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  1. @lilwillie, This should be everything you need for a Toggle Radio button. Sorry, I can't actually put it together at the moment.
  2. @lilwillie, I keep dying when leaving a plane? Open the document "airportFunctions.sqf", Navigate to the bottom and edit: As for the radio sounds, there's no great solution. The reason why there isn't a button to turn off the radio is because the audio will continue to play until it has finished regardless. You can check out the same function in MMF (see banner)-- I think that function has configurable parameters and should be able to just copy/paste over the existing function. Have fun!
  3. Happy New Year! This minor update replaces the somewhat glitchy "Net" with usable targets. Build custom Kill-House scenarios with targets that reset with a menu action. Have fun!
  4. @Rydygier, About 40. That was a fun activity. I'm curious to see to what limit this can be pushed with a better script and faster computer. There's definitely room at the coordinates for more. Increasing the sleep may allow for more trucks over a greater time. (I always max out around 45-48 no matter what) Have fun!
  5. wogz187

    Help besoin d'aide

    Bienvenue! To teleport? Yes. More information? A mission preview?
  6. wogz187


    @anfo, Try like this, private _lampsIn1000m = nearestObjects [(getMarkerPos "marker_name"), ["Lamps_base_F", "PowerLines_base_F", "PowerLines_Small_base_F"], 1000]; Have fun!
  7. wogz187

    Reset Target Human score.

    @J.McDonald, Welcome to the forum, Are you launching in MP? Check this out, Also, bis_function Have fun!
  8. @BlackbirdSD, Good. Okay. So when other players fill those slots they will get IR, I think. To make the two AI have IR-- in init.sqf, [p2] spawn you_fnc_strobeIFF; [p3] spawn you_fnc_strobeIFF; That might be sufficient to get the other players blinking, too-- I really don't know. I'm only scratching the surface of MP myself but now that I think about it you may need to use remoteExec to a) make everybody blink, and b) so everybody can actually see each other blinking. Which would be something like, [p1,p2,p3] remoteExec ["spawn you_fnc_strobeIFF;"]; but I'm not sure. Have fun!
  9. @BlackbirdSD, The call to start the function. Just putting the function in the init doesn't begin it. In this case it's technically a "spawn" not a "call". Try creating an "initPlayerLocal.sqf" file in your mission folder and pasting,
  10. @BlackbirdSD, This is the call, [player] spawn you_fnc_strobeIFF; Anybody who calls the function gets the IR, [anybody] spawn you_fnc_strobeIFF; If it's MP it should probably be something like this, [p1,p2,p3] remoteExec ["spawn you_fnc_strobeIFF"]; but I haven't figured out remoteExec yet so somebody may care to correct me. Have fun!
  11. @BlackbirdSD, You can paste this function and call into your init.sqf. When player is NOT in a vehicle (including parachute) they will have IFF strobe. Have fun!
  12. @Starker Condition: this && !isNull objectParent player Have fun!
  13. What Would Stoner Do?


  14. @Starker, You've got something extra. this && vehicle player in thisList but if it's just player activated can it not be "Any Player", "Present" with condition "this"? vehicle player setpos (getpos teleportMarker); "Vehicle player" will refer to both on foot and in vehicle. Have fun!
  15. @HonzaVinCZ, "!alive _ied", I think this needs to be global (no_underscore).