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  1. Hello! I've been struggling with getting spawning prefabs with child entities working in my mod. Even with a Hierarchy component, it only appears to spawn the root entity. Using IEntity's GetChildren method on the instanced prefab doesn't return the first child as I would expect. The method I'm currently using to spawn the prefab is to load the resource using Resource.Load, and then to instantiate the prefab with g_Game.SpawnEntityPrefab It doesn't need to use Replication, as the mod is single-player only. Has anyone else struggled with this and come up with a solution? Not being able to access prefab children is a major blocker for progressing on my mod. Here's some screenshots showing my current setup.
  2. Figured it out for my purposes after digging into Hexcavate and some additional trial and error. Here's what I had to do to get a new interactive menu defined. 1. Inherit chimeraMenus.conf and adding my layout as a new MenuPreset. Adding a different menu config to the menuManager through addon.gproj didn't work during my earlier testing, but something else I did wrong further down the chain could have been mucking things up. 2. Creating a modded enum for ChimeraMenuPreset only containing my new dialog name. modded enum ChimeraMenuPreset : ScriptMenuPresetEnum { NPCTalkDialog } Again, trying to define my own enum instead of modding the existing preset didn't work. Other Notes For handling button inputs, I created my own Menu class inheriting MenuBase. You can get the widgets pretty easily from that point. Here's a snippet of my class in case it helps anyone else. class POK_NPCTalkMenu : ChimeraMenuBase { Widget m_widget; ... private ButtonWidget confirmButton; private SCR_ButtonBaseComponent confirmButtonComponent; override void OnMenuOpen() { m_widget = GetRootWidget(); if(m_widget == null) return; ... confirmButton = ButtonWidget.Cast( m_widget.FindAnyWidget( "Confirm" ) ); confirmButtonComponent = SCR_ButtonBaseComponent.Cast(confirmButton.FindHandler(SCR_ButtonBaseComponent)); // Add event to confirm button component to close the dialogue confirmButtonComponent.m_OnClicked.Insert(CloseDialogue); } void CloseDialogue() { confirmButtonComponent.m_OnClicked.Remove(CloseDialogue); auto menu = ChimeraMenuPreset.NPCTalkDialog; g_Game.GetMenuManager().CloseMenuByPreset(menu); }
  3. SovietKitKat

    [solved] How to delete a item?

    One thing you could try is to get the entity's parent and remove the entity from its children. IEntity ent = ... ent.GetParent().RemoveChild(ent); I doubt this is best practice and may leave the entity straggling in memory, but it should get the job done. I haven't tested this code myself, but it should work as long as the parent isn't null for some reason.
  4. Does anyone have any ideas where to start with properly handling dialog/menu input capturing? From digging around around the Reforger resources, it seems like a menu is the most appropriate class for what I'm trying to achieve (NPC quest menu) I can display my dialog layout using the HUD manager, but I need to be able to handle inputs, so I've been trying to figure out how to define a Menu in a way that I can use the MenuManager, but OpenMenu requires an enum as a menu input and I haven't been able to determine how Reforger associates Menus to enums. ChimeraMenuBase defines its own inherited enum, but I can't find where those enums associate to the UI classes with different names. They don't appear to exist in the project files at all. Am I missing something?