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  1. Come on! we are waiting! lol Guys any news on release date?
  2. Nope see above it seems that i have placed some coral somewhere! 3000 objects isnt just the base, but by the time you place hesco, containers, targets, buildings, concrete walls etc etc as well as players, vehicles, statics, and all the other stuff you need for a new base in the salt lakes 3000 objects isnt a lot and no its not all coral! @ Beerkan Didn't somebody do something about how to convert Alpha Missions to Beta? Yes they did but this isnt alpha content it was things that were in editors and yes they were third party, but they are all bis objects. @GiorgyGR really! have you not read the point of the post!? why should i have to!! make stuff backwards compatable! and dont take stuff out that people need/want/use becuase of performance tell us its an issue and let US decide what we want to use! i am not that good or skilled that i can or even would unpbo my mission or even easier go to the mission.sqm and start messing with it! i have tried it and failed! @ all this was a set of ranges that spread over the whole north of the island with military style construction at the airport and a whole new base bult at the salt marshes, a boat training area built in the sea with a range and diving area just off shore, so 3000 objects is not a lot! the point is that objects have been removed meaning that they dont exist anymore based on performance! that has caused lots of missions of mine where i have built new bases, because i am not happy with any of the bis built areas for my group, thos eobjects no longer exist i cant build streets with houses, offices, shops, or anything else for that matter, oh its great if i want to put down an incomplete large tower bunker with the hesco missing, but thats about it! and i am sure that someone will tell me that i can go into the classconfig editor thingy and place objects from there, my answer is yes i am sure you can assuming you understand what and how to do this, and i DONT! thats why i use the editor and third party editor objects!
  3. @.kju thanks for the comment i know what the issue is and so posting the rpt file wont help anyone, the post is really about the fact that stuff that modders spend hours making and as a mission maker of sorts, i spend hours building missions with their items in, because BIS either dont allow us access to them from there own editor, or just cant be bothered to put them in or simply take them out when they do updates and the frustration it causes having spent days building a training area, which is still to be finished, only to find that the mods you have loaded for editor objects arent compatible anymore or BIS has removed buildings for whatever reason. I assume this is about performance seeing as it seems that placing lots of objects like buildings and the like effect it so badly. When they do updates if they value the modding community and build maps for the community to build missions on, and lets face it, it is what we do best, then they should make these things backwards compatible. There is no point fixing something that aint broke. As for banning Rage well i have to say i find that a bit harsh, i would imagine he is as frustrated as me, and perhaps chose his words wrongly or unwisely but surely that give you some idea how frustrated some people are about this. This is my latest error any ideas? No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles.land_bw_SetBig_TubeG_F'
  4. You have got to be kidding me? i have spent days making a new training area for my group, having built my new base in the salt marshes as the spawn point i placed control towers, military barracks, military offices, aircraft, vehicles, boats, targets, containers, piers, pallets for a walk way round the kill house range i built over 3000 objects in total including all the players, logic's and modules etc and guess what! not a single thing is backwards compatible! i now have to go and delete most of the mission as virtually everything that WAS in the editor isnt anymore! WTF! you want modders to release there stuff and yet you have screwed us all over! we spend hours and hours making missions for us and our groups and yet you dont give the support to those of us who spend days getting buildings and other items into usable editor objects so that we can use them to build better maps than you produce that we want to play on! Who the hell wants to lay on a beach or assault a beach that is full of sunbeds! where is that "military"? sim or otherwise! Why why! what is the matter with you lot are you completly blind and deaf are you not reading the forums? are you not listening to the people who have spent there money on your "game" Have you seen how many of the servers are down right now? have you any idea how many missions are now broken! GET A GRIP! One extremely unhappy Arma OFP/1/2/OA/PMC etc etc player with over 350 hours game time!
