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  1. US Forces 2000s

    I got really carried away digging in to some of the gear the US started introducing around the turn of the century. I've got a small imgur album here with some pictures of stuff and a little bit of info on the pieces. Thought you might be interested since a lot of it fits in to the mod's time-frame and its just some neato stuff. https://imgur.com/a/AejLhjv
  2. Project Zenith

    you wouldn't happen to know a guy with a nice CZ805 BREN1 model would you? because that rifle needs some love and you seen love to give love to guns that need love. I tried to do some texture and material tweaking on the old Arma 2 one to make it look not so much like a turd, but it has really bad diffuse and normal maps that really can't get much better, and its not really within my ability (and possibly anybody's ability?) to make new normal maps for it. they like left the vast majority of the textures totally flat and basically just painted on grippy plastic where appropriate and really obnoxious and fake looking scratches where not appropriate. I like it for having a slick and modern look while not being another AR or a SCAR, its something neat and unique to play around with, while also being pretty flexible to use. entitled demands aside, I really appreciate all the new toys you dropped with the last update. that set of G3s is especially awesome, I love the chunky pockets and the sagging by the stretch at the knee, the left arm pocket is a little funky though, it goes super concave near the back. the updates to adacas's stuff are really cool and all the new vest configs and textures rock. also really digging all the new firearms like those SCARs, the AKs, the MPX, and of course that sexy PSG. however, I noticed a couple of the guns' sounds weren't inheriting from vanilla, I know definitely the HK415A5s but there were a few others I don't remember off the top of my head. oh and the other day I was messing around and I had that one bug with all the custom uniforms from zenith where the model T-poses and falls to the ground, but I am like 90% sure it was some kind of random mod conflict though because I had other weird stuff running and the uniforms had been working just fine a few days prior before all that, but im just putting it out there.
  3. This is great. While understandably there's a lot of areas with not much to show, those areas having just wilderness or decrepit fields being reclaimed by nature, every inch of it looks beautiful. The geography is very convincing and natural, which is hugely important to me. A lot of terrains just don't look like a real place on earth, things stick out like sore thumbs, the grass, the ground, and the satmap are all at odds with eachother, things aren't placed thoughtfully. But that does not hold true for Hebontes. The handful of inhabited towns really feel lived in and really feel like towns, while the deserted ones truly feel deserted and contrast with inhabited ones. There's detail everywhere. I really love all the rocks you used to trim off the hills, lakes, and coastline, they look great. The west coast with all the cliffs and rocks is beautiful, along with that lake on the tank test range. All the ranges are totally useful for their intended purposes, and look good doing it too. All the ruins are really neat and add a lot of character. Each individual town, range, and camp has its own unique feel and character, which is very, very cool. On a lot of terrains by other people, settlements and bases feel very cut and paste, even Bohemia Interactive ones, but not on Hebontes. You definitely nailed the Mediterranean atmosphere too. However, there were a couple things I did not think were quite as good. I liked how Camp Asteria had mostly clear and coherent facilities within the base, they were well spaced nicely and put together well, but the area with the barracks seemed a bit too spread-out. I would've grouped the buildings closer or put in a few more, while trying to make the garrison a little more of its own coherent area within the base if that makes any sense. Camp Thermis was great though. Its clean, its tight, its functional. I also have to say that the forests were a little lame, they would have looked better with denser trees and ground-cover composed of primarily somewhat dense plants and bushes instead of grass. I assume this was a gameplay decision though, since the focus of the terrain is not on forests, they just fill the space between the meat of the map. Oh and I'm forgetting this is a HUGE map and its made-up. It's really impressive, the level of authenticity, detail, and naturalness you've accomplished for such a large and fictional terrain. The time it took for you to produce the terrain to the level it is at today is also very impressive. I deeply regret that I don't have much use for a training ground personally since I'm not involved with any milsim communities, but with the wealth of bases and towns, I'm sure I'll be able to get something out of this very well done terrain. I very much look forward to any terrains you guys end up making in the future because I'm sure they'll be be amazing.
  4. I always liked just dropping my stuff on google drive since its super easy, but you can't really track stats there. Steam is gonna be your best bet.
  5. Nice pic, but I see you've been playing around with different gear setups for the US guys between your screenshots. if you're looking for period-accurate gear, delta hawk's mod is the way to go, or as an alternative there's good stuff all within RHS like the ALICE gear, PASGT, and M93(not really a BDU but close enough). Anything with PALS doesn't come around until like the late 90s, which would mean no MTV or IBA.
  6. US Military Mod

    looks like a normal m14.5 to me, but that flash hider doesn't look like the normal A2 one, it could push the overall to about 16
  7. US Military Mod

    those are cat eyes. they're reflective patches intended to be highly visible, for friendly identification and such. they tend to turn out pretty bright in reality, especially in sunlight. I dont think theres a problem here.
  8. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I remember runningin to those once but the next time I launched the game they were gone :(
  9. US 75th Rangers

    you're lucky these forums don't have an angery react.
  10. BWMod

    wow, those look incredible! can't wait to see what happens with the G28/G27 and the P8. do you guys also intend on redoing the vehicles? I always thought they were pretty good, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think the old weapons were lacking. massive improvement here with what you've shown though.
  11. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    retextured press vests might make for a passable vest for crewmen.
  12. US Forces 2000s

    oh, also, would you ever consider splitting off the unit-specific uniforms and factions in to a separate addon/s? maybe something dependent on this that has all the marked variations, and leaves all the non-specific, general gear by itself in the "core" mod. while I appreciate all the work toward authenticity, it takes up a lot of space on my hard drive and my virtual arsenal when it's stuff I rarely find myself using. I really don't prefer to associate too much with a specific unit when I'm playing, I just go general. then again, its your mod, not mine. regardless, thanks for the addon. its great, all this og stuff makes me nut.
  13. US Forces 2000s

    yeah, these are high-rise boots though. thats no problem. low-rise/no-rise like many oper8ors use though.... its gonna be like trying to blouse a pair of adidas superstars.
  14. US Forces 2000s

    the not bloused thing also followed the large transition away from traditional army boot to mid-rise hiking boot/hiking shoe, since those aren't exactly blousing-friendly.
  15. I dunno... lamb pressed down flat like that... I say it would make better gyros. we're in the Mediterranean anyways.