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  1. love it! that kind of stuff really adds to the ambience and makes a terrain feel actually lived in.
  2. i see others spitballing ideas, so I figured I'd join in. do em or don't, I don't mean to demand anything.
  3. Project Zenith

    this debate over bloused or not is silly, what we really need are tactical socks with sandals
  4. whatever he it is, its not human. but you wont hear me complaining. it couldnt possibly be a human rights violation.
  5. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    yeah he's right. theyre just gonna leave things broken from the engine upgrades and scrap all the works-in-progress.
  6. the pictured there are G2-style tops, but a short-sleeved g3 copy isnt inconceivable
  7. it also depends on why you're wearing the balaclava. in alaska where you probably want to avoid losing your nose to the cold, theres a good chance you are going to have the balaclava up for the sake of keeping warm and fending off frostbite. in germany or something where you're a counter-terrorism specialist and you want to avoid having your identity exposed and your family murdered, theres a good chance you are going to have the balaclava down for the sake of concealment (or just looking cool) without obstructing the airway.
  8. this is frickin wild. amazing work here. its really cool to see the IOTV, IMTV and ISPC, was not expecting those. makes me wonder about some of the more OG regular forces gear like the original MTV and OTV. and I can't even think of any other plate carriers worth mentioning except like maybe the tt fight light or the bae rbav, though I have a feeling sahio, the absolute madman, will come up with something anyways. this is one hell of a project here and though there's a long road ahead, but it'll be well worth the effort and well worth the wait. this is going to knock everything else out of the water.
  9. US 75th Rangers

    some nvg mounts without nvgs mounted would be cool, a lot of times you'll see they just leave the mount on the helmet when they arent using the nv itself. and then that'll help contribute to the badass overly-cluttered shit-hanging-from-everything oper8or look.
  10. love your idea of fleshing out and like humanizing CSAT, because what bohemia hands us are a bunch of techno insects to shoot at, rather than a real faction. and grounding them to more recognizable equipment is real cool.
  11. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    even some addon makers forget that haha. getting yourself locked in to a time frame and setting deadlines is a really difficult to pull off as I've learned. its best to always try to respect the authors' time and efforts and not put any additional pressure on them.
  12. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    please read threads before you post. this was brought up just on the page before, yes they have both of those vehicles in the works.
  13. GSTAVO's Weapons

    personally I think the shininess, darkness, and texture quality of the gun are perfectly fine and i would really prefer that these do not change, but I agree the sights need a little work. i don't mind the polys of the rear loop too much, but the front post is too tall and the middle peg too short. heres a quick pic I snapped to give you an idea.
  14. PLP Materials

    I could see myself easily spending hours wrestling with the eden editor trying to make myself a janky little house or a shack for an FOB. very cool
  15. man I really gotta hand it to you, those landscapes are very organic and just feel right and realistic. I really really appreciate well executed environments.