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  1. @Valken: not sure for topical version because i haven't buy APEX so A3 tropical camo is a complete stranger to me ( but if i can get a hand on the tropical pattern i can easily reproduce it so maybe ) :D @Masnooper : I can make them louder if needed but it will be on all LOD wich mean not only for Gunner. So as i've said no release date at this time but i do all i can in my free time to deliver you and update soon as possible.
  2. Edit : Sorry Unwanted double post.
  3. Damn!! You've done a freaking great job on here guys!!! Really happy to see that eods is coming along nicely :) Postscript: Cheers. MrEwok.
  4. Hi armaverse MrEwok here.It's been a very long time since you heard any news from me and i'm sorry for that (real life, music projects etc....). Anyway i'm working on the little bit of free time i have on an update for my humvees and i was wondering if you guys (and girls ^^) would like to see it public release? Update will Include: No release date by the way i'm doing it on the little bit of free time so i'm going as fast as i can but no promises. Cheers!! MrEwok
  5. Mhhhh.... how do restarting the game 3 time would solve anything? it's a Cba version issue so if cba doesn't change the issue stay ( mentionned here , and here) Sorry if i'm a bit crude but it's only 4 pages above guys..... For the talon you need our custom controller and A3 default one shouldn't work with it.
  6. Yeah detector is gonna be in the forthcoming version for sure :) . For the Rg we only need to make it more eye candy by upgrading textures, and probably also upgrade features so don't worry about that it should come soon :) . Sorry for the delay to answer i had a huge week a work and haven't been able to really work on the project or even check the thread, but i'm back and i should have more free time to work on it this week:cool: .
  7. Awesome work mate!!! Not yet but ace compatibility is planned for sure :) .
  8. Hey ray it's probably because the public version is not updated for the new cba so the keybinding is boken, you still can use default keys to interact ( Minus "-" on main keyboard to check ied's) . Also i'm glad to welcome Brainslush within the project . Welcome on board mate !!!
  9. @ Sartax: Not yet but it's planned. For the RG's i'd like to release alpha version for them with the ied's update (include Pressure plate ied at least). I can't give any date yet cause everything is in scripters hands for ied's.
  10. mrewok

    Immersion Cigs

    Looks cool man .
  11. Nope those are RHS units, actually there is no dependency except EODS mod himself and CBA (it use A3 basic blu_f soldiers) but i plan to do an optional RHS version. The only units we actually plan to make are EOD engineer (a guy with EOD suit equiped) and the K9 unit (our custom belga malinois), but we have some custom bags planned (and ready) and i also have a bunch of eod patch ready(dunno yet if i'm gonna include them).
  12. I really doubt we gonna do Tripwire flare cause it's not really eod related. Some Rg 31 teasing : Custom RT1523 (model and UI): Gyrocam view( it have NV and TI and normal view mod) : Rhino device:
  13. We plan to add a lot more of ied's with differents trigger types and effects (pressure plate, rcied, DFC (Directional focus charges) , UxO (unexploded ordnance), tripwire etc....) so yeah we plan more ied's than just the Rcied that are actually included.
  14. Read my last but one post and you'll find answer......
  15. The keybinding is already fixed in our internal version don't worry :) . For the ied's we gonna change a lot of things (defuse system, Pressure plate ieds etc...)to make it more realistic and immersive.