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  1. IF you are adventurous: https://github.com/AlwarrenSidh/ArmAToolbox/releases/tag/v3.0.1-alpha There are a few caveats right now. For example, the importer loads each LOD into their own collection, but I haven't found out how to make collections really invisible so after loading you need to control-left click on the eye icon in the outliner of the LOD you want to see. Also, the exporter no longer automatically handles n-gons with n>4. You will have to triangulate the n-gons first, which currently is manual work. There is a button that is supposed to do that automatically, but for the same reason as above (I don't know how to make collections/objects visible) this isn't working as intended so far. In general, expect bumps and ditches.
  2. Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    You are essentially asking for a completely unrealistic feature because engine sound annoys you? Pilots/drivers that get killed don't take the time to switch off the engine before exitus. I hate it when AI has a flashlight and the flashlight magically switches off as soon as you kill the AI. That is not how reality works. We can argue about the loudness of engines (although choppers will always be extremely loud) but switching them off when the pilot is killed is not a solution. Way to go to get people to listen to you :|
  3. Yeah, I had discovered this mostly because I was monitoring the channels for obvious reasons. With the Beta version to be released around Blender Conference, the API should be stable and that is when I will start adapting the toolbox to 2.80. I agree about using the zipped version, I have both installed to get acquainted with the new interface, even though the current version still has its share of instabilities...
  4. Sadly, I don't think that Blender 2.80 is still scheduled for the 20th. AFAIK, it has been pushed back into 2019, as per this article https://code.blender.org/2018/08/blender-2-8-planning-update/
  5. Requires that there is actual wind, I don't know if wind wasn't set to zero in the video. Good point though, definitely should have a strong wind sound if wind is present.
  6. It should point directly to the O2Script.exe binary.
  7. Please report these bugs on our tracker. Except for #2, anything that contains "Exile" is a problem in compatibility with Exile mod and beyond our ability to fix.
  8. You need to send a friend request to the CUP-Team on Steam
  9. Yeah but for the intent of landing something on top of it, that shouldn't really make a difference, unless there is some issue with collusion of a non-local vehicle. And unless the helicopter is AI-controlled, it will be local to the pilot. Having said that, we really need to move our static ships into the same framework as BIS are using. For example, their ships move position when you drag them in the editor, ours only snap to the new position once you release it.
  10. Future versions of the toolbox will replace the modified with the auto-smoothing.
  11. If the model is imported, it will automatically add an Edge split modifier. I should really get rid of that and I recommend deleting it and instead using the Normal Auto-Smooth with these settings: You will still have to mark sharp edges as such, but this should not split your edges in any way. I hope that answers your question?
  12. Well unless it is spawned in with createVehicleLocal , createVehicle objects are globally visible.
  13. Some new toys for special forces: AN/PVS-15 and GPNVG four-tube goggles
  14. FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack

    Check the first post, I just added a Google Drive link In reality, the SAR usually has the wooden handgard because of temperature, the wood isn't as sensitive to the heat generated by the higher fire frequency than the plastic, which is why they usually don't come with plastic handguards. Good point, I should fix that. Next update, hopefully not in two years again.
  15. FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack

    After long last, here's an update. The current update contains the following changes: New Weapon: Remington R11 RSASS in 7 camo variants New Textures for G36C (7 camo variants) Two new variants of the Galil: 5.56 SAR and 5.56 SA (carbine) version Galil now uses proxied magazines. 25 Round 7.62 and 35 or 50 Round 5.56. Galils now all have a rail adaptor for optics. Usually hidden, it will appear if there is an optic on the rail. More coming soon. (I hope)