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  1. antekh

    Preview of OPX2 Buildings

    Could somebody upload it again, would like to preview these :)?
  2. Yeah, I also own lot of period stuff USMC, MFR due to airsoft and collecting You can order the Hill 488 from the books website and the author will sign it also ;). Adding to Six Silent Men. I highly recommens Force Recon Diary 1969 and 1970. They are written by Navy Corpsman who became first ever Navy corpsman to be teamleader. To stay in topic. Any people wanna join in and patrol together?
  3. Dont forget the best TV-show ever.
  4. antekh

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Take your time, my condolences for everybody involved in the unfortunate events.
  5. I tried making a Finnish terrain Im making more dense like it is in real, but the performance did get worse, but for an example you have specific place you wanna have more clutter, could work performance wise. Try it, you will notice it start dragging.
  6. Could you post the full config after the binarization, to show any errors?
  7. They use Lindnerhof Taktik Gen III/IV plate carriers, altough now it seems that they are using more and more of Crye stuff, probably private purchases and those few AF helmets we have seen are there but, seems that they are now using more Ops-Core helmets.
  8. I ran the process again after new HDD, but I keep getting the conversion option again, whenever I launch it starts the conversion again and again.
  9. Mmm. Maybe this would be more to the Editing section, but have to ask that would you care to define the proxy details :D if you guys want to share, PM me or maybe it can help some other guys too if you write it down here? Do you just create Proxy and extract it with the clutter .p3d file, but what is correct name for the proxy so that O2 recognizes it, like "cargo", "driver" etc.
  10. antekh

    Trouble getting model into game

    PBOPRoject. Doesnt show up. EDIT: Forgot to delete old temp's, now its working. Off to work on the GEO LODs :). Thank you!
  11. antekh

    Trouble getting model into game

    Really?... I wonder why it wont show up in my editor :D EDIT: Forgot to erase the old temps and pack it again. Works fine now thanks :)
  12. antekh

    Trouble getting model into game

    Still no luck :( https://www.dropbox.com/s/4d36vhml6q5afzq/TUT.rar?dl=0 Ill upload the whole file if thats any help, keep in mind it was just a quick test that If I could get that into A3. Sometime ago I could with the "tutorial" of the http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184470-Getting-a-3D-Model-Object-into-Arma-3-Arma-3-Modeling-Tut-For-NOOBS, but wanna do it properly ofc.
  13. antekh

    Trouble getting model into game

    Thank you both of you, also forgot myself to add semicolons to the end hence the error. It created the pbo, still cant find the object on the editor tough, shouldn't it create custom class for the object menu?
  14. antekh

    Trouble getting model into game

    Hmmm.. Tried, also tried without the whole "requiredAddons" but didnt work. Line 8 token= is not an array{}