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    Supply drop

    @avibird 1, Larrow's script is tight. It reminds me of how to make a merchant container in Bethesda games. Check your setup is like this, Have fun!
  2. @avibird 1, What runway are you using, Avi? Drones take off from runways with no problem.
  3. @devildog664 @pierremgi, So make groups of civilians instead of individual units. Perhaps each town has 2-3 groups of known occupants. It totally makes sense and it's a cool idea.
  4. @devildog664, Why are we naming all the civilians?
  5. I'm pretty sure @GEORGE FLOROS GR, already made this for us. GF_anomolySpawner Have fun!
  6. @johnnyboy, It's like units are a black void for this function. Weird. You would think that's the primary purpose. I made example one a toggle-able function for testing,
  7. @johnnyboy, If you see the return array no problem maybe just this instead? lineIntersectsObjs
  8. @black_hawk_mw2_87, May I see the the effects you're talking about? Just link the page.
  9. @black_hawk_mw2_87, Totally do-able. Make a function full of configurable triggers. Use the function call (with random params from array) to call the effect triggers (script). Make a few triggers which represent areas where an anomaly might appear (editor). When the player enters an editor placed area trigger it calls the trigger function using randomly generated params which dictate the state of the spawned triggers. It spawns all the triggers each time but some of them are disabled, some of them have different effects, whatever condition they received from the random params. Triggers delete when player exits the area. params sent to the trigger could be something like, _size, _timeOut, _typeEffect If _size is zero player can't activate. _timeOut could be determined by the effect to spawn (some effects take longer to initiate perhaps). _typeEffect determines which effect is created. Get back to me if you think that's the right idea and I'll help you write the function. You may place as many invisible helper objects as you please. Have fun!
  10. MISSION MAKER FRAMEWORK for ARMA III, ver. 0002(a) (2019) This MODULE is compatible with BASE GAME (current version) Welcome to MMF_fnc. This easy-to-use module and function library makes creating scripted missions for ArmA 3 both simple and fun. Instead of being frustrated that your project is hamstrung by technicalities and set-backs, just paste some calls into your mission script and have fun! Features: * Reduce frustration and time lost due to technicalities. Make mission creation fun. * Complete customization * Design anywhere you can write text. Design with pen and paper if you like. With no need for the editor you can design at your work-desk, on the toilet, at your sister's wedding, wherever. * Create whole missions in a few minutes. Paste and configure a few calls to generate a mission or use templates to spawn a custom mission in seconds. * Test your new mission in a split second! Paste your mission script into the debug console and go! * Make your mission a spawn-able function which can be repeated any time. Just paste your mission script into one of the type/state templates and now the whole mission is a function! * Support, assets and more! Post questions to this forum and you will receive support often within 24 hours. Check this topic for shortcut functions and new type/state templates as they become available. * Learn and graduate through design tiers as you progress. Learn about: Scheduled vs. Unscheduled environments, Function Parameters, Variable types, Script Syntax-- even if you don't realize what you're doing. * Help build the library of assets. Submit shortcut functions and mission templates to this topic for other people to use. NEW FAQ Check out the readMe NEW changelog NEW Function Instructions (WIP) MMF_functions V2 preview wait for the update... Videos You may also download the SWO_function library [WIP] for creating a custom companion. See readMe FAQ for more details. Have fun! Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND) Use:
  11. Added, Function Instructions to begin explaining mission script design. This only includes some of the functions users may call. While adding parameters to the functions I also extracted all of the arrays to make them easy to customize. Mission scripts are the main driver of this framework. The included templates, MMF_fnc_sceneType and MMF_fnc_sceneState, are scheduled environments for users to place calls from. If you can write a text message you can script missions in ArmA 3. Here's a useful analogy for a complex call: This means you can write missions anywhere you can write text. And once you have written a mission, it is a spawn-able function. Pre-configured missions for mission makers to use with the helper markers are simply examples of the above mission scripts already filled out. Like this, Function library soon! Have fun!
  12. @xripx, You can paste this into the init properties dialog and forget about the "GET IN" waypoint. When you board the vehicle the group will follow, when you exit so will they. This script will only fire once. If you want to make it repeatable, we'll just rewrite a little bit. have fun!
  13. @avibird 1 Drones take off properly from a runway. They do not taxi very well, or at all. To launch from a carrier try, [droneNAME] call BIS_fnc_AircraftCatapultLaunch; @JD Wang, Flaps create drag. Keep flaps up until the last second for short take-offs. Also, make sure engine RPM is high before you begin to accelerate down the runway. Have fun!
  14. wogz187

    Supply drop

    @avibird 1, As an alternative you can check out George's airdrop script, Have fun!
  15. @Twiznak, Helper objects are under "signs", "helpers". This might help figure out what the jet is trying to do, you_fnc_jetTarget= { _target = assignedTarget _this; systemChat format ["%1", _target]; }; Just call it with the jet, "jetNAME" call you_fnc_jetTarget; Have fun!
  16. @Larrow, Thanks! Incorporating some kind of error-catcher was an eventuality I wasn't prepared for but with this and the debug console I should be able to come up with something. That and keep the call as simple as possible. Much appreciated as always, have fun! Added "_applyTAG" to only name if necessary (or join) and a killed EH to delete IR lights,
  17. I'm going to learn how to use params in order to make future scripts more effective and you might learn something about params, too (please use the debug console if you want to follow along). A simple example, fnc_learnThis= { params ["_caller","_some","_thing","_luck"]; if (_luck>0) exitWith { systemChat format ["%1", _caller]; systemChat format ["%1 %2", _some, _thing]; }; }; With some luck this call will prompt the functions to run with the parameters set, [player, "is", "cool",1] call fnc_learnThis; The next example shows how to select from an array and sub-array. We can create some helpers and make the orb jump between them. Make three sets so the result isn't binary. Create the array of helpers from named objects like this, Enter the function, and call the function with, [orb, 0] call you_fnc_help; The orb should continue to go around between the three helpers each time you enter the call. To change to the next helper group, [orb, 1] call you_fnc_help; More examples continue throughout the discussion below, Have fun!
  18. @Twiznak, If all you want to do is spawn some jets try this, Have fun!
  19. @Twiznak, Check out example 3 on createVehicle _veh = createVehicle ["ah1w", position player, [], 0, "FLY"]; Something like, jet= createVehicle ["b_plane_fighter_01_f", player getPos [ 2400, getDir player ], [], 0, "FLY" ]; jet flyInHeightASL [2400, 2400, 2400]; // normal/combat/stealth Have fun!
  20. Here's a look at MMF_fnc_soldiers script with params, Have fun!
  21. wogz187

    Force AI running formation

    @Melody_Mike, It's this, theLead = leader marchingGroup; theLead setbehavior "SAFE"; theLead call you_fnc_march; have fun! The code is extracted from here, 1) Name a unit and set behavior to "SAFE" 2) Set the variable "anim_type" to your selected animation (anim_type=1) 3) call the function on the unit To return the unit to normal either set "anim_type" to 0 and call the function again OR set the unit behavior to "AWARE" and call the function again.
  22. wogz187

    Force AI running formation

    @Melody_Mike, The animation didn't kick in at all. The animation will supersede anything else the unit is doing and disregard formation completely. Unless you have them arranged specifically, when the animation does start, they'll just go off in whatever direction they're facing (this could be corrected with more code). Paste both the function and the function call into your debug menu to see the effect right away.