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  1. There is a good chance for a remake of the T-72 at that level, yes. T-90, I don't know yet.
  2. yeah I forgot to check in model.cfg *facepalm*
  3. I'll look into the bottom two. As for animating the coax, there is simply not enough bones left. The RV Engine has a limit of (I think, since it would be an 8 bit number) 256 bones per model. The Abrams, as it is now, has 248. I already had to drop a couple of animations (for example, the CS/AMM M2 doesn't animate at all) in order to get it into the limit. Animating a belt feed usually takes a lot of bones. I even had to remove the Tank inheritence from model.cfg since it added some default animations were the bone limit was breached... So there is little chance this will get fixed, sadly.
  4. Yeah, they are all made from the same master model. I have added functionality to the toolbox were you can export different configuration of the model from the same source. Means you only have to correct a mistake once, but also means that you do duplicate mistakes to all variants 🙂
  5. Argh, probably missing the main_turret selection. Thanks for the heads-up, dunno why I didn't notice it 😐
  6. Thanks! Not quite sure what you mean by that. WTF, you're right... it only appears when you play it in game, placing it in the editor works fine... That's... weird.... Thanks for the heads-up, I'll fix those ASAP.
  7. The bug tracker is on dev.cup-arma3.org. Website works for me.
  8. Don't let free stuff stop you from quitting the game.
  9. IIRC both of these have Sullen Skies built in, but that shouldn't affect other maps ...
  10. Are you running any other mod besides CUP? If so, please remove them and try again with only CUP loaded.
  11. As far as I can see, your problem is that you did not select the rig but rather the weapon model. If you look at the color of the outlines, the weapon model is brighter, and the Arma 3 Object Properties panel shown there is that of a mesh. Make sure you have the rig itself selected, i.e. just click on any bone so that the outline is bright orange.
  12. There is none, really. The old one is hopelessly outdated, and I don't get the time to write a new one. You must have an armature selected, and it must be marked as an Arma object. I use Maczer's rig, but I don't really do much in terms of animations, mostly weapon hands/Reloads and cargo poses.
  13. This works for me. Check the System Console if you have any error messages. Also, if in doubt try to download the source directly from github, it's newer than the released version. The panel should pop up no matter what, but you need to have o2script.exe from the tools package currently to get meaningful output.