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  1. Strange, none of our players had any issues. If its installed correctly then it should work. Try - running everything as administrator - updating ts - ts instalation matches your operating system (x32 or x64) - old plugins removed
  2. V1.0.245 is available on github. Although not an official release we switched to it recently and its working well. Its much better than 0.9.12 which is the most recent stable The changleog is quite big but the 2 things that make all the difference imo is the ability to hear players directionally when you are spectating them, and the cba settings menu is now working properly compared to 0.9.12 and has more options. The ts plugin system has changed, there is now an installer which will put the dll in users/appdata so its worth removing the previous plugins in TS/Plugins to avoid conflict https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/releases/tag/1.0-PreRelease
  3. That icon is only suposed to pop up and then quickly dissapear when you change your voice volume
  4. it sets all SR and LR freqs but thats it.
  5. all the cba options are now configured at map screen in a multiplayer session under configure addons. the settings should be persistent. u cant do the frequencies there tho, to do that do the following: put this in initserver.sqf or similar private _time = time; waituntil {sleep 1; ((call TFAR_fnc_haveSWRadio) || (time > _time +60))}; _Channels = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]; _frequencySW = 311; _frequencyLR = 50; { if (call TFAR_fnc_haveSWRadio) then { [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), _x, str _frequencySW] call TFAR_fnc_setChannelFrequency; }; if (call TFAR_fnc_haveLRRadio) then { [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLRRadio), _x, str _frequencyLR] call TFAR_fnc_setChannelFrequency; }; _frequencySW = _frequencySW + 1; _frequencyLR = _frequencyLR + 1; } foreach _channels; thats with the latest TFAR from git (v1.0.245) and the latest CBA. unsure if the latest version on withsix is the same
  6. They are available in config view under tools in Eden. "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "FSG_OPF" >> "Infantry" >> "assault_Squad", "assault_Squad_small", "assault_Squad_large", "AT_squad", "MG_squad", "Crew", "Sentry_team", "Sniper_team", "Sf_team"
  7. Cant you just find that info in the cfg viewer? Otherwise ill post it when i can
  8. Nice one! Is it possible to jam Blufor radios only? Planning to use this in a tvt where opfor can choose this as a perk...
  9. Azza FHI

    Annoying with vanishing particles

    You are definitely not the only one with this problem. I saw it a few months ago and Im amazed it has not been fixed as there are multiple tickets about it now (mine and yours at the very least). How can people use smoke grenades effectively with this problem? the weird thing about it is that if you zoom in with your right mouse button you can see the 'invisible' particles re-appear. So its just a bug, nothing to do with particle limit
  10. Azza FHI

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Yeah my bad, should have listened to my own advice. Didnt realise we were still running MRT with the new cba which caused the issue. All working fine now
  11. Azza FHI

    M27 and HK416 by SLATTS

    Put the mod folder in your arma root and then 'add local mod' in the arma launcher This isnt the area for troubleshooting. U should post issues u have in the respective mods thread. Or if you search for how to instal mods im sure youl find the answer
  12. Azza FHI

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Yeah i noticed the 3x eotech switch optic function with ctrl + num/ stopped working with the latest patch. You are seeing MRT options without running the mod because it is now integrated into CBA which u are running. So i guess we wait for a fix
  13. Updated link and changelog on first post
  14. I saw your comment on the workshop, cheers for troubleshooting. Ill try get a fix out soon.
  15. Yeah we are experiencing that too. Hopefully it can be fixed, weve been using this mod for years