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  1. @papanowel @BLKOUT666 thats no mod at all. just some tricky tricks with photoshopping. sorry to disappoint. https://imgur.com/a/FYblyFi
  2. CUP, RHSDEV, RHS Extras, Spec4Gear, MGP, TRYK, Aegis, Tactical Wrist
  3. if you guys are really gonna lose sleep over the thought that people might modify the content, decent means of obfuscation exist. really dedicated rippers can get through that if they REALLY want to, but it'll deter a vast majority of it. when it comes to community retextures and shit, there's a few options. you could separate models and textures into different PBOs, scramble the shit out of the models and leave the textures unobfuscated. you could scramble everything and provide rudimentary templates or even just solid colored textures to "approved" texture people on a case-by-case basis. maybe you ask BI pretty please with sprinkles on top let us use EBOs. it can't be that difficult to figure out. or you can go the private mod route, never publicly releasing anything, and become in effect what you sought to destroy.
  4. wsxcgy

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    looks very interesting. love to see a map with a wealth of "military locations". I feel like far too often theres nothing compelling to fight over on a lot of terrains. but that's never really the case with yours.
  5. Askeland Defense Forces Project Viking, Ruha, CUP, Pandur II APC
  6. wsxcgy

    Project True Viking

    grats on the release guys! was really bummed when the original astfor was shut down, really glad to see you guys back at it!
  7. wsxcgy

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    well if you do end up doing M17s, I've got the whole shebang if you want any refs. M17A1, carrier, M6A2 hood, and decon kit.
  8. yeah, the cuffed pant legs were also done with photo editing, put a guy off to the side with rolled sleeves and just copy and pasted the rolled parts over onto the pants lol. unfortunately, I cropped the shit out of the shot so there isn't anything in a higher resolution. in order to get a perspective similar to the original, I had to back the camera up a lot. but that would also make the scene a lot bigger and leave a lot of negative space with no reference on how it would look since the original was only so big. also had to make sure the backdrop was all in frame, if it was much bigger you'd probably figure out that I set the scene up in the virtual reality terrain.
  9. sadly, its just trickery. I took 3 separate shots. one where they all had tactical vests, one where they all had ALICE, and one where the two on the right had the holster and the side bag thing. then I just combined them all. on a somewhat unrelated note, I'm pretty sure I've seen a handful of vests configed into the backpack slot. perhaps making the ALICE webbing a backpack could work, but i wouldn't know where to begin with that. its too bad the DHI holster in the glasses slot won't accept the sidearm proxy system.
  10. unfortunately no, what I ended up doing was taking everything out of the original texture that didn't have camouflage on it, using as much of that as possible, and then doing everything else with with the spectral map if I remember correctly. greyscaled that, sharpened it, messed around with brightness and contrast. looking back, I probably should have done the normal map and added my own fabric texture.
  11. what kind of foliage is that? is it that old arma 2 stuff or is it arma 3 assets? hard to tell from the screenshots up there.
  12. wsxcgy

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    those SWDGs are a work of art. really puts the old ones you did to shame.
  13. well uh, theres no need to commission an XM8 because toadie is actually working on one already. might be a while before that's out though.