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  1. Alright, I found the anwser. First off let's start by saying that I mixed this up with another mission. The showcase actually doesn't use the `BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd `. Anyway, I added it to my mission. I actually found the anwser by reverse engineering the showcase and man o man, I learned a lot from this. I got the entire hostage thing working with the following scripts: Init.sqf InitServer.sqf
  2. SPOILERS INCOMING FOR THE FIRING FROM VEHICLES SCENARIO!!! Is there an easy way to add hostages to your mission in the same way as the firing from vehicles hostages? Where they had the nice animation and you had to use the BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd action to release them? If not, how do I tie the animations together so nicely like they did there? Currently struggling with getting the animations nice n smooth. Thanks!
  3. JFisher

    Arma3 Videos

    I will need to train on shooting AT-4 a bit more ;P
  4. Moving the mods from the mods folder to the main folder and using this command line: ./arma3server -mod="@cba_a3;@cupterrainscore;@cupterrainscwa;@cupterrainsmaps;@lingordingorisland;@rhsafrf;@rhsgref;@rhssaf;@rhsusaf;@task_force_radio;" -port=2302 -name="FisherServer" -config="server.cfg" Works fine. Weird since the Documentation sais its possible :/
  5. Hey Guys, So im trying to setup a dedicated server also to play on with my group. I use Ubuntu server and get the following problem when i load the mission: Even tho the mods are loaded: I made all files small letters already (removed capitals) and this is my startup line: ./arma3server -mod="mods\@cba_a3;mods\@cupterrainscore;mods\@cupterrainscwa;mods\@cupterrainsmaps;mods\@lingordingorisland;mods\@rhsafrf;mods\@rhsgref;mods\@rhssaf;mods\@rhsusaf;mods\@task_force_radio;" -port=2302 -name="FisherServer" -config="server.cfg" The folders contain the PBO files that are in the error, I tried to fix it for 5 hours already :/ Anyone have an idea where this is going wrong?
  6. JFisher

    Arma3 Videos

    Flying the CH53 in a sunday operation last week in the 15th MEU (SOC)
  7. JFisher

    Arma3 Videos

    Co-Piloting the CH-53 during a Field Training Excercise in the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit
  8. JFisher

    Arma3 Videos

    A video of a squad training I did a while ago in the 15th MEU Realism Unit. Enjoy!
  9. Fixed it with the above and help from PuFu, thanks!
  10. JFisher

    Arma 3 Supporter Edition

    I guess the current state (using a3 assets and stuff) is because its a prototype. A prototype is a worked out idea to see if it actually works out like expected, based on the feedback on the prototype you will continue development (get own engine, own assets etc.)
  11. JFisher

    6 Players in a team

    Interesting, that makes sense, actually :P Thanks
  12. JFisher

    Feedback Thread

    Currently VR technology is in huge development, and not perfect yet. Therefor imo I think the devs can better wait with implementing VR. VR doesn't support things like full HD yet, at least, it makes FPS low af and since arma is already a CPU heavy game I don't think this will be an option atm. Although It would be cool to look at for the next game in the series and make the VR function something like this new game, this seems really interesting:
  13. JFisher

    6 Players in a team

    I was in a game and apperantly we managed to get 6 players in 1 team... Dont know how we did it, but just want to report it up :) Keep up the good work!
  14. JFisher

    Feedback Thread

    I can relate to the impossible to load a new mission thing, although, it worked fine 1/5 times for me. I was able to see the score in the respawn menu though (use tab). I thought I was able to, this is not the case. Also the Loadouts where quite... interesting, interesting mixes of gear. I really like the prototype, Its short rounds, high action, tactical, its fun. It's one of those games you can play for hours and come back to. Sometimes Link gamemode was a bit too fast in my opinion (maybe spread the objectives a little more?) like in 2 cases the game was over within 1 minute. I really like to see a FPS with the free look and free movement (alt + wasd) functions and this is definetly something to keep and definetly an interesting and fun concept. I hope to see more updates/info coming and in the meanwhile I will play some more. BRB, have to defend the terminal
  15. Been trying things for a couple weeks now, verticles problem is over, the only problem I have right now is that my model stays in the middle of the character. Has this part to do with the selections?