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  1. Sorry i never replied to this. I will do so now however since i just encountered the same problem again. The problem is related to steam updating, it basically updates and thinks its up to date but then there are a couple of files that are not updated or currupt. I always delete the game .exe file and then force steam to verify the integrity of the game. It then redownloads the .exe and figures out that there are other files not correct which it then fixes. Hope this helps anyone that might get this problem in the future!
  2. Well as long as it is working and you are enjoying the game then everything is ok. :) Also be aware that Arma 3 is very picky in the USB ports, when you move the joystick to different ports it might detect it as a different joystick. Anyways, stay safe and happy hunting!
  3. GanX

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Funny that you should mention this, i have never really had problems with crashes like these until yesterday. My game crashed like you describe, at first i thought it was my graphics driver going but it appeared to be an Arma 3 Error (i didn't get to see it in time before the screen went black again). I could hear people talk on TS for a short while and then i got out of the frozen state back to desktop. However my Audio was crashed so hard that i couldn't get any sound out of my headphones again until i restarted my computer. Anyhow, like pabloelkillo said, this sounds like another issue.
  4. GanX

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Hello Faelucc Try playing a bit more with the setting, also try to increase your view distance as you please to see how it runs. I would imagine that the game still runs better or longer with the setting enabled. You can also set another parameter if you want to try something more, try to set this -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi I know that this is the default allocator, but i have for some reason had more success with both settings enabled. I know it doesn't make much sense, but what can i say... Arma. :) Also when you get the 3 FPS but, does your game crash or are you just stuck with the 3 FPS bug?
  5. GanX

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    That is great news! I will get as many people in my group to try the same to see if we can produce the same outcome. It would be great if this is the case, i think i will make a post about this if it turns out to solve the issue so other people can benefit from this as well. But lets do some more testing before we get ahead of ourselves.
  6. GanX

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Hi @pabloelkillo We have a small mission tonight where i will test this myself. We are usually around 10-15 people during our Thursday operations so it won't be quiet the same amount of people as we get during prime time when we are 40+. I will however also report my findings and i am looking forward to hearing how it turns out for you. I have access to an array of computers, servers and installations so feel free to give me feedback or suggestions for testing and i will get right on that. That goes for everyone reading this, I and TAW is always happy to help where we can, feel also free to PM me or add me on steam.
  7. GanX

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Well i have apparently been a bit out of touch with reality then. xD Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I have seen the stuff about performance degradation but i didn't think that they meant the 3 FPS bug with that. But from your quote i see that this is what they mean. I also did not think it was the same because my game usually recovers from the bug after a little while where FPS goes back up to about 30, i can usually provoke a recovery by minimizing the game and maximizing it again.
  8. GanX

    Joystick will not recognized

    Hi MrFies What Joystick are you using? Please be aware that Arma is very picky about the USB ports that are used as well. When i moved my Joystick to another USB port it detected it as a new device and i had to redo all my keybindings. Perhaps you can try a different port on your computer? Also remember that switching ports requires a restart of the game.
  9. Hi whiskeyfur I have the same Joystick as you do and mine is working. What exactly is the problem? The only issue i had with mine was that the Throttle just wouldn't register 0% or 100%, so it was always between 25% and 85% however i got that resolved.
  10. GanX

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Hello I would also like to pitch in on this topic since it is a very big problem for a lot of people. I play with The Art of Warfare (TAW) and we have had this bug quite a bit, the best example was our last mission yesterday when we had 40+ people attending and we had numerous people including me experience this bug throughout the mission. I might not have a fix for the problem, but i have a theory as to how it happened and perhaps how to minimize it a little. BI has been trying to push their 32 Bit version of the game to be able to use more resources and with 1.66 they did push the proverbial envelope from 2 GB of memory to 3 GB of memory in 1.66. Below a short quote from a BI OPREP. See this for the entire article, the quote is from the very end. I suspect that the memory leak was introduced with that patch and that particular attempt to improve upon the game. It is in my opinion not to far fetched to assume this. As i mentioned earlier, i have no fix but there is a little something that might help mission makers until this is resolved. We in TAW AM 2 usually play with 40+ people on our server however we usually have multiple objectives and we therefore split up the Battalion to achieve everything. Usually this works fine and we don't have the 3 FPS but that often, however yesterday we had a mission where we all had to assault the same objective. This resulted in a lot of assets and players being in close vicinity of each other. We experienced the bug way more in this type of engagement which logically speaking makes sense since more objects would have to be loaded into your memory and the leak would probably achieve critical mass faster. So perhaps mission makers or Zeus'es should try to refrain from making to large engagements for the time being, this might increase the lifetime of your mission. I would also shortly like to quote this. I love it when someone like BI gives out advice like this, because it would fix absolutely nothing. Running something as Admin only gives that program privileges, which in this case are not needed. If the game or Steam needed admin privileges to install then the install would prompt for it during/before the install. I honestly think that it is a shame that BI will not acknowledge that there is a problem when there clearly is. A simple short message in a SITREP or on Twitter would assure the entire community that someone is looking into it. Instead, we are all left to wonder not knowing when we can expect some stability in this otherwise great game. EDIT: I actually just had an idea that might or might not work. If any of you guys out there can reproduce the error on a regular basis then please try to run the game with the following parameter: -maxMem=2047 I cant claim that i have enough knowledge of how the actual game/engine works to know if this would produce any favorable results, however it never hurts to try and giving the game a hard limit for memory which is the same as it was before we had the problem might put a plug into that leak. The only other thing i can think of to test would be installing a 32 Bit Windows and then running the game on that since the engine only supports 3GB Memory if your Windows is 64 Bit.
  11. GanX

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Ah sorry i didn't see that. I am running: CPU: Intel Core i7-5930K Mainboard: Asus Rampage V Extreme Memory: 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws 4 F4-3300C16Q-16GRKD Graphics Card: Evga 980 Hydro Copper Storage: 4x 120GB Kingston V300 in RAID 0 (System) // 2x 500GB Samsung 840 Evo in RAID 0 (Arma 3) Some of our hardware is similar. I wonder if it might be OS related, i am running Windows 10. Also yes, it is always a good idea not to run overclocking when testing a already somewhat unstable build. What OS are you running?
  12. You are probably right. To be honest i haven't noticed if the bug we have only occurs with vehicles from modpacks, i gotta look into that.
  13. GanX

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    I have actually not had an error like that yet. Can you provide some details about your hardware like CPU,GPU,Memory?
  14. Arma is not very good at utilizing the hardware available to it as it is. There are a few tricks to get better FPS but it would be helpful to find the root cause first since it can be several different things. What are you PC specs and what are your ingame settings?
  15. Well lets hope that they get some money in for Arma 4 :) With all the upcoming DLC one could assume that they are saving up for development on the next Arma.