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  1. Yeah I run CPU usage during the test, 1 core is being used a lot & the other 3 are about 40%. I'm running i2600k @ 4.8 so hoping it is GPU optimisation being the issue heh.
  2. lucassot

    Help with objects flickering

    I haven't got the flickering but seen videos of it, strange. Although I also gain no fps with crossfire on or off.
  3. Hmm didn't make any difference for me, maybe 1 - 3 fps max with my 6970's. I've tried running the game with & without crossfire & my fps is the same even though MSI shows both GPU's being utilised at the same rate. Hopefully a CAP release will help with that.
  4. lucassot

    Organized Alpha Coop

    I'm a fellow South Aussie hello! I will be interested to hit up some coop for the Alpha towards the end of the week / weekend :) Will only have enough time during the week to get it all going & sus it out a bit on my own before getting right into the thick of it.
  5. Our first mission night video, plenty of fun to be had! Please let me know what you think & what we can improve on. Looking to be adding more to our channel.
  6. Hoping for some significant AI improvement in 3, especially since a lot of AI mods for CO have made an impact. I think AI is near the top of my list for Arma 3!
  7. Not sure if it is too late or not but how about finding out the PC specs they are running at the show?
  8. lucassot

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Has anyone got any info on the specs of the PC's they are running at the show? If anyone still has a chance to ask some questions that may be useful to a lot of us :)
  9. lucassot

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Looking forward to hearing / seeing some juicy new info from the event. It is much more accessible than E3 so hopefully we get some more detail on the newer build :)