  5. Really froggyluv? I am glad that you managed to read what appears to be quite a bit of the post, but to be fair your comments don't actually cover the main issues? that being the lack of stuff that works within the game as released? You have simply referred me back to the Bis comments that some of it wont make to release, well i am aware of that, but the point is that the release has things in it that simply don't work, well properly or at all! Now with regard to the analogy well its not exactly the same as buying a $30 game your absolutely right, and i am forever in your debt for pointing out the fact that buying a $30 game isnt the same as not having your house fire put out. I apologize profusely for any confusion i may have caused with my wrongly used analogy. What i perhaps should have said is "if you say you have done something, then make sure you are not just paying lip service, to those of us who take the time to raise tickets, in order to point out glaring mistakes, and or things that dont work in order for you, BiS, to improve the product you have sold us all for $30 or there about's, price not correct at time of going to press. Here are a few of the things that dont work or are broken that i know of Respawn module for aircraft, what aircraft there are, wrong names in P3d File Ammo refuel support trucks no longer exist, umm yes they do i have them in my editor! nope produces script error UAV's open up on friendlies even when no operator is using item, AI cant follow a road Rocks that you fall into and never get out of Piers that you sink into and have to use V to get out of Supply module (not guaranteed to work every time) Transport module (not guaranteed to work every time) AI un realistic reactions and capabilities Unable to get gear from the dead (Zombie or otherwise) A Combat helmet that weighs more than the rucksack your carrying Unrealistic fatigue model Building positions that don't appear to work when you place ai on map and tell them to sentry/guard/move or any other form of way point, in variety of positions as listed in the buildings way point list, they always seem to position outside and stay there. Now i am more than happy to take advice if i am doing something wrong or someone has found a way to fix the things i have listed above, Once again Froggyluv thanks for your valuable contribution to the discussion.
  6. Good afternoon all, I have spent many hours reading through the various posts about how unhappy (if i can use that expression) people are, Also how some people are not unhappy and love the release of A3. I thought i would throw my hat into the ring. More on the side of the unhappy people. The original post made me laugh and by the end of it i was crying. The trouble is that what he says is very true. I am one of the many people, and i don't have the exact numbers or even rough numbers, of people who pre paid for the release based on the information given by BiS themselves here, http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=14450 and here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?119512-Arma-3-Confirmed-features-info-amp-discussion, Sorry Moderators i have posted them wrongly i am not very good with fancy links and stuff! The number of people who purchased the game based on those pre release blogs notices releases call them what you will have every right to be disappointed now. Having parted with hard earned cash in todays climate of recession have a customers right to complain moan and bitch about what they have actually got for their money. All the excuses about the guys getting locked up in Greece, sacking or moving or making redundant or what ever happened to the original team and starting again etc etc, isnt that moaning and making excuses in the same way as we are now? do we not have a right, to complain when a product we pay for isnt "fit for purpose"? Maybe strong statement to make "fit for purpose" as in the true sense we can still play the game. So technically it is fit for purpose. But the game and the companies reputation is built on keeping good customer satisfaction is it not? Maybe, just maybe, had the guys not got locked up in Greece, and to be honest how they managed that is beyond me! i have managed to abuse the Greek Police while steaming drunk, fighting with locals and still not get locked up! either way, the release may have been different./ I am not so sure. When you look through the ticket system that we are all told to use for feedback etc, there are hundreds if not thousands of them and most of them seems to have been dealt with, REALLY? Here is an example of that today while building a mission for my group, i wanted to use the aircraft BiS spawning module, so i check how its used, like i said i am not a get scripter, in any sense of the word! place down the module sync all the planes only to find that it doesn't recognise them due to a P3d problem, its got airplane instead of airplane_x? go figure! so i thought this was due to it being the "new" FA 18, so i removed it and tried again, guess what its also an issue with the "New" Buzzard also has the wrong P3d name. So i think to myself lets go