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  1. Jeez nobody is forcing anything on anyone... and I'm pretty sure firewill can defend himself if he feels pressurised. So it's all peace and love here, no need to waste the forum police's precious time
  2. I mean a Tornado would be another platform for your TARPS pod (just rename it to GAF3- RECCE- Pod). Just saying.. :P
  3. Great news about that Su-25 firewill! Can't wait to see you bring another perfect plane into the game, and I appreciate the step into the direction of a completely different military force this time!
  4. And here he is again.... I'm trying really hard not to argue with you since your refusal to comprehend even simple messages has proven to be annoyingly persistent and your quick referral to insults is offensive. Can you just try, juuust try to keep your personal crusade aside here for one moment and see the gameplay perspective this offers. If they give us a winchable basket instead of a stretcher that's fine by me but I honestly wouldn't dare to definitely seperate a stretcher from a basket or a carrying sling in this specific instance. The purpose is clear and there are multiple ways to achieve that.
  5. Thanks for the statement mate. As I tried to explain multiple times, beyond being able to place the stretcher on the ground from your backpack, being able to lay down on it and the attachment points for the helicopter slingloading there's really nothing else needed to qualify that piece of equipment for the job it's intended to do.
  6. I think you're missing the point of this thread mate, it's here to give feedback to the developers about their mod. Ultimately, they will be the ones deciding so you can save yourself the time to keep arguing against content suggestions even though you seem to really enjoy it. So I'll just end this discussion here, have a nice day.
  7. As I said before, I didn't mean a stretcher that is CARRIED AROUND, you place it, you load the casualty, you slingload it the heck outta there. At the maximum, drag it with ACE. No scripts, no animations, just modelling and config imho.
  8. What kind of animation are you referring to? From my limited understanding, this would be no different from making a static deployable weapon. You carry those on your back, then you hit an action in the scroll wheel menu and you assemble them. They are "vehicles" where one person can get into as passenger (the "lying down" animation already exists) and they do not follow the purpose of carrying a casualty on the ground, but as a means to air evacuate wounded if the possibility for a helicopter to land is not given. I am a paramedic myself and I know that these light foldable stretchers are quite heavy but I think for the sake of adding interesting new opportunities into the game we can neglect the fact that in real life it would be tedious and annoying to carry one of them around. I am not entirely sure why you would object to the UnderSiege team making such an object at all but it's up to them to decide anyway.
  9. Hey guys, Those pictures look pretty dope! Especially the vests seem very well made, great work! Following your invitation to post requests, something I've been missing for a long time now is a deployable stretcher that can be carried as backpack or in the launcher slot. Once deployed, a casualty can be loaded on it and then a helicopter can slingload it, e.g. from a small roof or a dense forest. A couple of pictures I've found to show you roughly what I mean: Thanks for considering, and keep up the work. The community is excited to see what you can do!
  10. HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    sure thing mate. quite the list of things to do as it is, if I may say. I can imagine, even just bringing the ships pack up to the standards of the submarine pack is a big task, without adding any new ships that is :)
  11. HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    Pretty awesome! Now all we need is a russian shipboard helicopter...? :D
  12. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Read the manual in the mod folder for detailed description of the panels and functions. I think I managed to board the Virginia class from the rear left or something but it's pretty tricky. I hope this gets improved in the future so you can take passengers on board without having to spawn them inside :D
  13. Hey hcpookie, looks like an awesome project you got going there.. will go nicely with a bunch of mods that are being built right now as well like global mobilization and such, with the cold war topic in mind. Any chance you can upload the pictures that you previously posted in this thread to an imgur album or something similar? Kinda sad none of them are accessible anymore :/ Thanks for the hard work, don't get too stressed!
  14. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Hey guys many thanks I'm loving this mod!! Is there any way the driver can get a heading display / compass of sorts? All he needs is to know what bearing the sub is driving at. It's really hard to give a human driver move orders if he doesn't know which bearings to move at. Thanks in advance, your plans for the future sound very exciting, please keep it up!
  15. Hi guys, Big fan of your mod. I love the sound engineering, the engine sounds of the helicopters and Harrier are so well done and sound spot on (I've seen the NH90 live so I can tell :P) Two minor issues I've found. 1. In the Cougar helicopter, the rear window / the cargo net that partially covers it shows a graphics glitch when looked at with water in the background. 2. The harrier's weapons MFD stays on "Safe" even if the gun is selected. Also, can you tell me how to use the "Marte" anti-ship missiles on the NFH90? I've tried radar, IR and laser, nothing has worked and they won't lock on target. I also tried dumb firing them at naval targets but they just fly on straight. Thanks alot!