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  1. Perhaps they are running mods you dont have?
  2. whiskeytango

    I got the Kart DLC for free?

    Hmmm I have the supporter edition but I don't have the DLC. THe main menu shows a link to purchase it. Is there anything I have to do to add the DLC to my game?
  3. A video from the weekends testing of the latest Release Candidate. Note: If you have tactical glasses on you can turn on a 3D HUD / Augmented Reality Logistics system: Hoist tanks / supplies on the back of trucks A Damage modifier means enemies die as quickly as you can A simple medical system means you can become incapacitated Enemies occupy buildings / setup camp as well as patrol Redeploy / halo / respawn tent system Admin has a Commanders Tablet and can: (no mod required) - (de)authorise player's access to vehicles - move players into squads / create squads - more? The framerate is very good The mission types are very interesting Also note: ARMA 3 bug means some aircraft explode when occupied unless you shoot it first with your rifle Loadout system needs to be finalised Medical system needs to be finalised Let me reiterate how immensely fun it is. We've had various release candidates on the OCB server to work out bugs so feel free to connect and try it out (please respect our rules though). -Lyndi
  4. whiskeytango

    Patrol Ops?

  5. whiskeytango

    Patrol Ops?

  6. whiskeytango

    Arma3 Videos

  7. whiskeytango

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Team Vs Team using BAF in Zargabad.
  8. whiskeytango

    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    I preordered! Can't wait!
  9. whiskeytango

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Hi all. Another Headless Client mission. This time a hostage rescue in the jungle.
  10. whiskeytango

    Arma3 Videos

  11. whiskeytango

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Our first mission using Headless Client for AI.