help out and create a ticket, its a day of firsts for me! and guess what its ther already and several times as well, but here is the rub the person assigned to it has singed it off! Now i am a fire fighter, you call me to your house as its on fire, I arrive with my big red shiney truck and start putting wet stuff on the hot stuff, halfway through i tell the guys "ok thats enough" get back on my truck and clear off, leaving your house in flames, are you annoyed a little bit confused as to why i have left? well yes of course you are. So you ask me why i have left, here is my answer, well i looked at it did a bit and as far as i am concerned its done. You are going to be upset and angry and rightly so. You can use this analogy to either that one ticket or to the whole game, i paid for a product that was promised to me, Bis entered into a contract with me the day i paid my money to provide me with a product as described. Have they done so? well no, not in a satisfactory condition. Half the stuff doesnt work, lets look at the editor, Some of the modules dont work, if you put down a OPFOR site, say anti air team you get 6 infantry 3 of which are grenadiers? i am guessing that they have the secret futuristic heat seaking 40mm grenades? (that we dont have) or maybe heat seaking rounds in there futuristic weapons, not! The respawn mod doesn't work on aircraft due to the aircraft names being wrong? instead of saying its done how about you go look and check? especially if he is being paid for that job from OUR MONEY! There is no 3d editor? why not? for heavens sake how long do we have to wait? how many times do we have to ask? I like a few of the guys who worked on this game as well as a lot who play it are ex military i currently work in a military environment, i know what weapons are modern and futuristic, i havent seen anything in game that is either. Some of it is downright ancient! I am not going to detail what is and isnt, if you are that concerned google is your friend! To pay money for re skinned models doesnt bother me i wouldnt know even if they are, and i am taking the word of those who say they do know! What bothers me most is the total lack of content and realistic settings, am i ever going to get a laying on a sunbed get a tan mod? i doubt it so why are there sunbeds and parasols? i mean come on guys! is this really the best you could come with? were you late back from the pub one night and thought i know (giggle) lets put sunbeds on the beaches (giggle) If you are un able to provide the product you said then be up front and honest, tell us, we wont desert you! i would have rather had the map with nothing else that the rubbish you have turned out, poor performance in online MP mode, countless scripting errors, vehicles that dont exist anymore and yet i can place them from the poor editor. Actually i like a lot of the features but you have missed a real trick there. What i do know is that there was very little "content" in the release, One type of jet? (old) really? loads of tanks all the same but a few variations on a theme (old), a really really fast car (speed is new modern looking car), same old MRAP type vehicles, (old hat) and 3 variations of them, Same old boats, (second world war) Bis did you even go to any military displays? exhibitions or demos? really guys! lazy isnt the word for what you have done or rather not done! You went to Greece on "holiday" paid for on expenses was it? that means it was from OUR MONEY! I have regular arguments at work with my US military friends about taking pictures, you cant do that its opsec, its national security, Guys go look at google i will pull up a hundred pictures of that Predator drone! or that oshkosh MRAP! You didnt need to go to Greece to look at military bases weapons or anything else you can do it all from your desk. Google earth is your friend! Having to wait for updates for 2 or 3 weeks is wrong especially if you have updates that can improve game play, guys we have paid for this! give us what you have as long as it works, instead of working on hundreds of things prioritize your workload! game performance, models, etc etc get the team together and say right whats top of the list of issues? well the editor modules arent working and 300 people have created a shed load of tickets about it. Right i want it done all of you on it now i want it done today, what else? This is turning into a rant and that wasnt the intention! In essence what i am saying is this, i paid for a working product with all the functionality that i require and was promised along with vehicles, weapons and other bits and pieces as advertised above, have i got them all and in a working state? no, so here is my ending line You had my money now give me what i paid for! or i will scream and scream and scream! And as usual the moderators will read this and ignore it or even give me an infraction or maybe even a ban, but that about as far as it will go! The only way to get results is to go to the press! guess what guys! cant wait for the press reviews!
  7. bulletoothdan

