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  1. I have added a few features and made a few fixes, the latest version can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_C1BxZphNz9Xzc0UWUtQmhrNjA Among other things, the following things are fixed/added: No longer gives an error message when nothing is selected during export Now includes a function that re-numbers components in geometry LOD's. It deletes all ComponentXX selections and generates new ones. Now includes a function to fill an axis-parallel box with hitpoint spheres As soon as the 2.80 API is stable, I will start adding support for the latest Blender version.
  2. If there were any news, we would let you know.
  3. It was. Saying "it was possible" is exaggerated. IIRC, Iron Front merely used a setpos/setDir loop. Making draggable vehicles is IMO impossible since they cannot have any form of neutral gear. If there is no driver in, they will never slide down a hillside because you forgot to pull the parking brake since there is none. I wouldn't expect it to happen in this game anymore either.
  4. Is this going to get fixed? It seems that this might be a bug I have encountered with the T-90 model - under certain circumstances components are ignored.
  5. Depends on the chopper, besides I can see the circle even if the plane's radar is off.
  6. :| I am a helicopter pilot about 50% of my playtime, how could I have missed that... I literally never seen this.
  7. I don't think articulated vehicles like a semi or (in this case) a towed SAM launcher are possible in the Arma engine, at least not without a lot of bugger-all magic. Most attempts I have seen so far have not worked very well. Since vehicles cannot have an Idle gear by default, I don't see this happening any time soon.
  8. Yeah I am just confused as to what exactly classifies as trackable by an anti-radiation missile. The tracking radar would, I suppose, also count as a Radar source, but it might be that the burst is too short to register. In any case, taking out the Chronus eventually silenced the SAM site, which I suppose is what you would want. Am I wrong in assuming the yellow circle on the Threat/RWR display is new? What is it supposed to mean?
  9. I suppose so, yeah.. after a while, though, the SAM falls quiet and even flying in front of its nose doesn't trigger it (I explicitly disabled the build-in radar). I was confused by the yellow circle on the threat display, though, since I don't think I ever noticed them.
  10. Okay, maybe I am doing something wrong, but here goes. I tried the new Radar/SAM combination in conjunction with a SEAD missile. The emission control of the SAM is set to off, so that it should (in theory at least) depend on the Chronus RADAR exclusively for targetting. My plane fires a HARM at the radar and destroys it, but the SAM still engages me even though it should not have its radar on. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: it seems like the SAM itself appears as a yellow circle on the map, and the RADAR as an active radar site (half-circle). I guess that the SAM's missiles have active radar tracking and do not rely on the ground station for tracking, so I guess that the missile itself is tracking, not the SAM site. Still, even with an active lock the HARM does not seem to want to target the SAM itself.
  11. Not really. From working on the CUP armor models, one thing I learned is that the only real protection a tank has is its frontal hull and turret armor. Everything else is alarmingly thing. The T-72, for example, has a frontal hull armor of (IIRC) 560 mm. That is big enough to withstand e.g. a PG-7V rocket, but certainly not the RPG-32 (which has almost 600 mm penetration). Hellfire missiles have around 800 or so mm of penetration, so they will literally penetrate the T-72 everywhere. Really depends on the tank. Situational awareness is always a requirement. That depends on the guidance system. Unguided rocket and missiles obviously are unaffected by smoke. Longbow Hellfire and every other radar-guided missile as well. Only IR and Laser guidance would in any way be affected by smoke. As it should be. Again, situational awareness is a requirement. I actually agree with this. The default loadouts are ridiculous. The Titan launcher, comparable in effectiveness to the real-world Javelin, has missiles that are way too small. Also, reloading any launcher in Arma is way too fast. For a Javelin you would normally have to detach the CLU from one tube, get a new one (which weights around 22 kg) , reattach the CLU... the only game that this decently modeled was (shudder) Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, where each of the launcher had a more or less realistically long reload animation - for the SMAW, for example, you put it on the ground, remove the tube, put in a new one, and shoulder it again. For something like the MAAWS, it usually requires two people in reality, one shooter and one loader. Loading the MAAWS even with two guys requires a few seconds. In Arma, you just take the new rocket out of thin air and stuff it into the tube. Some rifles take longer to reload than launchers. It also doesn't help that systems like the NLAW which are disposable (i.e. you cannot reload them) in reality are equally fast to reload and fire again in Arma. That is the single point where infantry is overpowered, more so since a lot of groups contain anti-tank capabilities that are unrealistic at best. Overall, yes I agree that infantry has way too much firepower against tanks, also because almost all of the groups have at least an NLAW gunner in them. That's why they are aircraft. Well that's how it works in reality too. That would be an issue of the MP game mode. The problem with a lot of games is that the ratio of equipment is skewed. Just look at the average amount of snipers running around in public matches; snipers are a very specialized group of infantry, usually work only in a team, and are rare. Same with planes. Tanks, just like anything on a modern battlefield, cannot exist in isolation (that's one of the beauties of the Wargame series - it clearly shows that a tank without close air protection and recon only works in a very few selected places). Tank crews are usually pretty confined and have difficulty spotting things in their close proximity. They are also mostly defenseless against air attacks. In order to make things work, they require an infrastructure of troops working together. Bottom line, tanks are very much vulnerable. Their use requires more skill than a lot of people realize, and they greatly depend on other troops.
  12. Tickets, gentlemen, or it didn't happen.
  13. To be honest, I can't say. It all depends on so many things. Right now, other things take precedence, like the Tank DLC updates.
  14. If you mean the CUP Dev branch, you need to send a friend request to user CUP Team on Steam, then you will be able to see the dev branch versions.
  15. Never really understood the point of these markers. If you play with a TrackIR or similar tracking device, chances are you aren't going to be aligned properly. I wish that thing was optional. Or not there at all.