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  1. I had my doubts, but this last video settles it. There's no possible way you're making this terrain in Arma 3.
  2. love the outskirts idea with the highway. evokes thunder run from BF3.
  3. I definitely blame RV4 more than I blame you. because like you say, it just doesn't handle dense clutter or occlusion very well. personally, I think interiors on buildings are overrated too - they compromise basically all details and furnishing to run better, but still trash performance anyway. and performance aside, fighting indoors in arma just sucks tremendously and isn't fun most of the time, it isnt worth the performance losses. pathing and hitboxes are typically really bad in interiors and player movement is too clunky, the whole experience just isnt good. but people still cry incessantly about not having interiors on everything. if you didn't make the buildings thats not really your fault either though. I've been playing arma games for at least a decade and still haven't had the sense to install its on a solid state or upgrade to a high-end CPU that can actually keep up, so its kind of my fault for perfomance problems lol. I do like the idea of a diet version of the map with less of the detail objects like trash, furniture, etc and less dense clutter. definitely have to wait and see. might not be necessary at all.
  4. I probably wont be able to run it above 27 fps, but it sure does look good.
  5. I've long hoped for a nice middle eastern urban environment, and from those screenshots you seem to have hit the nail on the head. a few have tried before but honestly they've never been that good. it looks like it should be able to represent many different parts of the middle east rather well too, which I appreciate. very much looking forward to this project.
  6. I'll definitely be looking forward to it! having been to nepal, I would love to see a rendition in arma, and it was a shame this project got put on hold.
  7. neat look on these guys, and pretty faithful to the old BF2 assets. good job!
  8. wsxcgy

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have the same issue, the PEQ switch script has not been working on the HK416s, SCARs, etc since the updates to the keybinds and IR ilum features.
  9. wsxcgy

    Tier 1 Weapons

    a model change script like the grip system, that activates when you change optics mode and then swaps over to a copy of the original model where the entire rifle has been rotated to the left some in oxygen and new hand animations to go with it. easier said than done of course, and an unproven idea that might be too buggy for arma to do right.
  10. wsxcgy

    [terrain] Atolls GDC

    looks quite nice, I think I will find these islands extremely useful for pacific scenarios both modern and wwii period with a little bit of tweaking in the editor. thanks for sharing.
  11. anyone else have their save for extraction broken by this update that just released? quite a bit disappointed to have to restart the mission and lose my progress, but its been fun enough that I'm willing to do it over again.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. with a lot of these structures, by just retexturing them from cement/mud to red brick or cinder blocks and they could pass for india, south america, africa even, just about anywhere in the developing world. shaping up to be a rather versatile collection of buildings.
  13. wsxcgy


    this is very interesting, I'll be looking forward to it! I've long hoped for a Caribbean island terrain in arma, and the new varieties of wildlife are very intriguing. wishing the best of luck to you guys on this project.
  14. based on the screenshots, you've got overcast lighting looking good in arma for once, so I wouldn't change a thing lol. I used to be nostalgic for the old arma 2 style lighting, but it really didn't age well, everything looks dull and hazy.
  15. wsxcgy

    East Wind Rearmed

    no replacer exists that I know of. I don't really mean to play the base game campaigns and missions again, and in my own missions I have no reason to use the vanilla units when I've made my own. so making a replacer version is not at all a high priority for me right now, though it is something I've thought I would like to do eventually. at the moment I don't really have much interest in arma, don't have it installed on my computer, though updates, fixes, and new content is due to arrive some time in the foreeable future I guess?