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  1. First post updated for v0.6. Congratulations team!
  2. Hey all - I'm seeing my name get thrown around a bit in this thread, so just some quick clarifications. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?97372-Cached-Units-with-Vehicle-Support-v2-0 Date: April 3, 2010 That code hasn't been maintained for almost 4 years. To be very clear, the above script is not the same mechanism used by ALiVE to avoid the AI count limit, so please do not confuse the two projects.
  3. wolffy.au

    ArmADev Eclipse Plugin

    Great to hear man! Early access tester here if you want one! :D
  4. wolffy.au

    ArmADev Eclipse Plugin

    Hello Alwarren! The last time we spoke, I PM'd you when I realise now, I should have just posted here. You said previously you were looking for an efficient way of keeping the syntax highlighting up to date, and maybe add a parser to the SQF editor so that syntax errors can be detected? Is there any updates on this? As I think I said in the PM, we heavily use Eclipse and your ArmADev when coding with ALiVE. It would be awesome if it could pick up what we still use SQUINT for which is forced-reformatting and code audit hints for simple errors and best practices. Would love to see more work from you with this plugin! And thanks for all your efforts so far - excellent job!!
  5. Guys, we've just released a hotfix - Release Build 0.5.2 * 1312021 changelog [MAIN] Fix for module function init error seen with Requires ALiVE [uTILS] Added compression exclusion of sqm files (Showcase fix)
  6. SpectreRSG - we have to wait for Highhead to answer that one. Assume = Ass + u + me :D You are assuming incorrectly - ALiVE works perfectly fine in the editor/SP.
  7. That's on the to do list to convert to a map grid reference. As an aside, its [[x,y],objective size] - but that probably doesn't mean anything to you anyway.
  8. Just like MSO - all units need CfgFactionClasses and CfgGroups to work. That's the only way ALiVE can work without having to create custom settings for every single unit mod available. If the mod author has no idea what we're talking about, send them this way - I'll be happy to explain. We plan to start a thread in the mods area to encourage unit mod authors to use cfgFactionClasses and cfgGroups in their configs. I have created factions and groups for units before, but if the author doesn't merge the configs back into their original work, they potentially become obsolete after the current release.
  9. BIF Mods - can you please lock this thread. Thank you.
  10. Thanks Foxhound - really appreciate the speed you put us up on Armaholic!
  11. alivemod.com The next generation dynamic persistent campaign for ArmA3 Release 0.9.5 Fixes & Enhancements This is a further incremental update to prepare the ground for 1.0 release and fix several outstanding issues and features. Some of the more high profile issues have been fixed, such as Combat Support helicopters now turn their lights off when on task, FFV positions are no longer filled with AI, mobile mortar teams are now supported and the Military Intel Section is back in business providing valuable information on the battlefield situation. Linux server admins should note that everything is now in lower case, although a working connection to the War Room database is still awaiting help from a friendly C++ dev. Any volunteers gladly welcomed! Meanwhile, a lot of changes have been made in the background to prepare for the much anticipated ALiVE Asymmetric Warfare Environment, which will simulate a complex Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency scenario. Unfortunately this is not yet ready for general release and we'll post more details in due course. However, bundled with this release is Hazey's awesome ALiVE Insurgency Revived based upon the same concept as the ever-popular ArmA2 mission, which really shows off the power and flexibility of ALiVE. Check out the MP missions folder in the download. More details in his mission release thread here. Please note that as with all updates, if you have an issue loading a mission made with a previous version of ALiVE, delete and replace the modules in that mission. Download Grab the latest version from ALiVEmod.com Also available from PlayWithSix and ArmAholic. Note that this build requires the latest ALiVEPlugIn.dll for @ALiVEServer. A separate download link to match Linux server versions will added shortly. War Room Most of the ongoing War Room work is focussed on stability and robustness of the system as it sees more and more use every day. Many thanks to all those providing feedback and troubleshooting issues with the data feeds. You will soon see a significantly more enhanced Server Performance suite built into the War Room with some very powerful analytical tools for server admins. Even if you're not running persistent missions, we strongly encourage you do use the ALiVE Database module to record server stats so we can build a benchmark and provide everyone and BIS with invaluable performance data. We have added