avoid breaking missions. But we will not hesitate to do things we consider an improvement, and quite frankly, random color changes is not a big deal. It would be different if your mission didn't load anymore because we removed a class.
  12. *** ATTENTION *** This is a highly experimental test release of the Arma toolbox. It is not recommended for production use, but for testing only. I would like to receive feedback on the new features in this version. download link What's New - Imported p3d files will now set the name of the first UV Map to "UVMap" to avoid merging problems - New Merge operator that can merge two objects while retaining Proxies (see below) - New Export option: "Apply Modifiers" will apply all modifiers on the exported model, for example, put a Triangulate modifier on an object to only export triangles - New Export option: 'Merge same LOD's" will try to merge all lods of the same type and/or resolution setting. That means that if you have two LOD 1.0, they will be merged and show up as one in the exported P3D New Merge Operator: In order to use the Merge operation, you should map it to a key. By default, CTRL-J joins all selected to the active object, and this operator behaves the same, so it can be a full replacement for that since it doesn't do any special magic unless the selected objects are actual Arma objects AND have proxies. The easiest way is to replace the CTRL-J key mapping. To do that: Go to Edit -> Preferences and select Keymap Open the ""3D Mode", "Object Mode", and "Object Mode (global)" panel Either add a new keyboard shortcut, or find the CTRL-J shortcut As operator (if you added a new keyboard shortcut it will say "None") add armatoolbox.join Save the preferences and close the window To join objects: In the viewport: - Select the first object then shift-select the next object, selecting the "receiver" last. - Press the shortcut you used (CTRL-J if you are an optimist like me) In the outliner: - Select the first object then ctrl-select the next object, selecting the "receiver" last - Press the shortcut you used For context, "receiver" in this case means the object that will be preserved. all of the other objects will be merged INTO that one. Also note that there is currently a limitation, namely that named properties are NOT merged along and the named properties of the merged objects are simply lost. As I said, this is a highly experimental version and should be treated with a ten-foot pole. Still, feedback is welcome 🙂
  13. Might be related to the simulation="aircraft" vs. simulation="aircraftX". Vanilla use aircraftX, that includes physX. Sadly, we tried to use PhysX on some of our planes and it resulted mostly in spontaneous self-combustion.
  14. There should be nothing removed, especially not wheeled vehicles. Can you specify which vehicles you mean?