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  1. did i get hit by a bugg then? i entered Zeus and played around with bombs, and the script did a good jobb, but if i did anything like, entering the vehicle and exit again, it would not despawn. regardless, i am very happy how it works now.
  2. Solved! thank you Larrow. i will edit my start post.
  3. I am not even sure what to call them, https://imgur.com/a/tBcXlzI So I want these markers to be hidden in game, how do I proceed to make it work. I am very new to arma 3 editor and bad with scrips, please ad instructions. (i have google this issue but did not find what i was looking for.) Special thanks to Larrow. Solved step 1: create a init.sqf file Step 2: copy this script and past it in the init file step 3: result
  4. Thank you Pierremigi i will put this thread on [solved] a note for other people who enter this thread. if you see a AI leave the vehicle, and you decide to jump in yourself into it before it despawns, you will break the script for that one vehicle, and it will not despawn and has to be removed manually.
  5. (forgot to ad) I have already set in that when an vehicle explode/destroyed, it will automatic be removed from the map, but for some reason Bohemia did not ad a functions for abandon / disable vehicles.
  6. So I use simple Spawn AI module in Arma 3 editor and the module is doing a good job what I want it to do. However. the AIs abandons the vehicles the moment it is being flipped or something ells, like broken tires. so my question for the community, how would you resolve this issue. I am new to editor and bad with scripts, so please, ad instructions how to ad a script or a solutions. (I did google this question, but they were very old threads, many were abandon or unclear instructions.)
  7. It now works! i did not copy the scripts 100% correct, but now it works. thank you so much Larrow! i learned something new today.
  8. Wait, i have no description.ext file in my arma mission folder? were do you get it from/create it? Edit: i just watched some Youtube videos, i copy the script and pasted inte the EXT file, and it did not work, do i have to ad something extra to the description.ext ? please bear in mind that i am horrible with scripts.
  9. this is my map. (More images if you scroll down) https://imgur.com/a/J0juir3 there is a lot of objectives to capture, and the notification bar is going hot.. is there a way to disable the notification when me or an AI capture an objective?
  10. I just learned there were Moduls in workshop in steam. the amount of hour I spent on editing I now relies this. I just downloaded a fantastic mod, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2268779714 so in explanation on the map I want to create. it is capture objects around the whole world. I want a dynamic system on how enemies will spawn, I have the regular “Spawn AI” moduel, these AI are set to a home base and to find the objectives and capture them. as for the A.E.S workshop Moduel, it spawn random enemies around you at an specific area. including, small chance spawning a hunter group that will seek you out and eliminate you. ❤️ there is one Key design I need to my map. Then I am done! a moduel that can spawn AI Aircraft, Helicopters / Planes - seek and destroy. And once they die. They spawn again within a timer. BTW pierremgi, I used the scrip, it worked at start, but after a while, vehicle started to spawn without a driver after 15 min ish into the game. so I had to scrap it. (I am terrible with scrips, I rather avoid it if possible.) Thank you Have a nice day.
  11. is there any way to increase the timer on death when a vehicle is downed? Right now they almost instant delete wreck and respawn what line is it in the script?
  12. Jesus chirst this is confusing!? EDIT: i just think i got it to work!
  13. thank you for the Respond! i will dig deeper into it!
  14. is there any easy way to spawn a AI jet fighter in air and start search and destroy and when he is killed he will respawn again, same position and start over his task? ì am very bad with scripts, so I hope you people can bear with me.
  15. Bump https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2879301589 here is my map. please test it. Once you are in, leave game. Then enter the map again by pressing “Resume” and at this point you wont be able to capture any anything. is this a bugg? or am i missing something? Commissar at the bottom of the unit list is Zeus if you need Zeus power.