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  1. RaptoR DanKel

    [WIP] Armageddon - a PVP game mode

    @super-truite Is this mod still under development? if not what state are the mod files in, is it playable?
  2. RaptoR DanKel

    Blackfish Take Off Trigger

    So could you tell me how to link waitUntil { (prowler1 in (getVehicleCargo blackfish)) && (prowler2 in (getVehicleCargo blackfish)); }; to blackfish doMove (getMarkerPos "Dropoff"); ?
  3. RaptoR DanKel

    [WIP] Arma At War (AAW)

    Yes Currently LibertyGaming is hosting an Arma At War server.
  4. RaptoR DanKel

    Blackfish Take Off Trigger

    Just a quick edit on that its actually for any future people who might need this. waitUntil { (prowler1 in (getVehicleCargo blackfish)) && (prowler2 in (getVehicleCargo blackfish)); }; had to move the bracket. But all good thx for the help
  5. Ok so i'm creating a mission on Tanoa where i need to have players load 2 prowlers into a blackfish, once the vehicles are loaded i need that to signal the pilot to take off and air drop at designated location. Now taking off and air dropping i've got working but how do i make it signal the AI pilot to waitUntil the 2 prowlers are loaded. For the waypoint i have this doMove (getMarkerPos "DropPoint");
  6. RaptoR DanKel

    Opening Zeus in Debug

    Is it possible to open Zeus using the A3 debug console, i've tried searching ways and found nothing.
  7. RaptoR DanKel


    how tf do i delete
  8. RaptoR DanKel