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  1. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    is it possible to damage/disable vehicular imaging systems for the vehicles in this mod? say I want to deploy a sniper team in a defensive capacity against oncoming mounted forces, would firing at a commander's viewport or weapon optic on an enemy vehicle render it inoperable and cripple the vehicle's operational capabilities?
  2. as far as I'm concerned, as long as the british uniforms fit well with the british vests/webgear, its all good and fine. I don't care to put vanilla carrier rigs or RHS IOTVs on a UBACS, all ones needs there is a good ole osprey. your work on the uniform so far looks quite good. for me the main concern would just be that the uniforms are a bit more natural than they are in cup currently, that they don't have a profile like this where apparently the trapezius does not exist at all, the shoulders are overly broad, and the shoulder area overall is shaped like a rectangle.
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    thats not a bug, thats an engine limitation. the top mounted PEQs will only fit on AR15 weapons. as far as the game is concerned there is no "rail" on the top of the gun aside for where the optic attaches to, there is nowhere for that PEQ to truly attach to, the game only registers the side rail as designated on the model. the top-mounted PEQ models still attach to this side rail, but are moved and turned to appear as though they are on the top. the downside to this is that the top's height and distance from the side rail is not always uniform on every gun, which results in the PEQ not always appearing in the right place. the most practical platform to adjust the top PEQs to fit to was the AR15s. the HK416 has a higher rail than the average M4/M16, so RHS has a script that changes the model to one that fits the HK height properly on game initialization, which is a sort of solution to the problem, but results in doubling the number of models and config classes and in effect doubling the amount of work involved, so it is by no means a practical or universal solution. just mount your PEQs on the side of the MP7.
  4. you have acces to the source and all that for the UBACS? because while its got a nice model and textures, there are some issues in wieghting and fitting for arma 3, at least as this model appears in CUP. most notable is the shoulders, very strangely shaped and overly broad. bringing down the shoulders on the osprey mk.4 wouldn't hurt either. or have these points been addressed already?
  5. it sounds interesting, and it would be quite a waste to just throw it all away anyways wouldn't it? people have problems with the life mod community because they're toxic, they're immature, and they don't respect any IP ever. set your mod apart from that mold (which really shouldn't be hard) and there shouldn't be massive opposition. this is something I would definitely check out.
  6. they were supposed to be going in to a different project, that died off. I've meant to revist that stuff but I dont have any of the original work. if/when I do fleck stuff again, it'll be ACs instead of the G3.
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    is there any reason you guys didn't implement the KAC grip from that MGM grips addon you guys incorporated? while I'd say within the past couple of years the TD grips have grown more prevalent, the KAC grip has been pretty popular in the past and they still pop up now and then. given that the scope of the mod is roughly 2008-2016, and I'd say that the KAC grip would be very appropriate, especially on the earlier end of that range. of course I can just as well continue to use the MGM grips in addition to RHS, but I guess I'm just curious about the rationale.
  8. I'll look in to that, but I cant say that I remember any issues with that. thank you for the heads-up
  9. Small update coming at you with V2.1.1 Fixed some issues caused by the RHS update, added a few small new things, tweaked army custom textures a little. As always, first page for download links
  10. Ihantala

    the pictures are looking great. with each new terrain you release they get better and better. this one shows a lot of detail, good lighting, great colors, and a high level of authenticity and atmosphere. it looks like you've got the satellite, mid-range, close-range, and objects all blending together in perfect harmony, which really enhances the look of the terrain. and you plan on including a winter version too! I very much look forward to the release of this terrain. I would love to some day see you tackle larger terrains, you are very good at what you do.
  11. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    that tokarev is already in the game, and they never said anything about adding that PPSh. it would be nice, but they never gave any hint that it would be included here.
  12. not yet.
  13. lol. I think by "thing" he meant "situation"
  14. admittedly I wasnt aware how much of the scripting was his own work. but for that matter, I'd have to agree with Tankbuster and Dedmen's sentiments. as a promotion, it belongs in a thread dedicated to whatever it is promoting. thats just my take though. I would really like to reiterate this again because you seemed to miss it in my first post but I have nothing against GEORGE FLOROS GR, I'm not trying to flame him. I can understand not having top-of-the-line hardware. I've been there and I get it, I don't hold anything against him for not dishing out his rent or whatever for a gaming PC. there's nothing wrong with a quick showcase of content for something you've been working on. but from my point of view, the thread doesn't seem like the appropriate place for those types of posts. I take screenshots of the things I put in my retxture addon in the virtual arsenal, there's nothing artistic about them and I put absolutely no effort into them, but I also post these screens exclusively in my thread for the addon. I'm sure this episode has roused the moderation team so we'll see what they have to say on the matter I guess.