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  1. Try the latest release on this page You can also try to download the master branch by clicking on "Code" and selecting "Download ZIP", but you will have to install the stuff by hand since that ZIP archive does not work with the "Install Addon" in Blender.
  2. I have to say this is by far the best looking middle east map I have seen in a long time. Really looking forward to the release.
  3. I'm really looking foward to trying this map. Looking really good!
  4. Whats with the so called improvement of the thermal update, its totally unrealistic now! cant under stand how that could be conceived as an upgrade? No one seems to like it, or understand why they would do that.

    1. Alwarren


      Don't ask me. I haven't actually seen it yet, so I can't really comment.

    2. jgaz-uk


      Others are commenting!


    3. Alwarren


      Ugh, well, I do not, as a rule, read Steam comments


  5. No idea, but it is a CBA feature so I would start looking at that.
  6. I am quite sure it isn't possible at the moment.
  7. Not going to happen for two reasons: We don't have permission from the author, nor do we have the source Someone would have to do it, and it ain't us. Also: !request
  8. If your vest has weights assigned to it according to the OFP2 ManSkeleton, then you are probably missing a model.cfg entry for it. Other than that, it's impossible to say what is going on without seeing the actual model.
  9. The Toolbox currently does not import RTM's, you need this to do that Note, however, that RTM import, by its nature, is quite limited in functionality.
  10. As I said, try without any mods except CUP and if the problem persists give me some steps to reproduce it. I have tried it here several times, and I cannot reproduce it.
  11. Just tried it, no such problem here. Works as intended. Are you loading any other addons except CUP? If so, please try without. If the problem persists, make a bug report on our tracker and include detailed steps to reproduce the problem. Thank you.
  12. I think this is just the rest of the group trying to keep formation with the lower numbers. If you break up the formation they will move but as long as they are in formation, they will orient after their "predecessor" in the formation.
  13. Then you are probably trying to load a binarized model, which is not supposed to be loaded. You need an unbinarized file.
  14. Yeah, no problem there. I use 3.1 myself
  15. Was that you that asked that question on the official Discord?