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  1. the file structure should look like this: (arma 3 server folder with your server.exe) \Userconfig\ctab\ctab_settings.hpp Also are you running CBA before ctab? CBA is required. CBA should always be your first to run mod. Those are the only two things that I can think of that could cause the crash.
  2. Did you put the userconfig folder in the server? It needs it as well. There are server defined arrays for cTab vehicles. We will make that more clear in our instructions for next release.
  3. Guys I wanted to say thank you to all the support of cTab. Also I wanted to make an announcement, Gundy is now a developer(incase you couldn't tell from his posts in this thread:) ) for cTab and he has done some outstanding work on cTab.
  4. No not at this time. But I will think about it for a future update. I have finished my update and we are doing some large scale testing. If no large game breaking bugs are found I will release the update later this week.
  5. Thanks for the interest guys. I am about 70% done with the next update. But its got a lot of moving parts that deal with mp so I'm working to make sure it functions well. As to the faction question. Yes in my new version you can use other factions other than NATO. But only one faction at a time can use BFT. Now that the Holliday's are over I have more time to code so I will hopefully have more info soon for everyone.
  6. We are porting the M119 from arma 2. We have it in game working no problems. But I configed all the ammo based off the 120mm stuff(http://browser.six-projects.net/cfg_ammo/Sh_120mm_HE/config?version=72). When the cannon fires with the HE rounds and only the HE rounds the cannon slides back from recoil about 6 feet. I have other rounds configed, Like smoke, Laser Guided. None of them have the recoil effect. has anyone else ran into this issue?
  7. Ok so after a great bit of trial and Error from one of our team members this seems to be a problem with the "tankX" simulation. We reconfigured the AAV as a "carX" simulation and it worked fine in the water. But since the Track (tankX) and Wheel(carX) systems are very different this breaks the land operation. We are going to try and hack around with the config and the carX sim to try and make a tracked vehicle work in this simulation. But I don't have high hopes that this will work. Could some one from BI confirm this, is this a "Bug" with tankX or is this "Working as intended"?
  8. Yes we do have the buoyancy lod in. I will check on the floating points. But I'm pretty sure that format is ok.
  9. No we are working to port the AAV from Arma 2 in to A3. Unfortunately there is only a wheeled amphibious veh. I'm unaware of any tracked ones. Here is the config: (please excuse the formating im going to fix it later.)
  10. Thanks Gnat. But even with those it still will not move. It works fine on land, it floats great, just will not move or steer in the water.
  11. Thanks, I have it floating, but it will not move in the water, the engine is running but it will not move in the water.
  12. Does anyone know of an Amphibious config example?
  13. Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. I apologize for not posting much the last few weeks. I had some health problems that took me away from the game for a bit. I am easing back in and I hope that I can release an update soon for everyone.
  14. We don't use the keys on our servers(we password) but when I get home I will test these keys and figure out what's wrong with them. I will fix them asap.
  15. Thanks for the bug report, I see if I can work it out and have a fix for the next update. Yes CBA_A3 is required , sorry I did not make that as clear in my first post as I should have. I have updated the first post, CBA_A3 is required for this mod(Really everyone should always run this mod, it is so useful, it should be in the game) sorry about the confusion. Not sure what is causing that, Ill take a look and see if I can fix it. As I posted above in the thread, the items do not have to stay in the assigned items slots in your inventory, you can move them out to your vest,uniform or elsewhere. As long as you have the item in "Your" gear it will work for all intents and purposes for the mod. As to the ammo box, cTab items will show up in VTS as long as the mission maker has not restricted VTS items. go to items then his miscellaneous and the cTab items will be the last three items. Also if people would like a cTab ammobox included with the mod I can easily make one that you can drop down in the editor. ---------- Post added at 07:18 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:12 AM ---------- Dismounted troops will not show on BFT unless they have a Tablet or Android device in their inventory. Thats in cTab right now. Because that is how it works in real life. I consulted with multiple people who have used these systems in Real Life, some of that use was in a combat Theater.