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Found 10 results

  1. I've been working on a script the last few days with the aim of spawning an enemy blackfish, having it fly to the nearest player, loiter, and start killing everything in sight. I'm making this for a CTI mission where the players are able to respawn, therefore, I want this thing to be an absolute terror for ground forces until it's destroyed. I've tried several things to make this happen. I've tried: 1) Setting the camouflage coefficient of every unit in the mission to "1", 2) Revealing all units to the pilot/group leader, 3) Setting the groups' skills to 1 4) Separating pilot and crew, where the pilot is set to careless and the crew is set to "Terminator" (a separate issue with this occurred where the gunners/crew group would reset its behavior to "hold fire/defend" even though they were set in the script to combat mode "RED". Unable to resolve that issue, I've abandoned separating the groups. Further, even when set back to RED, it isn't any more effective than having them all in one group. The pilot maintains the proper holding pattern either way. 5) Creating a Seek And Destroy waypoint for the gunner/crew group after separating them from the pilot. 6) Trying to add a "human sensor" to the radar, which is apparently a thing in Arma. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Sensors 7) Finally I tried setting unit state to "Aware" to see if they would enter "COMBAT" on their own when spotting an enemy, but they will not unless an enemy vehicle is present, and after the vehicle is destroyed, they usually lose all interest in Infantry. This leads me to believe that they, for the most part, just can't see the infantry on the ground, despite my attempts to make them see. Tanoa is the map I'm using for my mission so the buildings/trees/ground clutter is probably hiding most of the targets from the gunners. Here's the script so far in a mostly working configuration where the plane will spawn, fly to the nearest player, and loiter indefinitely, possibly taking occasional shots at very exposed infantry and vehicles. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ // Spawn a Blackfish to loiter around player and kill any enemies. _plane = createVehicle [(["B_T_VTOL_01_armed_F"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom), [11567.8,3199.6,0], [], 0, "FLY"]; This spawns the blackfish itself with the variable name _plane _plane addEventHandler ["Fired",{ (_this select 0) setVehicleAmmo 1 This allows it to have infinite ammo }]; _pilotguy = [[0,0,0], WEST, ["B_Fighter_Pilot_F","B_Fighter_Pilot_F","B_Fighter_Pilot_F","B_Fighter_Pilot_F"],[],[],[],[],[],232] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; ((units _pilotguy) select 0) moveInDriver _plane; ((units _pilotguy) select 1) moveInAny _plane; ((units _pilotguy) select 2) moveInAny _plane; ((units _pilotguy) select 3) moveInAny _plane; ((units _pilotguy) select 0) setSkill ["spotDistance", 1]; ((units _pilotguy) select 0) setSkill ["spotTime", 1]; This chunk spawns the crew, forces it into the vehicle, and sets their skills and combat mode. group variable name is _pilotguy ((units _pilotguy) select 0) setSkill ["commanding", 1]; ((units _pilotguy) select 0) setSkill ["aimingShake", 1]; ((units _pilotguy) select 0) setSkill ["aimingSpeed", 1]; _pilotguy setCombatMode "RED"; _pilotguy setBehaviour "COMBAT"; private _markerPos = getPos leader _pilotguy; private _playerList = allPlayers apply {[_markerPos distanceSqr _x, _x]}; This bit sets up the "nearest player" part _playerList sort true; private _closestPlayer = (_playerList select 0) param [1, objNull]; _wpcas = _pilotguy addWaypoint [getPos _closestPlayer, 50]; _wpcas setWaypointType "LOITER"; _wpcas setWaypointLoiterRadius 900; _wpcas setWaypointLoiterType "CIRCLE_L"; _wpcas setWaypointBehaviour "COMBAT"; This sets up the waypoint with various specifications, possibly redundant to set the combat mode here as well _wpcas setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _plane flyInHeight 300; _plane forceSpeed 60; _pilotguy allowFleeing 0; {(driver _plane) reveal [_x,4]} forEach allPlayers; revealing all players might be redundant with revealing all units {(driver _plane) reveal [_x, 4]}foreach allUnits; while {alive _pilotguy} do { {(_x) foreach allUnits setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef", 1]}; the goal of this line is to have the units' coefficient revert to normal after the blackfish is destroyed sleep 10; _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Hello, so I've created my fairly long mission in the Eden Editor and everything worked fine until the point where I wanted the player to load 2 Marshalls in 2 Blackfishes it for the purpose of my mission can't matter in which the blackfish the marshalls are. I've already tried a few things like this: (Marshall1 in Blackfish1 OR Marshall1 in Blackfish2) AND (Marshall2 in Blackfish2 OR Marshall2 in Blackfish1) That evidently didn't work hence this post. I also because of the tests I made found out that marshalls aren't actually inside the blackfishes. I did my own research but either I couldn't understand it or it didn't fit my needs. Hopefully somebody here can help me with this. Thank you in advance.
  3. Ok guys so I have a blackfish named blackfish and inside this blackfish It's got an ATV in the back and I got a trigger set. So when this blackfish flies through the trigger it will eject the ATV as long as I am literally ON it. If I leave the vehicle empty the blackfish will not eject it. Inside the trigger activation : blackfish setVehicleCargo objNull; Anybody messed with this and managed to get it to drop empty vehicle cargo?
