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  1. Yeah, that seems to be one solution! Thank you. Another problem: How do set it up? Website/Docu is offline :-D Or is there another docu?
  2. Hi skruis, nope. We just want the map with the ability to write on it on a second monitor/device. We try to play realistic as possible and usually people don't have a gps. Or we know the map good enough that we don't need a gps :-)
  3. Thanks skruis for the info. Another question: We want to use the mod but want disable the ability to see players or vehicles on the map. Is there a way to do this?
  4. The website athenamod.com is not working.
  5. It's a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard EN version. I did not need to install/update any .NET Framework Package or directX files. The Windows Server just runs the dedicated server. Maybe this will clear things up. Yep, thats the same error I got, too. I just copied the files (like I described above) from my working test vm (hyper-v on my localhost) to my dedicated server (hosted by a provider) and rebooted the machine (I did not replace the ntdll.dll!). Fixed it for me. And yes it's a core component which you can't update if the machine is up. But I never did this before and would highly recommend that you backup the machine before trying this. There can be unseen problems after you tried this step. And I don't believe that this will be the "real" fix... If I'll see more information of this error I'll keep you informed. Hope you do the same with me/us. Kind Regards Martyn
  6. Hi afevis yes, I am sure I downloaded 233780. If you perform a clean windows server installation and install steamcmd and download 233780 and run the arma3server.exe or 64bit variant it will give you messages that these files are not found. I just added the files, restarted the server to prevent any unexpected behaviour and it works. Maybe you can give me your installation steps? The devil is in the detail :-) Kind Regards Martyn
  7. Hey, try my post I did some minutes ago:
  8. Hello guys yesterday we had some problems to update our ArmA 3 Servers to 64 bit update. The update command via steamcmd was not a problem, but to run the servers. First we received a message "XAPOFX1_5.dll" is missing. So I copied it from my computer (testing virtual machine for ArmA 3 for mods, etc.) in C:\Windows\System32. After that we got a message "could not start, exception 0xc000007b". Several retries, cheking procedures via steamcmd, second testing machine, etc. After that I found my solution: Copying all vcomp120.dll, X3DAudio1_7.dll and XAPOFX1_5.dll to C:\Windows\System32 and reboot did the work. But don't get me wrong - of course I had this files on my server before. But first the new copies brought it to work. Creepy, hm? So I cannot upload the fixed files here - so I'll not do so and link them here. But if anybody needs thems, I'll post the original post of my clan's forum where the 3 files are available as download. Just let me know. After that all it worked without a problem and I'm happy to have the new 64 bit stable update. Thanks for that and have a nice weekend. Your Martyn
  9. sollrmartyn

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Published in the german wiki of Sol-diers - Tactical Gaming. http://wiki.sol-diers.com/index.php?title=Notepad%2B%2B_SQF_Syntax_Highlighting_and_Auto_Completion
  10. sollrmartyn


    I would prefer to do this in a mission...
  11. sollrmartyn


    Yes, I noticed this behaviour as well. I`ll try to fix it. :-) Noticed for a new addon. I`ll not change this map because I just wanted to have a complete empty map with just water -> an ocean :-D But I`ll remember your wish for a new one. I hope this answer sounds good for you. Your Martyn
  12. sollrmartyn


    Hi guys, In Steam (I forgot it to post here) I wrote that this was my first addon. Until now I just created scripts and scripts... So yes its not much but its so simple that I couldn`t believe that there is not such a simple map. And I did it just for test purposes. And it works. So why shouldn`t I load it up? Of course it`s not the maximum. But TeTeT answered your question. This is the reason why I choosed 100 x 100. :-) @TeTeT: If you need some support maybe I can help you. Im working just right now on some small and simple maps as a "basic terrain" for other groups and clans to create some simple training missions or small scenarios etc. Also working on a Fjord etc etc etc. :-) And I like this support from you guys! Hope to see some videos on youtube with my "map" in some time. If you have some questions or ideas - I want to learn. And for submarines: Ocean is over 6000 m deep... :-D Like the real Ocean. Stay patient for more Terrains. I`m in love xD (with L3DT) ^^ Your Martyn
  13. sollrmartyn


    Hello, I created Ocean, a 100 x 100 km big water map with no islands. I created it for training purposes and hope you`ll enjoy it. Please write me if you find a bug or glitch or have any other wishes. :-) Download: ftp://download.sol-diers.com/armed_assault_3/addons/islands/@Ocean.7z http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=611454603 If this addon will be listed in ArmAholic please refer to my download. Thanks :-) Your Martyn of Sol-diers
  14. sollrmartyn


    Hello, I created Grassland, a 4 x 4km big island with just grass. I created it for training purposes and hope you`ll enjoy it. Please write me if you find a bug or glitch or have any other wishes. :-) Download: ftp://download.sol-diers.com/armed_assault_3/addons/islands/@Grassland.7z http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=611925932 If this addon will be listed in ArmAholic please refer to my download. Thanks :-) Your Martyn of Sol-diers
  15. sollrmartyn

    Minihattan Island - A3

    Published on the german wiki of Sol-diers: http://wiki.sol-diers.com/index.php?title=Minihattan_Island_-_A3