a new 'mission' that automates high quality image capture of any addons you have loaded so they can be uploaded to the War Room. Instructions are included in the demo folder. If you have missing images on your War Room profile, run this up and let us know so we can upload them for you. Join Up Now! Manual Please refer to the ALiVE Wiki. All the info you need should is there. If anything is missing or unclear, please let us know by submitting a ticket on our Development Tracker and we'll look to fix it. Support Forum For direct support and feedback from the ALiVE dev team, join us on Skype or sign up to the forum on our website: http://alivemod.com/forum/ Release Highlights New Maps: indexed Helvantis, Isla Duala & Borhholm (again) Combat Support: fixed heli lights blackout and FFV turrets no longer occupied by AI Combat Support: added support for custom init lines in CS modules Combat Support: added support for mobile mortar teams ALiVE Required: added option to disable persistent markers Virtual AI System: added module options for speed of profile movement Military AI Commander: provide more user feedback in the event of init failure (to resolve the 'infinite load' issue) Several fixes to Military Intel, Virtual AI System, Logistics and AI Commander Exorcised the saboteur from the Player Combat Logistic system Changelog Disclaimer ALiVE is still in BETA and subject to change. We may need to clear persistent database data from the War Room before major updates but we will try to let you know well in advance if this happens. We have done our best to ensure backward compatibility for your missions. However, in case you get a new error with an existing mission, please delete and replace the offending module in the editor and you should be good to go again. As usual, please post any issues or feature requests on our tracker. Work In Progress We are hard at work on the Asymmetric Warfare Environment, popularly known as the Insurgency Module although it's technically not a single module but a whole new game mode. We have a working system already but there is a way to go before it achieves our final vision. Our main theme at the moment is to ensure ALiVE is a intuitive and robust as we can make it for general release of 1.0 We'll be taking a long hard look at the outstanding feature request list and make some decisions about what we can realistically achieve for what will be the official gold version, but we're determined that Asymmetric Warfare will be in there! We will of course continue working on future enhancements after that. Thanks To Special thanks to everyone here for supporting us with donations to the War Room. Database hosting isn't free and the overwhelming popularity of ALiVE means we are using rather more data than we originally anticipated. If you want to contribute to keep the War Room ALiVE (see what I did there) then please find the Donate button at ALiVEmod.com! Have fun!
  12. Plenty of testing been happening these last few days. Not long to wait boys...
  13. Yes, SP missions will not be a problem. I believe most if not all modules are already working within the Editor, which means they work fine in SP. The current list of modules are: Admin Actions - includes things like teleport, debug, etc AI Skill Crew Info Dynamic Weather Garbage Collector Player Persistence - for reconnects and server restarts Revive View Settings Profile Systems - a virtual layer for AI to minimise server impact Combat Support AI CAS Combat Suport AI Transport CQB Military/Civilian Target Identification OPCOM (Operational Command) Military Intelligence (works with OPCOM) Military Logistics (enemy resupply) Military Placement (positions the occupying enemy prior to the mission starting) Military/Player Sector Display They are placed in the mission editor and synchronised where required. Yes you can create your own addons dependent on ALIVE. Bearing in mind, we choose a license that requires any changes to ALIVE itself to come back to the project for all to enjoy. We have API documentation for SQF. I'm sure we can have the web API documented in a similar fashion. Hard to say - we need that bug fixed from BIS (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12433) for player persistence and we're trying to provide simple OPCOM oriented player tasks. Then is a general tidy up of any quick fix bugs from closed testing. Bear in mind we have been working on ALIVE for about a year now. All dev team members do their best to work on the project when real life permits them. Almost all of us work, some of us have families, others are studying, so we all have to juggle our time to make the magic happen.
  14. I don't think you are using them correctly. I asked AEF to provide me with a representative on Skype as this us not the place to discuss usability, considering its closed testing and you dont have the manual.
  15. Technically there is no reason why that couldnt work. Highhead is working on OPCOM player tasks, but realistically you would form part of the entire faction, which is what OPCOM is about - Operational Command.