    Linux Server Complaint

    Just to be clear, i have read and heard the its done when its done thing, let me see if i can put this so that everyone understand my English, please Maruk answer the following questions that is all i have asked, i am not interested in anything that anyone else has written in this thread. What is the real issue? What is the progress? When will it be ready? |( and i dont want a message like "it will be ready when its ready" already had that from your forum team!) Are you going to FULLY support it in the future now and for the eventual release of Arma3? respectfully
  8. bulletoothdan

    Linux Server Complaint

    Wolle do you think we havent done that or tried all the work arounds suggested? answer the questions and this all goes away! its simple
  9. bulletoothdan

    Linux Server Complaint

    Hello Maruk, Nice to get to reply to you personally, most of the communities and especially ours use steam accounts and therefore cannot roll back. Making our server redundant. A lot of people use ACE and that cant be rolled back to my knowledge without a full re install anyway again excuse me if i am wrong. I appreciate that there will always be some delay ion getting things ready on time at the same time when you are trying to lease several different groups, windows and linux systems etc etc. I also understand that as company you have the ultimate right to do as you please after all its your money and your company. The issue is this, as i see it, you have fully supported the Dayz mod which as a free give away has provided you with a substantial sales boost, and well done, i would like to think that some of that profit you have made will be re invested and will only benefit us as gamers and supporters of BiS in the future. The point is this, we have been abused by your moderators, insulted by them and given no specific answers to our questions. Is this the reputation you seek? I would certainly hope not. All we are asking for is the answers to the questions i put in my letter to your company nothing more nothing less. Telling us that its done when its done isn't a very good answer. AS the CEO i would have expected you or your representative, in fact your representative, thats what you have employees for, to make a full public statement say sorry for the unacceptable delay and tell us roughly when we could expect it to be completed. Not abuse and patronising comments from YOUR moderators. Perhaps you could do me the honour of answering my questions this issue will then be put to bed, for all of us. And just so that you and the moderators don't get confused i am not discussing how they moderate the forums, i am complaining about being patronised and abused by them! Best regards
  10. bulletoothdan

    Linux Server Complaint

    Vilas thanks for your reply let me just point out the following i paid my money the same as you did not for the SP mode but for MP i pay towards the upkeep of our server a server that we now cannot use but still have to pay for thats what i am talking about, not the 100's of things i can get for free. The simple fact is that our community and lots of others cant use their servers because the linux binaries haven't been sorted as yet.
  11. bulletoothdan

    Linux Server Complaint

    Myke thanks once again, If you could point me to the answer or perhaps post it in here for all to read assuming it answers all my questions i will gladly stop and ask for the thread to be removed but up till now i havent seen any answers to any of the questions other than "it will get done when its done" and "the guy responsible for working on it has been on holiday" I and i dont think i am alone in this want a full answer to ALL the questions? I am paying for the Devs? really? then i am within my rights to ask the questions surely and expect a full answer to ALL my points? and probably ask this question as well? why are you spending so much time developing stuff that isnt due for release or releasing stuff that doesn't work or not supporting games that you have released? Perhaps the answer is for the Devs or one of them to release a public statement perhaps saying sorry for the delay its been due to what ever, we are working very hard to build the Linux binaries and we expect them to be completed by the end of never, or whenever they expect them to be done by. Its normal business practice to explain things that have gone wrong to your customers! And i dont mean in these forums either it should be on the front page of this site and Arma site as well, or is that admitting you haven't satisfied your main customer base at the expense of generating more money? And yet again please don't patronise me!
  12. bulletoothdan

    Linux Server Complaint

    Gents i haven't started this thread to generally beat the mods/devs or bis i simply want a constructive answer to my questions and to state that the way we are treated in here is not satisfactory, and given that this is a Bis website i will be complaining about the comments posted in here ( i have a copy of all) as well as others that have been made)
  13. bulletoothdan

    Linux Server Complaint

    Myke, Thanks very much for your reply, however can i just point out the following, as it stands right now Bis has released Arma 2 and its various updates, it has released various other games over the last couple of years, so while i understand that devs work on different projects and are very busy with work on the projects you have listed, i cannot see why an issue of this magnitude hasnt taken a priority? And with respect you havent answered any of my questions? As for being against people having holidays, well was it a necessary comment? again with the sarcasm? However if you want to tell my boss please feel free to do so you can reach him in Afghanistan come along i will meet you at the airport! Further more i don't recall stating anywhere that i am against anyone having a holiday? so your not even stating facts. Regards
  14. bulletoothdan

