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  1. Any chance for ACE3 version?
  2. -fusion-

    Co-12 Telemetry (Proving Grounds)

    Hey there SPhoenix. Sounds like a great mission, any way that you are going to take of the requirement for the SF Addon and create an ACE3 version? If not,can i do that?
  3. Hey there. I am getting the same error.
  4. -fusion-

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello there. My clan is using the Bradly (M2A3) from RHS mod. On our last mission we lost the left track of our Bradly.. but there was not repair option from the AGM menu,Just unload the Spare Track and check the status of the veh. Can you add the option for that?
  5. Hey Shay. I am getting that Error on the Dedi Server RPT: " Error in expression <ffectCreate ["ColorCorrections", 2500]; SUPER_PPEffect ppEffectAdjust [1, 1, -0.> Error position: <SUPER_PPEffect ppEffectAdjust [1, 1, -0.> Error Undefined variable in expression: super_ppeffect File mcc_sandbox_mod\SUPER_flash\scripts\fn_InitFlashBang.sqf, line 2 "
  6. Hey there Shay. There is an option that you will add a way to disable the interaction key's. Beacuse some for some guys the game crashes when they are trying to change the key to something else. Tnx!
  7. Hey Mikey. We got alot of errors in our last mission. That is going in a loop for very long.
  8. Hey Mikey. we are using MCC and AISS taking control of the enemy that we are putting with Zeus/3D editor and they are doing what ever they want too.. any way to disable that? If i am creating a mission with the Editor i want to use AISS but not public missions.
  9. @Mikey tnx for the fast replay. Me and my clan (IsrTG) checking the option to add the addon into our mod pack. Example mission: lmk0kA.If i add the config to the init.sqf last.. because i want to load first our gear and other scripts, its gonna make problems? B.Its gonna be great if you add the Garrisoning and Patrol to work with marker (maybe in the config you can edit the marker name) its going to be Mega! C. Another option is maybe to give the option that units will patrol only on road Except those things the Addon is great,and i think we gonna add him soon,Thank you again!
  10. Hello there! Thank you mate for a great addon! I read that there is a way to set the placement radios for patrol or garrison.. but i couldn't find how. Can you please help me with that? thank you!
  11. MCC Sandbox seems to break the grenades .. any temporary fix for that?
  12. -fusion-

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello guys! First of all,The Addon is amazing! Me and my Team(IsrTG clan) really really like it. I have a question about the explosive system .. there is an option to detonate more then one at the same trigger?
  13. -fusion-

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello there. I am trying to make a mission that player get to an AI that got ambushed and some off the AI are injured and the Players medics heal them.. What are the commands i should put for the Injured AI?
  14. -fusion-

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello there. I have to say that AGM is an amazing mod. me and my team really really Like it. We have a problem with the laser targeting- how do we fix that? And we all would like to see an option to treat injured inside Vehicles... that will be great! Thank you very much!