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  1. I noticed the legs can be adjusted in length so that the tower can stand on any underground, which is very neat. Also, I love the easteregg in the Arsenal 😄
  2. This is the Arma Toolbox for Blender, a collection of python scripts that allow you to import and export P3D modles in MLOD format from/to Blender, with some extra support for things like Proxies, LOD's and other Arma-Specific things. The Toolbox is open source and under GPL-3.0. It's hosted on GitHub. Latest versions: 2.80: Alpha 3.0.2 for Blender 2.80 2.79: 2.7.0 Bugfix #1 for Blender 2.XX (with XX <= 79) Note that the 2.79 branch is only seeing bugfixes now, other than that it is at the end of its lifecycle. Future development will be done solely on the 2.80 branch.
  3. Only the mass assigned to components/vertices will be used.
  4. "Set Mass on selected" sets the entered mass on all selected vertices. Usually, you will want to use "Distribute mass on selected".
  5. This ^ You must have scale and rotation applied on a model before exporting. Make sure that the "Scale" values are 1 and "Rotation" are zero in the N-panel show 0 .
  6. Yes it can be, I just prefer not to have a Zeus on the player slots side. But this is getting way off topic.
  7. Because there is no way to detect a virtual zeus, nor is there any way to kill it.
  8. Alwarren

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    In static weapons, units are only getting suppressed IF the bullets hit nearby, while normal units get suppressed when the bullets fly by close enough OR they hit the ground close by.
  9. Virtual or "Physical" Zeus?
  10. Huh? I am quite sure that you cannot speak as Zeus to other players unless you take over any unit, there is (to my knowledge at least) no way to use a radio as virtual zeus, even if you add one to yourself.
  11. No plans at this moment, no.
  12. Well I never tried it with DayZ, so I cannot really say anything about it. Did you try to load an ODOL (i.e. binarized) model? Arma Toolbox cannot load them, this is intentional.
  13. If you have set the Arma Object Properties checkmark (Red arrow, 1) go to the Material Tab (red arrow 2) and add a material, then find the "Arma Toolbox Material Settings" (yellow, 3). You can set the Face texture and/or RVMat there. Assign the material to all faces that should have this combination of texture/material assigned.
  14. Make sure you have your properties panel open (press 'N' if you don't) then find the panel indicated by the red arrow and make sure the checkmark pointed to by the blue arrow is set
  15. Need more information: What version of Blender What plugin version Is this repeatable? Does the same happen when you save the file, restart blender and then try again?
  16. I get this frequently in the Diag binary, but not in the standard one.
  17. We don't have a BTR-50, so someone would need to make one. Same with other Cold War Vehicles, we cannot port what we don't have and making things from scratch takes time.
  18. Hmm... I will give it a consideration. I might add a new checkbox "Triangulate on Export" to the Arma Object Properties panel... I'll see.
  19. Alternatively, have a camo selection tab in the list on the right side when you select a weapon (the place where you select attachments). Just add an extra tab there with all available camos As to how to config this, most variants are just a hiddenSelection inherit from the base class, so this could be done in the exact same way as they are done for vehicles.
  20. Yeah I think the biggest issue is how obvious the border is, since grass and other clutter abruptly end there. The best thing would really be to at least continue the clutter, that way it wouldn't be that in-your-face anymore.
  21. I can confirm that I, as a supporter edition owner, have the terrain already when I load dev branch.
  22. Alwarren

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    What I actually wanted to make clear is that I have never seen "Arrival" and hence compared it to a book I have read, "Roadside Picknick". If you want to construct a personal insult from that, feel free to do so. But fine, don't bother with people like me.
  23. Alwarren

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    What the "community" expects is irrelevant, and you are generalizing the same way as any other here. You equate yourself with "the community". I for one was happy to see something else than the Russians as the bad guys. Aww, and I thought it looked more than a bland rip off of "Roadside Picknick", but then I am one of those weirdos that reads books. But you are complaining about something that hasn't even materialized. You have no clue what the story is, or if you shoot the Russians. You don't like it, so much is clear, but none of your so-called arguments holds because there is nothing there yet to verify them against. Same scheme. You are talking about unlaid eggs. We don't even KNOW if there are any aliens in it, so far we have only seen this mothership thing, but you already KNOW that it is all bad. Really, preconception never ceases to amaze me.
  24. Alwarren

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Quite frankly, I am wondering why someone would bash it in the first place. It's like saying "I hate pineapple on pizza", the easiest cure for that is to not eat pineapple on pizza, and the same option exists here - if one doesn't think what you get is worth the money, the easiest way is not to buy it. Case closed. Granted, I can understand if someone doesn't like the Alien concept, and would have wanted a different DLC, but this is what's on offer. Either take it up, or not.
  25. Yeah, I wish that the clutter would continue beyond the map's borders, that would make it at least not stand out so harshly.