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  1. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    M27 doctrine isn't the same as M249 doctrine and they don't get to use them like M249s. right now, M27s are still used to suppress and cover fire, but in a more conservative and deliberate way than just pouring lead downrange in the enemy's general direction like with the M249. almost like a designated marksman role with full-auto capability and a smaller cartridge. so really the 30 round mag does fit its intended role. 50, 60, and 100 round mags are harder to transport and exponentially less reliable as far as feeding and durability goes, they've been evaluated but deemed not really worth it. but yes, you're correct, all in all it was just a ploy to get every Marine a 416. the direction they're going is commonality across all rifles in the squad, the differences are in how the rifles are used and how the rifles are configured, ie. the SDM gets a rifle scope, suppressor, and bipod, AR gets the SDO and a bipod, other guys get RCOs. not unlike how vanilla NATO is with their MX rifles.
  2. I think that there's just going to be a little bit of spillover between conventional and SOF assets with this, but you can rest assured these guys will have SOF vehicles in the right configurations and with all the shit to trip over and extra LMGs, its why they started this.
  3. Oh, I actually forgot about that ACU. I could take a look at it and see what can be done.
  4. yeah, I made one lol but the creator clima_x didn't want people to retex his ACU so I had to get rid of that. I believe RHS have intentions of doing their own OCP ACU eventually, though I couldn't tell you how soon that would be. VSM/Zenith used to have one but most of that stuff has been banned/deleted/whatever'd. beyond that, I don't think there's anything else in the works.
  5. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    is there any chance you guys would consider changing how the zoom works on the DH 5-26x50 scope? right now it zooms by holding RMB, however, some people may have their controls set up so that bringing up optics/iron sights is bound to holding RMB so then they kind of get an involuntary zoom in. it would be very nice to see this scope function solely via the zoom in and zoom out actions ( + and - numpad keys by default afaik) akin to the US optics. or is there a particular reason it was done this way?
  6. I think there's some lifts in one of the addons by poolpunk. PLP containers or something. you might look there.
  7. I'm pretty sure the rifle he mentioned he had the problem with in his post was an FN model and thus should have select fire though.
  8. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    just put one in your rifle and one in your inventory and tell yourself in the back of your head that its the same one even though they're two separate instances.
  9. That's not a bug thats a feature™
  10. pretty unlikely. kinda explained this in another instance when someone was wondering why the PEQ/Light combos didnt fit the MP7s. its not a weapon thing, its an attachment thing. the(relatively) easy way would require making RHS attachements specifically fit to the NIArms weapons, which is like impossible since they're two different mods, and the hard way would be reshaping/resizing every fricking NIArms rifle to fit with RHS, which is again, like impossible because the RHS attachments belong to RHS and not NIArms.
  11. Whiplash Static Animations

    can't wait to see what more you come up with. love those mortar animations, any chance for some of guys in the actions of dropping the shells into the mortar, like this? big plus for a mortar shell editor object on the side too but thats probably asking too much lol.
  12. so I see there's no proper, comprehensive list of things people shouldn't post, but maybe something like that should be put together? I think it would benefit a lot of people if the rules they are expected to abide by were actually put forth rather than being baselessly expected. you'd think and hope common sense would be enough but a lot of people don't know better and don't share your same sensibilities. I mean, only one in four people actually seem to read forum rules, but what damage would it do? certainly less damage than persecuting people over regulations they haven't been fully made aware of.
  13. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    does anyone know where I can find information on the differences, if any, in performance between the several russian flashbang grenades, Fakel, Fakel-S, Zarya-2 and Plamya-M?
  14. that's because vanilla weapons haven't integrated mag proxies (and have no reason to tbh). without mag proxy system, the magazines are part of the gun itself within its model file, RHS and now toadie's HK416s are the only addons at all where the mags have their own specific, separate models. really though, there's no reason to be using vanilla ammos when RHS and NIArms have like actual, real, ballistic models for their ammunitions and don't affect "game balance"
  15. regular Iraqi army units have used VHS rifles, the Croatian army itself, original users of the VHS, are equipped with BMPs and T-72s. if you ask me, I really don't think the VHS would be too outlandish. I definitely think its much less outlandish than the vanilla AAF with their F2000 rifles.