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  1. What you are asking there is mission-specific scripting, and has nothing to do with CUP. Just write the scripts yourself.
  2. Uh... http://cup-arma3.org/content ? It shows a couple of random items. Reload the page for more.
  3. No, there aren't any animations for this. If you feel like it you can add a ticket to the issue tracker asking for this, but there's no promise when that will happen (if at all).
  4. IIRC These hatches are connected to the "turn out" of the FFV positions associated with them, i.e. if you sit in the FFV positions of the LAV-25 and turn out, the hatches will open.
  5. No real plans for that, no.
  6. No plans at the time. These guns were donated by Massi, and we included them as-is. To what?
  7. I recently had to look at the SE Asia map because we had some other issues reported that turned out to be caused by the map. One of the things I saw is that it has a CARoadE CfgPatch, which is also used by CUP Terrain, which is probably the reason why the roads didn't work.
  8. Thank you for the loads of information, @Damian90. I cannot promise when/if these changes will make it into CUP, but we very much appreciate your effort!
  9. I've seen this before... the two major issues I have seen so far with convoys are Last vehicle randomly stops First vehicle doesn't move If you take over the driver of the front vehicle with Zeus and drive a few meters, the convoy will work normally... It just won't go on its own. Needless to say, this is a wee bit frustrating.
  10. I think what he means is if we plan to make the road pieces available in Eden, not as a separate addon.
  11. The CDF uses a more or less fantasy camo, for example the Winter colors are not based on any real camo pattern. I don't see the issue with that.
  12. I respectfully disagree about the quality of the CDF textures, and I am quite surprise you would mention those but not the Russians which are identical except for the specific camo pattern. The SLA are indeed still the Arma 1 models IIRC and would be next in line for an overhaul. The Chedaki are mostly the Arma 2 models, and would do well with an overhaul.
  13. Maybe because we are one Chieftain tank short of actually having a Chieftain tank? Yeah Project 85 was a good mod but for one thing, we would need permission to convert it to Arma 3, and most of all, we need the manpower. That is currently a bit problematic, seeing e.g how many tanks are not updated to the Tanks DLC yet. It's always nice to have more stuff, but it needs to come from somewhere.
  14. A selection of the camos for the new MT-LB Armoured Personal Carrier. More versions (like the AA-Variant, BTR-80 turret, ATGM etc) are planned for a later CUPdate
  15. IF you are adventurous: https://github.com/AlwarrenSidh/ArmAToolbox/releases/tag/v3.0.1-alpha There are a few caveats right now. For example, the importer loads each LOD into their own collection, but I haven't found out how to make collections really invisible so after loading you need to control-left click on the eye icon in the outliner of the LOD you want to see. Also, the exporter no longer automatically handles n-gons with n>4. You will have to triangulate the n-gons first, which currently is manual work. There is a button that is supposed to do that automatically, but for the same reason as above (I don't know how to make collections/objects visible) this isn't working as intended so far. In general, expect bumps and ditches.