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  1. mrewok


    Most of the update is done but I still have trouble with the scripting part.. I have also fully reworked the camonet cover with cloth modifier in blender it look way better now, will post screens when I get back home.. Once again sorry for the delay but I'm doing everything by myself and I have no testers so everything is going slowly...
  2. mrewok


    Last Teasing before release , I have managed to make the boomerang script work so it's gonna be included in the V1 release. CrewDuke And Boomerang Sytems Inventory Objects: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2740370287 CrewDuke And Boomerang Sytems Cargo view (Both are fully working now althought there ar pretty rought just add the module sync it and player will have options to add systems to Humvees) : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2740370931 I plan on adding an impact on battery so if the system are added and the motor is not runnig this will use some battery and make the vehicle unable to start and to transmit on radios you'll be able to recharge batterry with cables (all those are planned to be setup in module) and some more configuration to use them(will make it optional in module too) (CrewDuke Cable is already removed and will be reworked for future releases ) New Camonet Cover and crewDuke & boomerang alongside teamColor modules: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2740372206 I'm also reworking a few textures: Expect release for the end of the month. Cheers!
  3. mrewok


    Hello there i'm still having trouble with the indexing of EH for boomerang so it might not be included in the forthcoming update... also has i don't have any testers for new functionality's the forthcoming version have no MP working label for now... (as soon as i can test or if people can test it on MP i can rework JIP stuff but this should be OK , the main problem might be Spatialization(of EH and sounds)...) Also i've thought on adding a strawpoll to let you add more functionnality's to hmmwv's: https://strawpoll.com/943jeb1fg Please if you want another action or if you have any information or if you can provide help (Scripts/Textures) please tell it in this thread! I will Update Main post soon. Cheers! MrEwok.
  4. Well that's not enought infos... i have found back one of my old insignas mod here is one of the insignia in texview: As you can see it is 128x128 RGBA DXT5. Try set it up that way.
  5. Have you properly packed your add-on into pbo? What are the property of your image (does it have alpha etc...) and what texview properties have you setup (dxt1, Dxt5 or argb?)?
  6. You are welcome glad it helped you.
  7. if you select the "hatch_gunner" or the "otocVez" selection on your model does it select your proxy too? If not that is your problem, proxy should be in the one of the selection.
  8. i don't know what the heck you are doing here 🤣 : Simply run Arma3 Tools on steam and then run project drive management th little projectDrive window will pop up then click mount work drive and run. After that you should have a new drive named p: (obviously) you have to put your folders inside that drive and for all your path don't include the "p:" (except when you are packing with addonbuilder)
  9. I was thinking i could add an ID to my EH remove it and re add it after but i have no clue on how it work, based on the biki it seems ID is applied for each EH starting from 0 but how does this apply to FiredNear? Each shot , each frame, or only once when EH is Applied? Thanks!
  10. You need to make selections on the model and link them in your model.cfg Or if you don't need to setup others animations on the proxy you can simply add the proxy to the turret selection.
  11. yes otherwise all your path are broken wich is actually you issue. Here is a compilation of tutorials to get started:
  12. the problem is that you are not on the p drive and your addon is not .pbo on those screens. You must setup your p drive. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Work_Drive And build your pbo inside it with addon builder or mikero's tool if it's not in .pbo an addon can't be read by the game... Also i'm sorry to say that you are in the wrong place to post it as it is the Addon&mods complete section. your post more belong to that section :https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/
  13. If you use this: texture = "\insignia_addon\icon\test.paa"; Your addon should be: Main folder: @inisigna_addon first subfolder: Addons And in the Addons folder your .pbo shouldbe named insignia_addon. In the .PBO you should have your config . Your .paa should be in a icon folder. I hope it's help if not i can provide you pics that's show basic organisation to create pbo.
  14. Well i've tried to add this in my EH code just before the end but the problem is that it's exit after one Event (one shot in this case) and doesn't start back. if (vclBoomerang animationphase "SYS_boomerang" <= 0.5) then { vclBoomerang removeEventHandler ["FiredNear", _thisEventHandler]; };