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  1. It might come as a shock, but yeah, we know that one of the big issues are textures. The MP5 had a 512x512 texture as an example, the original Little Bird had four 1k textures mashed together onto one 2K textures, and it included the grey AH-6X version. We have experimented with an algorithm that can enlarge older textures and "guess" details. Right now, that hasn't been a priority though. When it comes to replacing Chernarus buildings with Contact buildings, we have considered this option and have decided against it. We want to keep Chernarus as it is right now, so that there is little chance of breaking existing missions. Having said that, though, there is already work going on on the next generation of Terrains, which will mix things up a bit. We'll talk about the details when we are ready to disclose them. If you check the new models we made, most of them have 4k textures as default (or a sufficient number of 2k textures). For some vehicles, like e.g. the HMMWV's, we are actually making new models and textures. This all takes time.
  2. Please make a ticket on our tracker, if possible with a video/screenshot of the issue. Thank you!
  3. There is a known issue with the uploads of CUP Weapons. We're working on the fix and we'll let you all know once the fix is online. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Definitely make sure to have the old version deleted. Also make sure it's the latest version: https://github.com/AlwarrenSidh/ArmAToolbox/releases/tag/v3.0.3-alpha
  5. You must not have non-convex shapes in the fire geometry. Also make sure that you have defined Component01, Component02 etc, there is a function in the Arma 3 Tools shelf that allows you to generate these automatically (only the selections; you have to ensure the convexity yourself still)
  6. Agreed. During my German Army time (which admittedly was almost at the same time that Operation Flashpoint takes place) no normal soldier ever carried a pistol. We trained with them, but that was the only time I ever had one in my hands. Normal grunts had their G3 rifle and that's it, and only guard personal, tankers and overseers on the shooting range had pistols. From what I have read, the same applies to the US Army, at least in the 2000.
  7. A Named selection in MLOD files merely contains a single entry per vertex, and it is the weight of the vertex in that selection. A zero weight means it isn't part of the selection, therefore it is impossible to write a named selection into an MLOD file that has a zero weight BUT still is part of the named selection. The bottom line is, it is technically impossible.
  8. Exactly. Zero means the vertex is not part of the group and will not get exported as such.
  9. I cannot reproduce any issues with loading the addon; it works fine for me, I have no clue what could be wrong here. @Eladorn, have you checked the system console?
  10. Are you sure you have the latest version? Also make sure you don't install over an old version, remove it entirely before you update.
  11. Check the Console (Menu Window->Toggle System Console) and check if there are any error messages visible
  12. Dev branch is only updated once a week, so they might not be in yet
  13. Also make sure you aim correctly and have all bars of the signal lit up (leave detailed view for that). Otherwise it won't work.