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  1. This is the Arma Toolbox for Blender, a collection of python scripts that allow you to import and export P3D modles in MLOD format from/to Blender, with some extra support for things like Proxies, LOD's and other Arma-Specific things. The Toolbox is open source and under GPL-3.0. It's hosted on GitHub. Latest versions: 2.80: Alpha 3.0.4 for Blender 2.8x New in this version: Significant speed-up for import and export operations A legacy version for 2.79 is available here. 2.79: 2.7.0 Bugfix #1 for Blender 2.XX (with XX <= 79) Note that the 2.79 branch is only seeing bugfixes now, other than that it is at the end of its lifecycle. Future development will be done solely on the 2.80 branch.
  2. *** ATTENTION *** This is a highly experimental test release of the Arma toolbox. It is not recommended for production use, but for testing only. I would like to receive feedback on the new features in this version. download link What's New - Imported p3d files will now set the name of the first UV Map to "UVMap" to avoid merging problems - New Merge operator that can merge two objects while retaining Proxies (see below) - New Export option: "Apply Modifiers" will apply all modifiers on the exported model, for example, put a Triangulate modifier on an object to only export triangles - New Export option: 'Merge same LOD's" will try to merge all lods of the same type and/or resolution setting. That means that if you have two LOD 1.0, they will be merged and show up as one in the exported P3D New Merge Operator: In order to use the Merge operation, you should map it to a key. By default, CTRL-J joins all selected to the active object, and this operator behaves the same, so it can be a full replacement for that since it doesn't do any special magic unless the selected objects are actual Arma objects AND have proxies. The easiest way is to replace the CTRL-J key mapping. To do that: Go to Edit -> Preferences and select Keymap Open the ""3D Mode", "Object Mode", and "Object Mode (global)" panel Either add a new keyboard shortcut, or find the CTRL-J shortcut As operator (if you added a new keyboard shortcut it will say "None") add armatoolbox.join Save the preferences and close the window To join objects: In the viewport: - Select the first object then shift-select the next object, selecting the "receiver" last. - Press the shortcut you used (CTRL-J if you are an optimist like me) In the outliner: - Select the first object then ctrl-select the next object, selecting the "receiver" last - Press the shortcut you used For context, "receiver" in this case means the object that will be preserved. all of the other objects will be merged INTO that one. Also note that there is currently a limitation, namely that named properties are NOT merged along and the named properties of the merged objects are simply lost. As I said, this is a highly experimental version and should be treated with a ten-foot pole. Still, feedback is welcome 🙂
  3. Might be related to the simulation="aircraft" vs. simulation="aircraftX". Vanilla use aircraftX, that includes physX. Sadly, we tried to use PhysX on some of our planes and it resulted mostly in spontaneous self-combustion.
  4. There should be nothing removed, especially not wheeled vehicles. Can you specify which vehicles you mean?
  5. Naw, it's just something from the CUP discord. Every time someone makes a request, someone reacts with "!request" because that lists a couple of links to Blender and some tutorials 🙂 Glad you like it 🙂
  6. !request (Kidding aside, as classic said, it's in dev and will be in the upcoming release)
  7. What you are allowed to do: You can create an addon that patches CUP items via config, this will not put your addon under any specific license What you are not allowed to do: Unpack CUP assets, change something, and repack them. So as long as your addon is a config patch and is only dependent on CUP but doesn't copy any of it, you're good.
  8. I hope the M1 will be part of the next update after the one currently in preparation. No promise though.
  9. Not quite sure what you mean. If you mean OCP, yes, that is going to be in the next update.
  10. No plans for that at the moment. However, can't exclude it because some times someone gets the urge to model something, and who knows... But as for actual plans, no.
  11. Wait a second, this is a different error message. That one is caused because you have created a material slot and not entered a material in it.
  12. Two ways to fix this problem: a) Save the file and reload it. Next time you export, it should work. b) Create a geometry LOD and assign some weight to it.
  13. Remember that unless otherwise stated, the answer is always "No".
  14. As I said, the toolbox doesn't load binarized models. This is intentional.
  15. TBH, I will either make a "real" interior on the level like the vanilla vehicles, or not at all.
  16. If I have the time I will make an interior for this, but it depends on a number of factors.
  17. My plan is to make four variants of the M1 for the US Army (M1A1SA with and without TUSK, M1A2 SEP v1 with and without TUSK) and two for the USMC (M1A1FEP with or without TUSK). I know that most of the USMC tanks didn't have the TUSK side EPA but I'll make one anyway 🙂 This is the rear of the tank (with the damaged-stage SLAT of the TUSK kit) Details on the lights will probably be normal map only. Some features will be configurable in the VhC, like the bustle rack extension usually found on the FEP., the DUKE antennas, etc. I doubt I will ever get it 100 percent accurate, but then, most people will probably not notice 🙂
  18. They are. I know some variants don't have the shields, and the M1A2 hasn't got the EAPU but some cooling system for the internal electronics. Now that you mention it... I saw a picture of the rear deck of the Abrams with a hatch for the APU/Battery pack in the rear. I'll get back to you on that. Thank you 🙂
  19. Yeah good point. I turned them 90 degrees, but that is really way too far. I have turned them more forward now. The model has more or less the M1A1HC, indeed. I have a couple of extra parts that can be toggled on and off (the TUSK kit for example), this is basically the master model which all variants can be made of (the commander hatch is separate and can be exchanged for the substantially different M1A2 hatch. Yeah I have made a US Army smoke launcher as well, just switched off in the picture. Hm, you are right. I made the barrel after a blueprint I found, but if I compare it with photos they all have a much longer muzzle. I'll correct that. Thanks for the feedback 🙂
  20. I don't think they work at all, but I might be wrong. I certainly don't think they are enabled on CUP Terrains.
  21. About Water levels, remember that previous Arma titles had tides. Arma 3 doesn't.
  22. You are right, CUP requires CBA for things like the joint rails support, magazines, optics, disposable launchers...
  23. That isn't exactly an exhaustive error description. What I guess is happening is that it tells you that the MDL you are trying to import has the wrong version. The most likely explanation for that is that you are trying to import a binarized P3D (also known as an ODOL) file. The toolbox doesn't load binarized models.