    Linux Server Complaint

    Wolle i am 4 years older than you for a start, dont patronise or insult me. I have paid for everything i own and i don't expect anything for free. It is this sort of attitude that gives BIS a very, very bad name, i am sure that they would love to see how you talk to and treat THEIR customers! Further more your response doesn't answer any of the questions, so why respond? out of control are we? I would suggest that you either read the full post and then attempt to put a considered response to the questions or pass it to someone who can. Either that or i will continue with and go direct to BIS, and when that fails i will go public, and for your information i have a copy of all of the various correspondence pertaining to this letter Regards
  15. Dear Sirs, I will undoubtedly get either, an infraction or even banned because as a PAYING customer i have the audacity to complain about the service the company is giving me and the hundreds if not thousands of players who like me, cant play on line with our communities due to the linux issue. I have sat by and waited and read the comments made by various company representatives, and moderators of this forum. However i cannot and will not sit here and ignore this any longer. I have spent the last 6 hours trying to get a mission onto our sever for us to play this evening and it wont work due to the server crashing. I am sick of it. I paid good money for my games, i have bought them from shops and the extras on line. I have the series starting with armed assault and moving through as each new version or game. As it comes out i rush to buy them, as a lot of people have done. But here we are with the company biting the hands that feed them! I notice from BIS website that they have the community awards, to reward and i will quote " All of us at Bohemia Interactive are delighted to show our huge respect to all of you, talented, members of our community. The living essence of our titles." (taken from the arma website) Well i have to be honest i feel anything but the living essence of your titles! if i did i would have a working linux server now wouldn't I? But i don't, and the reason given so far? well that's a good one, the guy was on holiday! are you kidding me? if your house was on fire and you called the fire brigade would you expect them to turn up? well yes you would, but what if you got a recorded message saying that sorry we all off sunning ourselves? you would be ever so slightly annoyed! and rightly so. Ok so you are probably thinking well its not a fair comparison, and i am inclined to think that myself so how about this one. You want some money from the bank, when you get there they are closed for holiday? BIS is a large company, and each of the games costs on average £25 i have both Arma2 and Arma 2 Arrowhead as well as BAF, PMC, the recent Czech DLC, this does not include all the other BIS titles i have. In the various bits of documentation its say that linux servers will be fully supported and there are numerous posts to this effect. Dayz is credited with pushing sales of arma up by some 300,000! (http://www.techdirt.com/blog/?tag=arma+2) quoted the dev responsible! now thats an awful lots of money! so why not use this and employ some holiday cover! A company as large as Bohemia should be able to afford more than one person to work on this sort of project in order to keep the million or so arma players happy? after all we have kept the company going for some years haven't we? or is it that the company doesn't care? From where I sit that's how it seems to me, and i'm very very sure that i am not alone! Its all well and good Devs coming onto the forums and saying it will get done when its done, and the guy was on holiday, and STFU from moderators. None of this is professional nor warranted. I actually find it offensive to read some of the comments made by some of the moderators. Is this something that BIS wants to be associated with? I doubt it very much! All we, and by we i mean all of the various groups who hold linux servers is this; What is the real issue? What is the progress? When will it be ready? |( and i dont want a message like "it will be ready when its ready" already had that from your forum team!) Are you going to FULLY support it in the future now and for the eventual release of Arma3? Why hasnt it been done already i.e. before the release of the 1.62 patch? Why has Dayz taken over your time? oh hang on i know why, its something to do with the several £million you just earned from the extra sales of Arma (300,000!) If we are as valuable to you as you say, why haven't you put more people on it to get the update out quicker and keep us happy? I would like you to think about a couple of things for a few seconds; 1) The customer is ALWAYS right! 2) without a loyal SATISFIED customer base you WILL loose sales and your reputation will suffer as a consequence. 3) the customer is ALWAYS right. and finally 4 the customer is ALWAYS right! There are tens of thousands of Arma 2 player across the world some of who play on Linux servers, they deserve to be treated with respect and deserve a full explanation of the reasons behind this failing of the Company to keep track of it employees and the work that they produce or not as the case maybe. They have a responsibility to there customers to provide a service, one that they have said that they would and one that WE pay for, maybe not directly to them but certainly to the companies who provide us our servers, which now sit idle because we cant use them but still have to pay for them! are BIS going to compensate us for that? I know the answer already! If we wanted to run a windows or WINE or any other server we would have done it by now, we are a community group we all put into a pot to play a game we paid for, we want value for money, hence some of us feel that the linux way is the way to go. Other's didnt see it that way and went with windows or some other type of server, for us that is an additional £200-£300 as well as all the hassle of finding one getting it all set up etc etc. Please dont insult me either, i am no computer geek in fact i know very little about them. What i do know is this, i have been home on leave from the desert for 5 weeks and im due to return in two days, in that time i have been able to play on a server to which i contribute once in that time due to the linux issues. Why because some guy was on holiday! well he must be back by now? so how much longer do we have to wait? I will not be able to play until December but i am hoping that you have made some sort of progress in the meantime. Respectfully yours Danny