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  1. Worked great! Thank you.
  2. Hello! I'm trying to make a mission where players are spawned in parachutes at the height of 220 meters. However, I'm overlooking something super simple that's leading to a parachute being spawned on every person for every player on the server (eg 30 players on the server means 30 paras on each person on the server). I know it's something simple but I'm not going to figure this out within a reasonable time frame without external help. Here's the script, placed in a player init. I've also tried a game logic angle with the player (non-MP compat unit), to no avail (obviously). chute = "DEGA_T10_Parachute" createVehicle [0,0,0]; chute setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 220]; this moveIndriver chute; Any help? Also, a side quest: I'm trying to use an sqs script in Arma 3 multiplayer which I used to use in Arma 2 multiplayer, still works in Arma 3 single player but not multiplayer. Is there any go-to solution that would come to mind without me having to upload the script? Thanks!
  3. UPDATE: We switched from the 2nd Infantry Division to the 101st Airborne Division a while back. Tankers are temporarily closed and air force is open! Our numbers are strong and missions are plentiful! Join today! TS3: 101ab.dtdns.net
  4. SkillerPenguin

    Wrong signature for file

    Funny enough, after re-trying this a few times it finally worked. Sometimes it wouldn't compile bins, so I had to debinarize them back to .cpp and everything worked a charm. Appreciate it.
  5. SkillerPenguin

    Wrong signature for file

    I followed your steps but have also used Arma 3 tools, mikero's tools, a combination thereof and even just PBOManager for packing then signing with DSUtils. DSUtils' signature checker says no issues, either, so the only entity with an issue is the server, which kicks for "Wrong signature". I've also messed around with the Cfg file to no avail.
  6. SkillerPenguin

    Wrong signature for file

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, still no beans. Is it possible it has to do with an error in a config.bin file? The addon works properly and doesn't have any pop-up/debug blackbox errors, so if so, then I wouldn't know where to start. This is the only mod signature amidst many other pbos that will not work.
  7. SkillerPenguin

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Awesome update! Thanks!
  8. SkillerPenguin

    Wrong signature for file

    Hey. I tried your solution but to no avail. I'll still get kicked from the for "wrong signature" no matter what software packs/signs the addon. Any further ideas?
  9. SkillerPenguin

    How to make AI mortar fire at position?

    It's official - after some testing, it officially looks like the Iron Front German & Soviet mortars don't work for AI. I put Germans in modern mortars, which worked but modern soldiers in German mortars didn't work. Got any scripts handy for mortars hitting a target without needing an actual mortar?
  10. SkillerPenguin

    How to make AI mortar fire at position?

    Yeah, still no beans. If I could just create the mortars without the AI firing them off, I'd be very happy with that as well; even explosions with a mortar whistle sound effect would do - think you could point me to some you'd recommend?
  11. Anyone else have an issue where AI German mortars refuse to fire, no matter the script or lack of?
  12. SkillerPenguin

    How to make AI mortar fire at position?

    It is actually the German mortar from Iron Front.
  13. SkillerPenguin

    How to make AI mortar fire at position?

    Yes, they're filled to the brim.
  14. SkillerPenguin

    How to make AI mortar fire at position?

    Cheers. Edit: Script now says they are in range and provides the ETA; however, they still aren't firing. The AI adjusts his mortar to the correct direction, but won't fire.