  4. Yes, I know the blackfish AI isn't very good, and it won't properly circle a target to bring its guns to bear on its own. I used a loiter waypoint, set it to CIRCLE_L so that it circles with its guns facing inward, and set the loiter radius to 2km, so that it had some proper standoff range. I made the gunner positions playable so that player can fire the guns while the AI flies its big circles. Due to somewhat proper physics and the aircraft's forward velocity, all the rounds impact to the right of where the camera is pointing - but there's a CCIP, so thats not a major issue at first. The problem is that as one zooms in (such as one might when engaging from longer ranges), the impact point is so far to the right, that its off the screen/ outside of the FOV. The aim point of the guns needs to be offset some degrees to the left to allow the guns to be used when the sights are fully zoomed in. Full zoom isn't very useful when you can't even aim at your target when using it (sure, you can zoom in to get a better look, then zoom back out and fire, but that's a bit lame). Setting the waypoint speed to limited made the aircraft fly to slow that it kept switching back and forth between vertical and horizontal thrust vectors. The flight path became very unstable, and it was hard to engage any targets like that. The black fish shouldn't require a human pilot to bring the VTOL to a hover to allow the use of its guns at long ranges. I also tried using the modified loiter waypoints to have an AI only blackfish provide fire support. It would not engage any infantry. It would however engage APCs and offroad+HMGs. Unfortunately, it only seemed to use the 40mm cannon, and the 2nd gunner (with the 105mm and 20mm guns) didn't seem to fire anything. Is there any mod out there that offsets the aim point of the guns to allow the guns to be used when the sights are fully zoomed in and the plane is flying at normal speed? Is there any mod out there that modifies the AI so that it will consider using the 20mm or 105mm against infantry/apcs/cars? Is there any mod out there that improves the AI gunners ability to spot infantry targets?
  5. when making missions with the blackfish, the AI just fly straight at the target and do not allow the gunners to get a shot, i try making myself the squad leader and telling them all kinds of orders but they always fly straight at them
  6. V-44X How to VTOL landing? I Used VTOL landing But tried It's unable now.
  7. Ok so i'm creating a mission on Tanoa where i need to have players load 2 prowlers into a blackfish, once the vehicles are loaded i need that to signal the pilot to take off and air drop at designated location. Now taking off and air dropping i've got working but how do i make it signal the AI pilot to waitUntil the 2 prowlers are loaded. For the waypoint i have this doMove (getMarkerPos "DropPoint");
  8. I have created this german police blackfish skin https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/96106978722496885/99A76694E38A1B2861DA79CF3CD73BEA63009516/ Do you like the skin ?
  9. EDIT: Was named JETS DLC Breaks VTOLs. Upon further investigation (Thanks, Greenfist ) I discovered that my problem resides in the fact that when TV is on, the "flaps" now controls the prop/nozzle position. I'm glad we're still in dev branch because this should be renamed. We aren't in A2 anymore and launching as it is in its current state would be unacceptable. My recommendation, change the name of the function in TV mode from "Flaps Down/Up" to "Thrust Down/Forward". Nice and unambiguous, makes it real easy to understand for new pilots seeing as jets will bring in a bunch of fresh butter-bars to crash all our stuff. Honestly, the new system makes flaps irrelevant anyhow, so I question whether we should just add new control functions for Thrust Down/Forwards and get rid of the "mode," keeping flaps for those of us who still want and like them. Playing with it more, the VTOLS could use some airbrakes but otherwise just needs Virtual Arsenal practice. A lot of it For those of you who got got like me: FLAPS IN VTOL NOW CONTROLS NOZZLE/PROP ANGLE, Flaps DOWN moves the thrust more VERTICALLY, Flaps UP moves the thrust more HORIZONTALLY, if you think of how flaps work, this makes perfect sense, though you wouldn't notice it on the ground or even in the air until someone points it out to you. Tip: Never go below 34% throttle unless you need to bleed altitude FAST, and then be prepared to go full power and pull up hard. FOLLOWING IS ORIGINAL POST. IT IS IRRELEVANT BUT HAS BEEN LEFT IN FOR DOCUMANTATION AND ONLINE ARCHIVING. I HAVE NO SHAME IN BEING A DUMBASS, SH*T HAPPENS, LIVE AND LEARN It appears that with the new throttle mechanics and flight characteristics introduced in JETS, VTOLS do not seem to function as intended anymore. Both the V-44 and Y-32 seem to roll forwards at least 30m before actually lifting off, and getting the thing to transition back to hovering from level flight is basically impossible since the thrusters/props do not seem to actually rotate downward again, even if you stall them in a zoom climb, essentially turning them into glorified planes. As far as I can tell, the only way to get the things to hover from level flight is to turn on invincibility (such as in VA), crash the things into the ground, use the new brakes function to being them to a stop, and then, only then will the Y-32 nozzles or V-44 props redirect their thrust. Not to mention them being difficult to land in level flight already, now whenever you do land you can't bring it down easy either way and it breaks the landing gear. Oh yeah, and even when you are in hover mode, the things don't actually hover no matter what you do, they'll either lurch forwards from black magic thrust or you reverse your direction from trying to get the thing to stop moving by pitching up and crash. With release in may, I really hope that the devs look really hard at the VTOLs and find a way to get them to work as intended
  10. Hi im using some setHit script to disable air and land vehicle engines, it works great on everything except V-44 X Blackfish Transport, for this I can only HitHull, nothing else works, is there any way around it to disable it's engine or force fuel leak? code i use